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Themes : Aquaferion Body coming online, moving from electric and light, to magnetic and sound preferences, sonar and echolocation. Electric peak, showed unstable mental bodies spinning out, and why it is so important to get out of the mental body.

Opening: As we open this space we ask that which is in full connection with God source, we intend fully the crystal consciousness and that which again supports our highest and optimum expression, along with our assistance in physical optimization and support for the being and bodies and our human selves. Please update our bodies our template, both individually and collectively. As we ask to be perpetuated and connected to the Godhead. We ask for gatekeeping for our galactic surgeons our Aurora families, to assist our being and bodies here today.

Please assist us in the highest exchange of our mutual God purpose as well as the actualization missions and our influence in the world, to be fully aligned to living light code. We intend to be unified in the cosmic crystal principle manifested here and now. We ask for a handshake to fortify our spiritual links into the cosmic trinity of God itself. We ask with deep reverence for all of life beloved Mother please breath your living light into our form. Again we state our mutual purpose in oneness, please resurrect, correct, and override any inorganic or artificial pattern to that which is the organic living light now. And to that we say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Phase Alignment to Cetaceans

So the first thing that I'm feeling is what I would call a phase alignment in the field and calibration in the field. What I'm seeing is your exposure to the whale dolphin community. It feels very similar to your spirit light bodies meaning your higher identity being, definitely has a resonance to the fluidity of that kind of form. It's not necessarily a whale dolphin form but the ability to be fluid like that. Like feeling that form that is familiar to you, that feels like a lineage relationship to whales and dolphins and aquatic like beings. I'm getting a confirm on that, okay.

So in the aquatic realms there are certain types of, I want to say, nervous systems and receivers that work with sonar and radar and different types of electromagnetic fields. If we were looking at fields and we would look at the various levels of wavelengths of those particular fields. We have extremely low frequency extremely high frequency we have all these different little structures. l'm looking at I guess a matrix, I'm looking at a matrix of pattern with a list of a lot of different waveforms and wave structures and frequency structures. And they're all, I'm looking at this list. So my feeling is that what our guidance is bringing to us here today is a sort of calibration, of how using sonar and radar is dealing with sound fields and not light fields.

Okay what I'm seeing is they are showing me that there is a calibration in the nervous system to support your physical body better. Because the photon pressure in your body that deals with light as a waveform is harsh for you, because of the fluid nature of the form of the body that has started to come in. So what they are showing me is that in the last few months, there was a merge of a body. We have these aspects of identity of who we are, existing in other spaces. A part of our ascension is the integration of these forms. This is a form body that is aquatic in nature. I don't know how to identify it, because if I look at this form its humanoid. Meaning I see this form as a part of your higher light and interestingly enough it looks fairy like. Meaning that it's very, if you were to look at something like butterfly wings, or like an angelfish with their very feathery looking fins. They're not like a shark fin, you know. I'm looking at like an angel fish fin and I'm seeing that this is a body and that this is an aspect of your higher light self or one of the identities or memories of your monad family. And that aspect of self is, it's natural orientation is more oriented to the comfort of sound wave magnetic waves.

Waveform Magnetic Patterns and Sonar

In the process of creation apparently we have different forms. On planet Earth here everything in our universe is based on a Trinity of creation, this triad. But there are forms in other spaces that apparently are more weighted in one light or magnetic, so there are different waveforms and different families of waveforms. They're trying to show me that. I'm looking at a white board and there is writing on it. They are explaining, and showing things like "dot dot, long line, dot dot dot". Like a pattern, some kind of code pattern that shows the movement of waveforms and they are pointing at this. They are thinking this is like sonar because when you're working with sonar and radar there are certain types of waveforms that exist, within certain parameters that are different then waveforms that I'm looking at on the other side. Which is like a light form, so I'm looking at photons and radiation. And then I'm looking at a sound waves and magnetic pattern.

