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777 is a special master code that has relevance in the consciousness principle governing the architecture of the planet which pertains to the physical embodiment of Christ Consciousness, and relevant connections that embody the Law of One principles of the Trinity Source of the Godhead.

The sacred code of 777 can be applied in a multitude of ways to request clearing of ancestral lines, miasma, or inherited imbalances in the Christ Consciousness, through the Natural Laws which support moral virtue and spiritual ethics.

Ancestral Clearing

Many of us suffer from an Orphan Complex, at various stages of our ancestral clearing and healing process. When we consciously participate and inquire on this process, we can make miraculous healing available not only to ourselves, but to our extended family of origin and throughout our bloodline history. This is the secret of the master number code of 777. Seven generations of bloodlines will be impacted in the past and future, simultaneously, when the ascending vehicle consciously participates with Spiritual Ascension to Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The now self is initiated to heal the entire bloodlines of past and future timelines, from the present station of identity. This is the secret that the NAA is so desperate to hide from humanity.

Parent-Child Protection Command

We call upon the Dispensation of the Sacred 777 to release any ancestral patterns inherited in our genetic lineage that is contributing to any blockages preventing us from our true soul and authentic god realization. We claim in the truth of our being fully revealed as the Light! Our divine inheritance that is the Truth! Our Self Sovereign God Power and right!

Keys of Enoch Excerpt

38 This sixth key, then, shows how the higher lights can modulate the physical universe which is controlled by the force fields of '666' so that the pure thoughts of the Masters working with the 777 principle stars in the cluster of the Pleiades have the power to materialize a new heavens and a new Earth, so that the former things will not be called to mind.

39 At that time, the liberated body of Gematria will go beyond the 777 combination connecting the lower biological creation to become one with the Jesus Gematria of '888'. This liberated body, thus ascends into the higher Infinite throne worlds of the Father's Many Mansions which are liberated to reign with the Christ.


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