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Abbreviation for Archontic Deception Behavior and Archontic Deception Strategy.

To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we may require attitudinal behavior guidelines which help us to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception and their anti-life forces which abuse its mechanism. These AD Behaviors and attitudes are propagated by the Controllers to create Mind Control bondage and enslavement of the human race and thus the planet. To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how Satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, let’s review both sides of spiritually healthy behaviors (GSF) and spiritually abusive behaviors (AD). Spiritually healthy behaviors naturally connect one with God Source and Christ and are God-Sovereign-Free or GSF behaviors.

Spiritually abusive behaviors disconnect you from God and Christ and are promoted in the Archontic Deception or AD Behaviors.The goal with the below discernment guideline is to identify and locate these spiritually abusive AD Behaviors in yourself, others and in any external organization of which you participate and to transform them through practicing GSF Behaviors. All decisions one is able to make from an informed position by identifying AD behaviors will increase personal discernment and energetic resonance of GSF in one’s life. The only thing any person can change is themselves through their heart responses and behaviors. Change starts within.[1][2]

AD Behavior Markers

1. Disassociation and Narcissism 2. Mental Rigidity 3. Emotional Fracturing 4. Carelessness 5. Deceitful 6. Dependence 7. False Reality Delusions 8. Divided Competition

(AD) Disassociation and Narcissism

We are disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse which create split personalities that develop defense mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and Psychopathy, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection. This weakness allows for easy Satanic binding and manipulation. There is no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency. See Lack of Empathy.

(AD) Mental Rigidity

We are conformed to an acceptable consensus for reality through power elite use of controlled scientific/academic means which will ridicule, persecute, crucify and potentially kill a person that dare threaten their system of control, belief, money or power. Through this enforced intimidation and bullying program a human may mimic its oppressors and victimizers. Mental rigidity produces heart blockage and intuitive sensory disconnection.

(AD) Emotional Fracturing

We live as a slave to our instinctual feelings and Pain Body and its desires that control our actions and behaviors as if being whip lashed by a screaming banshee. We have little instinctual control over our emotional state which leads to instant reactions of hysteria, dramas, accusations and betrayals in our relationships. We are very unhappy if we do not get instant gratification and are generally chronically self-entitled. The constant emotional rollercoaster of internal anxiety leads us to self-soothe where Addictions are used to calm the nervous system or escape the painful reality. All addictions lead to Satanic manipulation or Possessions. Emotional fracturing is soul fracturing.

(AD) Carelessness

We are selective in our commitments only doing the least required without care or responsible only to that which has self-serving motivations that give reward. We have little responsibility to how others may feel or how we impact others because we are negligent and careless of anyone’s feelings. We emit energetic garbage or litter the environment without a second thought. Not knowing our boundaries or limits we spew emotional debris or hubris on others at will. Many times our apathy and carelessness are from deep feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem.

(AD) Deceitful

Without care for other’s emotions and driven by instinctual drives, one is deceitful and able to lie easily in order to manipulate, trick and control others to get what they want. Lies of omission or spin doctoring words, using doubletalk or outright lies in order to project a false reality to get whatever the selfish motivation or job required done. Ego defense mechanisms in a deceitful person give them justification to lie as they are either self-righteous or serving a cause where everyone lies. This is delusional behavior. This is the ultimate corruption and destruction of life force and is the demon seed of satanism. (see Emotional Manipulation)

(AD) Dependence

To instigate self-doubt and cultivate ignorance is to create dependence on some external authority through methods involving coercion, spiritual oppression, suppression, poverty or extreme duress on the person or group. Dependence is usually to steal (energetic) resources from another without them knowing and to keep control over them through ignorance and oppression. (co)Dependence issues always create vampiric energy cords between the parties involved.

(AD) False Reality Delusions

The projected sense of external reality formed to the personal mental perception of disinformation, programming, religions and deceptions mixed with half-truths pumped out into the media, educational and social outlets for mass consumption. Through promoting lies and ignorance (not telling the true story) public perception can be controlled to meet the various AD agendas by controlling factions. As a result most humans live in a false reality mired in self-delusions based upon the environmental shaping and its programming.

(AD) Divided Competition

Divide and Conquer strategies are executed to keep control, power and resources flowing to only specified individuals/organizations that believe they are entitled or superior to others. The competition is divided within organizations to create power conflicts and betrayal as the egomaniac plunges knives in the backs of his colleagues to climb the ladder of rank or success. For these betrayals, lies, cover ups, and secrecy, these predator beings are heftily rewarded with lots of cash and power over “underlings”. Illuminati, N.A.A., finance, pharma, military, human sexual slavery are all at the top of the AD controller system which operate in divide and conquer strategy. Divided competition forces hierarchal rank and many humans to sell their soul to the highest bidder.

How these AD Behaviors Operate as Value Systems

Now that we have generated core behavioral markers to define and identify Archontic Deception (AD) and their antidote GSF Behavior, we can study them. This is required in so that we can learn how these behaviors are desired and cultivated as environmental influences that will enforce these AD value systems, which are designed to perpetuate the ideology of which all AD systems operate. It is important to be aware to identify these behavioral markers when we are exposed to them in so that we can remain informed about how we choose to interact and protect ourselves. These AD behavioral markers are used to hijack and usurp people and organizations that may start out with good humanitarian intentions. If the organizational leaders are not strong enough or have clarity about the N.A.A. and AD behaviors, they are infected with AD Behaviors, and their organizational objective will collapse. The top Controller organizational structures at all levels in society are generating AD systems that will develop or perpetuate these spiritually unhealthy behavioral qualities throughout humanity. We are so conditioned to believe the facades and the mind programming that we are generally desensitized to recognize these AD behaviors when they are operating right in front of us. It is time to “see” these AD spiritually abusive behaviors, patterns, and deceptions as the first step in the transformation (purging). Learn to recognize what you are exactly looking at and trust inner feelings, do not run away from it in fear. Question it, call it out for what it is non-judgmentally and change it internally to GSF Behavior.

Ego Filters

Houses of Ego

Ego filters are Dead Energy Mind Control structures. We have become accustomed to the ego identity as a (supposedly normal) part of being incarnated on the 3D earth. These mind control structures (also used in companion with alien mind control implants) were inserted into the physical elemental bodies of human beings. This aggressively commenced as a hybridization and complete planetary infiltration of the Negative Alien Agenda (N.A.A.) approximately 5,500 years ago in the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion.


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