The guide is saying you've got a look at the sound-wave magnetic pattern because what's happening in her body is that the photon radiation is frying her. Meaning that when you are exposed to those kinds of waveforms, which are like saying photon light waves. A lot of the frequencies that are coming in, into the plan into the environment at this time, have extreme levels of electromagnetic field radiation. Meaning that we've talked about this before, that a lot of the Ascension experience is like being overexposed to electromagnetic field, it's too much. The body's system is trying to modulate mediate and mitigate all those energies all at once. So I seen that there is a core template somebody is giving me to look at. So that I can see the core difference of literally like a matrix of sound wave magnetic forms. And they are pointing to that and saying go through these lines and make sure that these are unsupported and adjusted in your neural matrix and body.

Your body is more acclimated to sonar radar magnetic sound pattern. So anything that is in sound waves is really healing to you. For things that are in your electrical field in your nervous system, sound waves are very healing. So it's like in the calibration and assistance of removing any static wave patterns, structures or devices that are inorganic or organic, please show us those levels which need to be calibrated or modulated into a magnetic sound.

Higher Monad Aquaferion Integration

Okay so they're showing me this is a matrix that is like a support system for your body, to be like an installed program like a software. Again please only take in what really feels in your heart, but what I'm understanding is that in the recent months an aspect of your higher Monad extension has come in. Meaning that we have these levels of us that come in to merge with us, these are not foreign entities. These are a part of our monadic families. This light body is an aquatic based sound wave. It's not a photon wave, it's a sound wave and they're making that very clear. When this body started to merge with you, your tolerance for the other, the photon and the light radiation that was coming in decreased. And somebody is showing me mid-May was the electrical peak. So that means during that mid-May cycle, that electrical peak was really charging in the planets field. And it's interesting because August is coming which looks like it really relaxes or is actually supportive to your body. Because in mid-August is the magnetic peak cycle of the planet.

So it's like I'm seeing that when the electrical peak cycle started to exacerbate this, I'm seeing this massive sort of pressure behind electrical peak energy, coming into the field of the planet. You have a response to that overall collective field. And with this other part of your integration process, it became more challenging for you to tolerate physically. So in working with the sound wave magnetic tone patterns, we ask that all tones... Somebody is saying what will assist in the stability of the physical self is using some grounding archetypes, which help to balance the lower half. This is really interesting because what it reminds me of, is that if I look at the aquatic light body of this aspect of self, it looks like it morphs from feet to fins. When I look at the body, I see there is this membrane around the body that looks like lace, and it looks super delicate but it's not. But it's showing me that it's aquatic, meaning it's the body that moves through fields in a very fluid way.

And I see that in certain functions of this body, of this form of this Aqua-ferion body. Okay so this Aquaferion body is able to shape shift or change the function of the body, depending on what is required. So it's like I'm seeing that it is a bipedal, meaning it stands up it's up right. And it has things that look like two legs like a human being, but there is some kind of shape shifting ability that allows that same body to transform in the lower half, where it looks like almost like a mermaid. The legs come together and there is something that propels it there. And I'm seeing that that body has become connected with you, it's like that aspect came back home.

So in order to make you more comfortable here, that body is having a hard time. Your bodies have a hard time because your body needs the magnetic sound field vibrations to help it ground and anchor physically. And the photon pressure or the proton pressure that has been really strong since the electrical peak, has been feeling abrasive, almost as if you have a rug burn on your skin. It's abrasive to that body. So I'm going to ask again for assistance and support in the starseed identity matrix that work with the Aquaferion light bodies and that which assist in those magnetic sound-wave and tone fields, that need to be upgraded and supported for her in the here and now. We ask for all that is needed and necessary in template and adjustment through phase alignment and calibration of the nervous system, the brain and the bodies in being assisted in bringing that communication link, between this higher spirit Aquaferion body and the current physical station of self in the here and now.

Aquaferion Project

Okay this is sort of like saying it is an Aquaferion project. Meaning that I guess the way this works, this is what I'm feeling in this moment, that when we have certain genetics and memories related to certain extraterrestrial forms, that we may have the star family that represents that. It's kind of like saying the group consciousness has to be invited in, in order to support the upgrade or assistance to the body. Meaning that certain guardians don't know how to help an Aquaferion body. You can have Galactic surgeons that know how to do a certain calibration set. But what I'm seeing is that this is a specific body upgrade support, specific to the Aquaferion body. Because it has this specialized neurological assistance required with sound tones. And these sound tones are responsible for new sensory abilities related to things like echolocation.

