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Themes: fine tuning recent changes in the light body; umbilicus moving up, 5D Blueprint Upgrades Session, new personal grounding mechanism based on magnetic shift, heart changes and horizontal membrane removed, dissolving a painful Atlantean timeline, simultaneous lifetimes converging, clearing programs and implants held in place by cellular memories, 4 Seraphs squaring her field, acting as anchors.

Opening: As we prepare for our meditation lets just go ahead and take a deep breath allowing the body to fully release and relax through every breath. As we set the intention of our container and space, beloveds those that serve the ascending races the sacred light and Law of One, from our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will that is the intention of the one source, one God. Beloveds thank you.

As we first connect to the sustaining infinite source within the wellspring of your own source light. We connect to that pure platinum white Christ light from deep within, allow the body to amplify and fortify through the 12 dimensional or celestial Christ frequency. Feeling your self fully saturated in that cool tingling platinum light, as we amplify and fortify our internal structure. We now are going to open our sacred container and space our group field.

Beloved's counterclockwise as we expand into the celestial Christ we command our space through I am God I am Sovereign I am Free. Beloveds all that is needed and necessary to be exchanged in the highest capacity of God's infinite light love and power. We again command this space as the sacred container of that intent now. Thank you so much.

Okay what I'm seeing first of all, is in the area between the solar plexus and the heart there is a membrane separating the two areas. Again we're going to work with the healing teams, the Avatar self. In focusing on that area in between what's known as the still point of wholeness, which is in between the rib cage in between the solar plexus and the heart. Beloveds please remove any membranes obstructions or constrictions, which separate these centers from their ultimate communication and open all paths as needed and necessary, for the highest capacity of fulfillment of this being. Thank you.

False Navel and Solar Plexus Upgrade

Okay and calibration of this area what I'm actually seeing in the solar plexus is energy receivers that have been unplugged if you will. Most of the feeling gut responses that we have are filtered through the Solar Plexus area. What they're showing me is that recently you've had an adjustment in your solar plexus.

Previous in our light-body one of the distortions we were carrying as part of the polarity split that existed in our hologram, or our base template body was something called the false navel. And the False Navel was actually connecting us into the Astral Plane. So when we would leave our bodies through the incarnation we would go in and through the astral layers. This was a part of our plan in this last 26,000 years to stay a part of contributing to this evolutionary cycle of the human being. And now this false navel if you will, has moved and the navel umbilicus that is weaving a braid between the Mother Father God source, which is those principles of masculine feminine that are being adjusted in you. In seeing that the bodies umbilicus has moved upwards and this now allows a different level of communication or receiver or something that is changing in the solar plexus area. So they're showing me that recently through the summer since about March, you went through some changes in the first three levels of your light body.

And now there is a new attachment or something they're working with in the solar plexus that is about receiving through the umbilicus of Mother Father God source. Okay, in working with the solar plexus beloveds, deep into the still point, please remove any obsolete templates. That which is no longer serving this being programs, implants all that is. Yeah these are particular programs and templates that are no longer serving this being in her ascension mission and fulfillment. We ask to again supersede into the higher upgrade blueprint counterpart. I can see that the fifth dimensional blueprint has been interwoven through your upgrades and this assists the body in superseding the imprint. When we came into incarnation we were subject to what's known as a third dimensional blueprint. Your body has been superseded into a fifth dimensional blueprint access, which allows the body to communicate with the fifth dimensional architecture. And supply the body with what it needs in a more vitalized and supported way for the energies that you're working with.

So again I want to say it looks beautiful in there and I appreciate the work that you've done on your Lightbody thus far because it shows. Thank you. Beloveds working with the solar plexus again please attune and calibrate into the new modulation of the magnetic field and core resonant tone. Okay what they're explained to me is that adjustments to the first three layers are happening that are changing literally how the particles of your body are put together. Something in the encryption of the physical body is shifting, which actually feels very health giving to you, which I like very much.

Grounding Magnetic Tone

Additionally the way you ground to the earth is changing, because the planets field magnetic has moved or changed in a way. So you have like this new core right underneath the rib cage there, and this core is like a new magnetic tone. Almost like you have your own iron core just like the earth does, and the core actually anchors you grounds you into your being. It's like a different orientation of grounding into the planet where some people will ground into the earth you actually don't need to do this. Because you have this grounding mechanism within the center of you that is based on the magnetic field and tone that has shifted.

