Atomic Doorway

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Atomic Doorway
This is also referred to as the Ascension Chakra as it is an opening to the Oversoul/Monad at 9D. This is a Anti-particle (or Morphogenetic) chakra point directly at the back of the cranium in the lower center of where the back of the head meets at the neck.

Higher Mind Activation

… a reference point to an energetic command and control center in our lightbody. It is the 9th Chakra which is also called the Atomic Doorway and is the projector of God Consciousness Units that filter very similarly as a light projector through the back of your Medulla Oblongata, at the base of your neck (at the brain stem). Andromeda energies are referred to by the Guardians as sourcing 9th Dimensional frequency (Planetary Kundalini Current) and will certainly activate the 9th dimensional Axiatonal Lines on the right side of our human body as well as filter up into the 9th Chakra at the base of the neck. This frequency is dull silver in its color spectrum running vertically from your middle right toe and up through the middle right finger, into the base of your neck. When this Lightbody is activated, it creates a microcosmic orbit with the 8th Chakra that unites into a macrocosmic orbit with planetary kundalini forces that looks like a moving gyroscope sphere of spiraling frequencies around your upper body and head.[1]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 196