Where you can make a noise, I think dolphins do this and maybe bats do this. This is when you make a clicking noise. When you hear dolphins and they go click click click, and they make certain noises. They are using sonar or radar or echolocation. And I'm seeing that this body has something similar, meaning when we start integrating these levels of identity of our being, these in a sense are kind of like super senses. They were a part of us at a certain time, but as a part of ascension and what we are embodying here as a part of these prototypes, it is bringing this into the physical at this time.

As a part of your inviting ascension embodiment, this part of your extraterrestrial nature or spirit light body is being merged with you. And not only is about to spiritual development and merging with the body, but it has a purpose. There is some sensory ability that is connected through this that has a relationship to sonar radar and echolocation, and using a super sense that allows you to be able to perceive sound waves. And through that particular function, even though it's hard from a human level to understand why that would be. Like what would you be using that for? I'm not entirely clear about that. But one thing that is clear, is that this is what allows the communication with the dolphin and whales that are here. So it's like saying this system of communicating and this sort of super sense, that's coming into the nervous system and the body has the ability to have in depth communication with aquatic forms.

Because most aquatic forms use a similar language platform through which to communicate with each other, and that is within this sound wave form. So what I am seeing is that your body became very uncomfortable in this integration process, because of the overload of the proton or photonic pressure during the electrical peak, and those energies radiating through your nervous system. And your Aquaferion body is very magnetic and into sound.

So there's a calibration and a modulation through this series of cycles that I'm looking at. I'm looking at cycles, I'm looking at Hertz cycles, I'm looking at wave patterns and I'm looking at these things that look like "dot dot dot, lines" or longwave shortwave. It's weird because it's linear. But I understand that this is some kind of waveform and this wave form instruction set is something that is being woven into the matrix of your body. And I think this is why the dolphin and the whales were showing you the weaving matrix of the sound fields, because this would help you. Meaning that it's something that feels like it gives great comfort to your body. Because I almost feel as the weaving of that sound wave form matrix thing is assisted or woven into the matrix of the body, it is supportive. It is almost like a cradling of the body can be established with this particular field of energy.

Also I guess because there has been an acceleration and expansion of masculine principled energies. Meaning that we've been in a phase of something happening with the mental bodies and this has also been very difficult and stressful on your body, because it's not necessarily supportive to that magnetic field. I guess this is a more feminine principled energy, and we've been in an extremely harsh environment of male energy. And the body is trying to modulate between the two and it has been difficult. So in assisting in the release of obsolete masculine patterns, from either ancestral familial or other genetic patterns that are related to masculine or mental body clearings releases and upgrades.

We ask for that cognition upgrade and assistance into the mental bodies that allow a framework of assistance into the woven field of this magnetic sound field and matrix of the Aquaferion bodies. So again assistance and support in clearing and transmuting into a woven matrix that integrates harmoniously the new magnetic sound wave patterns for the Aquaferion bodies ability to merge in alignment with the Aurora matrix. I see okay. So in the layers of the physical matrix where there are mental body aberrations, related to masculine distortions held in the memories, the flesh at the physical particle levels. We ask for assistance in the Aurora re-encryption, through the physical matrix of the projection of particles coming out in the lower chakras, where the Auroras come in and assist in the re-encryption of the elementals. There are areas where there are holes, like a little black hole, like a rip in the fabric of the matrix in there. It does not look like it would be comfortable.

So in preparing the matrix of the lower physical chakras, and the vertical horizontal and diagonal matrix which allows spin points to be adjusted through the Aurora Avatar of Ascension matrix, which allows a re-encryption of the elemental fields to that which are harmonically compatible to the magnetic sound-wave matrix, that is to be provided as a part of the installation into the field at this time. We ask that the appropriate, okay that is there. So this is an Aquaferion project, meaning that whatever this upgrade and assistance to support the body is, it's something that had to be led by an Aquaferion.