This also tells me that your body is going through that female magnetic adjustment that we were talking about, because this magnetic shift is related to the female energies coming into the body now. This is like a ballast that holds it in place. So again thank you beloveds. Again in returning any receivers, these are apartheid these are etheric nadial energy receivers within the light body to be returned reconnected and rewired through all layers and levels that allow the circuits relays to be operational, in the highest optimum efficiency and exchange for this being.

Very interesting, okay so the layers of the light body are just the most fascinating thing. But what one of the guides was just telling me is that the membrane thing that we removed, it was horizontal between your heart and your solar plexus area and that was contributing to the heart thing. Yea, so it's like your body was opening all these channels and there is more life force and energy and chi moving through, and this thing was creating like a little blockage in the way. Like the energy that was trying to move up couldn't get to its destination. Thank you so much. So I just got a confirmation reassurance.

So when we came into 3D our bodies were actually attuned to the heartbeat of the planet, and the heartbeat of the planet was coming from the magnetic tone resonance, something called the Shuman resonance. So as to the magnetosphere of the planet shifts, literally the "heartbeat" of the planet is changing. So there is that change that you're also evolving with the heartbeat change, and your heart was having a sympathetic resonance to that change. So this actually appears pretty recent that this created an issue in the heart muscle. Okay I see so it's like reestablishing an opening in each of the Chi circuits, the frequencies that move through to nourish, support, flood the heart with this beautiful energy allowing that to come through. As the heart is the synthesizer I can see they are stretching out these cords within the center of the heart that allow that synthesizing cord, that energy coming through the heart in both directions above and below.

I feel like just a couple of little reconfigurations within, it's like there's so much work that has been done on you with you. Clearly your guides are quite actively involved with you. So there was just like some little tweaking around channels if you will. Like channels that needed to be opened in between circuits of communication within parts of the light body that allow these new frequencies moving through into their proper circuit, that's what I am seeing here. There was a lot of energy that was on the outside of you, like being held in the light body but couldn't be directly funneled through the layers as needed. Thank you beloveds. Please alert us to any etheric nadial upgrades that are needed for the optimal and highest functioning and efficiency of the body please.

Okay now they are taking me through the heart, what's happening is your opening up some kind a new Diamond Grid. There's like this diagonal grid coming out of the heart area that is supporting your body. They're showing me that in between this grid it looks like literally a tic-tac-toe grid, and in between where each of these lines cross there are these little swirling vortices. And in these vortices are white and black hole energies that come in and out of the bodies. So it's like in essence our body is becoming the living breathing entity of the in-breath out-breath of God. So in understanding through all the realms of creation as we take a big deep inhale, this inhale is the living breath of God in the particle universe. And as we are in between the breaths, this is the still point, the zero point or still point of wholeness from which all had sprung forth in potential. And as we breathe out it is the anti-particle universe.

Atlantian Timeline

So I can see these white and black holes comprising this grid system are being attuned just like the little spinning vortices need to be adjusted into your new magnetic tone. I don't know if you felt this, but you recently... it's perfect that we're actually guided to have a session today. Because I can see like all of this change has been going on in your body and now is the perfect time to come in to the fine-tuning and adjustments basically that's what this is about. Okay yeah so the next part of the order is in the opening of the heart system, this is what they're showing me we're coming now into that Atlantean timeline. So they are showing me inside the heart is the memory of whatever we're connecting to now. So again as we just focus in the heart and we allow and acknowledge any release that needs to be cleared and released or healed within the body, that we are certainly open and holding the space for that exchange now.

Beloveds as we go back into that timeline through that identity we ask to again bring into the deep source causation of that trigger an event, to again be brought into the surface awareness. They are showing me that this is actually something that is going to be played out in your dream state. So the heart opens into the astral plane and there's some remnant debris that the body has emotional build up around. What this is like a stuck timeline of the memory in which there'd been a lot of pain and suffering, that had been held onto by the body. But what I'm feeling is as they literally clear it's like a dissolving of that timeline, and how it connects to you in this time and space. But it's going to be worked out on the astral plane. So if you have anything that feels heavy, just kind of bless it and let it move on. But it'll be in a dream state, probably bedtime dream state. Thank you.