Genetic Mutation Reptilian Distortion

And I am looking at something that I can't explain. The best way I can say this is there are multiple starseed identity matrixes. And they are like compatible filters with certain offshoots of certain bodily forms. This particular form that is this aquatic type of body, it needed a particular starseed reference. Because it is a filter, which merges the physical divine human body with the histories of the genetic material, which are a part of us but were been lost many moons ago. So it's like saying human beings and the bodies we have in this density, most of us have lost the genetic reference in the flesh, that can source the connection to that original progenitor genetic material.

So it's like saying you have as an example so much reptilian distortion. You have the original divine human body. The crystal matrix bodies have a tremendous synthesis of universal genetic material that represent a humongous array of bodies. Meaning that the divine matrix of us was designed to be a complete pattern in the synthesis of multiple bodies. This pattern has been largely lost on planet Earth because of all of the histories of destruction. Meaning the more destructive we are, the more dense we became. And the more damaged our DNA became, the more damaged our nervous became. It's a Domino effect where now in this dimension our physical body doesn't recognize its own maker.

So it's like saying that the genetic mutation of a reptilian overlay is basically designed to repel the original creation of who we are in our actual form. And the experience we have when merging with our light body, and again this is why so many of us weren't too pleased in finding out how unpleasant this is. Because a lot of times we do live an internal Armageddon in our body. Because the body's DNA and the genetic record that is being propagated in this dimension at this time, through all of these reptilian overlays and all the genetic reversals and reversal polarities and it goes on and on. It takes the physical memory of this original pattern away from the resonance of the physical body vibration.

So that when we start connecting into some these higher patterns we don't like it, it doesn't feel good it's very difficult. So at the same time I recognized earlier that there is a simple truth of physics in the polarity of energies that create the alchemy of force that is almost required. You get this amazing, it's very similar to the concept of a volcano. Something is being brewed with such pressure it's accelerating with such pressure and it's not going anywhere, it has nowhere to be directed. And how we exist in these bodies is we feel like that. It's like all of these pressures are building and then all of a sudden there's a timing of the release of those particular energies that allow an exchange to occur that apparently would not have occurred without that catalyst.

So it's just like something volcanic, there is a volcano building pressure and then it explodes. But the issue is understanding the polarity integration in what we are doing to change the forms that a necessary part of the catalyst in making the transformation is that pressure. That builds the tension between the particle and antiparticle layers of our form, so we can blast through certain dysfunctions and distortions and things like that. It's like saying you have to jump over a hurdle and you've got run really far to be able to reach the torque and the speed in a height to actually make that hurdle. And that's exactly the example they're giving me now. A part of our issue is the natural physics of the polarity structure has become this, has expanded into these pairs of opposites. The issue is the schism between the two has become so great it makes it very difficult to bring them back together.

But at the same time we have that issue acting upon us as a force that we can't really do anything about, because it is the nature of what happened here at this density. And then at the same time they're alerting us to another issue in this case, with you as an example. And that is that there are original patterns of extraterrestrial genetics that were a part of the synthesized clusters of information that were put into the DNA code, which represented the complete pattern of the Christed human being and what that presented. And when we go back to the original primal creational fields, we have this core structure that has avian or bird genetics, we've got a core structure that's got feline or lion genetics, and we've got a core structure that's got cetacean and whale genetics. And what they're showing me is that the Aquaferion matrix has a relationship to the magenta and the violet ray at multiple levels, because of that genetic background.

And because of what has become a destructive element down here, because what's interesting as well to note, is that through the multiple levels of the universes we have reverse patterns that are also organic to what is happening. Meaning that at the antiparticle levels of this source field Mother is turquoise. In the particle fields it's masculine as the Indigo. In the antiparticle fields the magenta is Father Arc. In the particle fields the magenta is female, this is what they are showing me. So when this electrical which is masculine, increases at electrical peak, it adds the masculine flavor that we are enduring at this time.

The change in the mental body, change in some way how the masculine energies are moving on the planet. And the problem with that is, is what we're seeing as a subset, those that are male that are extremely dogmatic and mentally developed are having a hard time staying sane and coherent in that change. Because it really is a collapse of the mental body identities that existed in that distorted state, at those lower vibrations. So we're experiencing that in the field with great chaos and with a lot of debris and crap attached to that chaos, because we're dealing with the freak out of the mental bodies that are still dealing with those levels of distortions vibrationally.

And we've been told in the last year and a half now that one of the big things that we have to do now in terms of our focus, is to remove ourselves, remove our bodies, remove these mind control matrix systems. Again the 55 grid, the NRG grid, these systems that are mind-controlling people. We've got to get that out of our body and what I'm seeing is that this is a part of the push of that as well. It's like we go through this in stages, where we are pushed through the eye of the needle.

And a part of it is the genetic shifting that allows the matrices that deal within those frequency parameters, to no longer have access to our genetic material. So the human beings physical body and the 3D people that are here, that are still existing within that particular reality of the first, second and third chakras, operate at certain hertz and waveforms. And those parameters are by and large the most controlled of the frequencies. So people that are existing within mind control and so have a certain belief about the nature of reality. And I don't know this is something that's hard to say, but at this moment anyway, are not on the path of ascension. We don't know when they are going to choose it, when that time is. But clearly there is a split in the field where we have beings that are on the Ascension timeline and are working with the evolving energetic structure. And we have those that are not.

And so again I'm seeing that there is a gradual turning of the dial, where through every sort of shift in the mechanics of the time space field, we have an adjustment we've got to make with the mental field. Because there are so many layers of mind control that are used within this planetary structure. And that mind control is not just dealing with scalar waves and other forms that are hitting mental bodies. It's understanding that those mental bodies are our flesh and that is why the physical body can be controlled at that level. When we see people that are just so not getting it, not feeling it. Their mental body is completely embedded into the genetic flesh of their physical self, and it is part and parcel of the same thing. So they are just experiencing that particular control mechanism and that particular controlled reality bubble, and they have no idea about the nature of reality beyond that. That's the only thing they can perceive.

Change in Mental Body

So I'm seeing that this recent change in the mental body structure, is yet another part of the structural release of the mental bodies and mind control systems down here, meaning that these are layers in the physical flesh that have been operating as certain parameters of the mental fields that are controlled here. And as we go through the systematic release of certain patterns, this is incremental, because it all can't happen at once. Otherwise the flesh ceases to exist because it is part and parcel of the embed of the physical being we are inhabiting at this time. So right now the point of all of this is that through the transmutation of another level of collective mental body fields, that are connected into these relationships of our planet and of the mind control systems and sources that are generated by these reptilian factions and those that use those. That that has been sort of a primary accelerator, because that force is being primarily accelerated, it means our male energy is getting pummeled, activated, turned on whatever else.

And at the same time this is a part of the explanation that we are being given, in seeing this aggression and rage and confusion and spinning out of control of the mental body of males. Both men and women obviously are having this issue, but the reminder is these are the people that are dealing with the most suffering, are the people that have the most challenge with the mental body. Which means hopefully being freed from and unhinged from mental body constructs that have controlled them. So we're systematically seeing that spin out of control through those that are reliant and inflexible in the mind.

So as that was being heightened, that unpleasant effect was being felt by this part of you that is merging with you now. Meaning that this is your aquatic higher self. What I'm seeing is that the starseed identity matrix has a field, which allows a connector point so that the projection of your Aquaferion body is being held in the crystal matrix of your Avatar. I'm looking at your Aquaferion Body and I'm seeing its light filled and it's all rainbow colors and it's got all these pastels and it's got super delicate fins around the body that it shapes into these various forms. It could be like a shape shifting body. I'm looking at it as a Hologram and I'm seeing it in its pastel energy signature being projected onto the light field of your 12 dimensional Avatar body.