So it's like coming in it's like seeing a humongous tributary that leads into several simultaneous lifetimes and converging now into the truth vibration. Again as we sanctify and hold this space in the deep love and acknowledgment of truly all that is holy. Beloveds we hold the Law of Grace through all transgression of time and space in unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional forgetfulness. We call upon the Law of Grace and that of the divine female God herself, through all that is the unconditional love to pour through each and every aspect of being. Unifying any fragmentation, integrating all into the wholeness oneness that is the truth we accept now fully. Please reveal all veils of light in time as we dismantle the veils of illusion and duality, we open to accept the truth vibration and all that is the universal knowledge of one, fully embodied and present now. Thank you so much.

Okay this was also connected into some kind of programming belief structures and again those look like they're being dismantled at the same time. It's interesting to think that there were various levels of memory holding in structures that are like mental implants that related to what we were talking about. So we are going now into the mental body. So like the memory of this was holding those programs of understanding in place. It's like a looping happens and in that looping, that's how you experience it in time and space. So again assisting in the full and complete removal of all programming implants that were connected to those cellular memories, as we release them from the identity structure. Again with unconditional love we accept the lesson of the experience now fully integrated, through all cell and pore we open into that knowledge with grace and ease.

In a sense what I am feeling here and maybe a part of the next few days is that there is a core acceptance of the knowledge, which you were given because this is wisdom. And through the wisdom of this understanding, the piece of wisdom that you are integrating now into your being comes with the full observing presence of acknowledging this wisdom through this exchange. And that acceptance of receiving this it's almost like an acceptance of receiving this is part of the process, and maybe something that you experience in the next few days. Because this is something that comes from your heart, you know what I'm saying. Like I am fully willing and open to accept and acknowledge all wisdom being gifted to me through the observing presence of my God consciousness.

Because this is like a big piece apparently, there are a lot of images attached to this. And in a sense there is almost a piece of you in another place that was not ready for this. And it's almost like acknowledging and working with those energies, by accepting and declaring your intention of fully being in the divine inheritance of your universal knowledge and wisdom. Again in deep love and gratitude beloveds, we thank you for this opportunity. Thank you so much.


Okay the beings that I am seeing that stand around you they square your corners. This is so interesting. You've got four humongous gold like winged beings, I believe they are like Seraphs or Seraphim. And these Seraphim they square your four corners, it's like the stand completely surrounding you. And it's almost like a part of this sort of initiation because they are also the key holders to the wisdom. Almost like gatekeepers they help you to protect it and hold the power of it because you almost need an anchor with it. So I'm just giving you that visual if that resonates you may want to connect to them. They literally stand, not in your field but they are guarding the outside of your field in the four corners. They are squaring your corners and are literally acting as anchors for you, sort of power amplifiers and keys of this wisdom or information that you hold. Thank you.

Again please open all spiritual links and communication and expression as needed and necessary for our beloveds in our exchange here today, we ask that our mutual teams work in the highest capacity of God's infinite light and power as God would have it be. Thank you. (question...) Yes the Seraph, there is something completed there. Because they have said to me, you have now understood the Four Faces of Man. So it's like you have seen all of the faces of man there's something significant about the four. And I think with the four faces as well is the material, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual it's like the integration and the whole of actually seeing beyond the illusion into all the multidimensional pieces of God if you will. You know what I mean? Man is God, God is man, the four faces of man having been revealed. And now this next level of knowledge being definitely confirmed and demonstrated by this. Because I felt that too when they came in this was like a completion of some sort with you. Like something that you have been studying and working with. Almost like a graduation or something.

Closing: It's beautiful. Thank you. Well in deep love and gratitude beloved family, we thank you so much for your presence your guidance and your information with us here today. Please again as we seal our field and sacred container in the intention of accepting divine inheritance of the self-sovereign power of One. We endeavor to be the truth holders for that vibration, the infinite stream of God source the embodiment that is Ascension made manifest now. It is with deep love and reverence we thank you. Please seal our field. Please sealer our intention in the light of unity. And as we anchor within the physical, fully present fully embodied, the completion is now. Our infinite stream of love is with you. Beloveds thank you. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session 8-14-2008]

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