Your Avatar body is then projecting into you physically, meaning that it is sourcing from the Avatar where this body is coming through. They are explaining to me that this is a part of the starseed identity matrix through the Avatar function. Because again the Christ body the crystal body, we've not activated these bodies in a heck of a long time. As we are remembering this as they are coming online, there is this energetic pattern that is being held in place for you so that it can be projected into your physical identity, in the here and now. It's like an imprint I don't know what to call it because it's projecting from your Aquaferion body that's not from this universe.

It's like saying the Aquaferion body is coming from the higher universe, the higher seventh heaven universe. The Aquaferion body is projecting a light an instruction and an energy onto the Avatar. The Avatar is then projecting it to you, but what I'm understanding is that the Avatar is re-imprinting itself, with its original creator. It's like it's a part of synthesizing it all back into a complete pattern. I don't know how to say it, it was there and it was not there. It's like saying it was there, but in another dimension. I have no words even try to describe that.

What I am really hoping for you in the conclusion of this transmission and this session and this calibration, is support in the interim before this becomes completed. Is understanding that this body needed support, given how you were feeling in order to complete this process. And what I'm understanding is that that support is coming now. Understanding and participating with what it is, because for some reason this had to be witnessed. And it may be because this is something new I don't know how else to describe it.

When we do sessions like this and we witness and explore certain parts of the memories of the field, there are very few humans on the planet doing this. I mean you this goes without saying. So when one of us down here in the physical world on this planet and this timeline, is able to view something like this it brings it to everybody. Like saying okay now this means the Aquaferion matrix and beings that share the same gene pool as you do, will be able to collaborate and have some assistance or exchange with this, which at the same time then solidifies it and makes it stronger. Meaning that the more of us that become conscious, the more of us that consciously participate with the process, that's the whole thing of critical mass. It's allowing this to become a physically manifested reality.

So what I'm understanding now is that as that connector has been witnessed through us today, it allows a connector to you which brings a support through to you. The most prevalent levels of understanding the electrical peak cycle and what is happening with the male mental bodies in the collective, is they are being literally spawned off in chunks to be transmuted. This is toxic disease from the collective mental bodies of our universe, which feel to be at monad level. So we're dealing with dimensions 7-8-9. We are seeing mind fields sourcing into lower dimensional relations, because higher mind fields fit into all the lower minefields, they all interfere with each other. So these are chunks of understanding collective mental bodies and masculine principles that have been distorted through some of the structures. We have penetrated a level where this is starting to be seen and realized and surfaced. Meaning that is what happens now as that comes to the earth, and unfortunately what happens as a result of that is human beings that don't understand how this works, become puppets to energies they don't understand. So as we see some of these horrific things going on, it's a part of that.

So at this time what I'm understanding is that we have set up a matrix structure that at this time feels new. Meaning that this needed to be collaborated and witnessed between the two of us, between our lineages to witness this with each other. Because what we are doing is not only are we participating with it collaborating with it observing it, we are also bringing it here. Because the Aquaferion bodies are starting to be brought here and whatever this is that we are observing, in terms of the matrix of the Avatar becoming this, is happening now. What this means is that now support for your body can be brought more into the magnetic field. Because again, what we understand is the condensation of physical particle mass is magnetic, so that should bring comfort to your physical body to be integrated into these new magnetic sound waveforms. Which allow this body to merge more comfortably with you, if that makes any sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Closing: Beloved's thank you for your assistance and support with us here today. Again please anchor lock and seal our work into the morph field and instruction sets, all bodies as God would have it be. Again we ask Avatar bodies or we actually thank the Avatar God-Self. Thank you so much for your assistance and support in this here today, as well as our Aquaferion, cetacean and dolphin families of light. Thank you so much, these are all subsets of the Krystal Star families that come off, I want to say dolphin star families that come off the Krystal Star. I don't know why it's been said that way, but that's how I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We thank you for your assistance and support, we ask at the maximum optimum calibration and phase alignment for her to be assisted in her mission, in her supportive actualization and that which brings her comfort and ease for her physical self. We thank you for our session and for this opportunity. With all of our heart, in deep love and gratitude, thank you so much. Please seal our session. And so it is, we seal and end our session. Thank you so much.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 7-27-2011]

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