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As we move into the next phases of crumbling 3D paradigms, a major task for each individual is to release or surrender the emotional energy that the ego-Personality has attached to material possessions and the necessity of living in the 3D social structures (Controller Pillars). Humanity will be moving towards an increase in true humanitarian objectives which include a conscious orientation towards being in Service to Others as a primary lifestyle. This begins with the inner consciousness shift in which we are willing to release and clear obsolete 3D patterns of thought and embrace a lifestyle in which we dedicate ourselves to be in Service to Others. The first practice of the natural law is Unity Consciousness and when we reflect on this law as a personal value system in our lifestyle, the miracles of God appear to help us achieve our objectives, which are the byproduct of our spiritual alignment.

The goal is not to create hardships or abandon everything in our lifestyle, but to examine personal belief systems and determine what is no longer necessary, to remove physical attachments so that you can be Observer Point whether you have something or do not have something. Paying attention to the things that the ego has generated strong attachments to is a gradual exercise of detaching mental and emotional dependence upon the 3D structures, cultural beliefs, Materialism and the obsolete way of doing things in the 3D paradigm.

As we set conscious intention to release 3D attachments, reflect on the things you need to clear from your life and that which your consciousness energy should stop supporting because its obsolete, wasteful or harmful. Be willing to identify and feel emotional connections made with egoic attachments and be willing to refocus and detach from the need to have those things, placing trust in your material needs being met and being grateful for what you do have in the moment. Basic tasks such as simplifying your lifestyle, refusing to engage with draining relationships, and clearing out clutter also supports releasing energy attachments connected to physical things.

This is the time to give some deeper contemplation and reflection upon what 3D belief systems you may have and how that influences Personal Value Systems that inform how you orient yourself in the world. This will also be a helpful process which you can guide others through when their belief systems and lifestyle are being dismantled.

  • What are your personal beliefs around the Controller Pillars of 3D Society – Power Elite, Celebrity, Military, Governmental, Financial, Medical, Academic, Religious and Media?
  • How have these 3D systems perpetuated crimes against humanity, avoided any accountability and continually promoted survival consciousness and consumptive modeling?
  • What are your personal beliefs regarding Christmas, Passover, Halloween, Thanksgiving or other holidays celebrated in the culture you live in?
  • What are your personal beliefs regarding pornography, sexual consent, drinking, smoking, gambling, legalized addictions and harmful recreations that are normalized in 3D society?
  • What does it mean to hold reverence for all living things on the Earth, to stand up and protect human rights through free speech, individual expression, personal autonomy and self-sovereignty for all human beings?
  • Can individualism and unique soul expression be made possible within a Service to Others humanitarian culture that supports the entire collective human race?
  • Do you hold beliefs that give certain individuals or groups status, rank or superiority over others? Why is that dangerous?
  • Are you prepared to release 3D ego attachments to the 3D paradigm and be willing to live without certain beliefs, people, groups or societal institutions?
  • What current belief systems exist in the human culture that could easily transition to become fully congruent with unity consciousness and world humanism?

As you consider the belief systems connecting you to the 3D paradigm, think how you would feel if suddenly that 3D system or pillar of society just did not exist any longer. How you would feel about that? Are you able to get into neutral and let all of it go, as the divinity existing inside you would have it be?

To more deeply meditate on releasing egoic attachments and resetting them back to neutral, we would hold the contrast of comprehending what it would feel like if you stopped a certain belief system or pattern in your lifestyle, by thinking about how much that would change your life. As you imagine your life and the world without that belief system or institution, feel how much energy you may have connected or attached to that belief system, the 3D cultural aspects and the organization it may represent. Such as what would life be like if my family and I did not go to the hospital or doctor any longer as a standard of medical or health care? Can I let that go knowing that I can be healthy with natural immunity and learn alternative methods to take good care of myself?

The goal on examining personal beliefs is to help your mental and emotional body release strong attachments based on fear or wrong thinking, and instead find inner spiritual connection and neutral association that allows a surrendering release to what it is to be without the need to exert control over anything. When you unplug from the 3D paradigm your personality no longer needs that belief system and the energy around that system ceases to have control over you.

The shifting architecture will continue to increase energetic support for building organizations for truly ethical humanitarian objectives and being in service to others, while systematically dismantling belief systems and the 3D institutions which generate division, inequality and rank based on elitism, fame, social status, physical attributes and classifications which infer superiority over others. Every individual has the right to exist and no person has the right to take the life of another, or force others to damage the energetic integrity of their physical being or damage their right to live as they see fit when it does not harm others. [1]

Belief Systems and Cultural Energy Transference

Every individual human being transfers their consciousness energy to a given set of belief systems that have been formed from a learned part of their culture. Therefore, this means that each individual has assigned levels of significance and importance to those particular belief systems formed in the culture that they have been exposed to. Humanity has been groomed to accept the 3D controlled narratives being enforced by nonhuman entities, thus these negative beliefs have accumulated energetic distortions within the three levels of ego, with emphasis on dead energy blockages formed within the solar plexus area. Blockages in the consciousness layers are formed through negative energy transference and dark force manipulation, this means the individual is unaware of the damaging impacts that 3D beliefs and 3D attachments have upon the consciousness and lightbody functions. Cords and energy attachments form in the consciousness layers and physical body which are generated from the negative ego belief systems that have been groomed by any particular 3D culture, which has an assortment of anti-human or anti-soul belief systems.

Individuals are often manipulated by dark forces in the reality in order to constantly feed their consciousness energy into the controlled narrative 3D belief systems, which are the mind control programs running in the collective consciousness. The sum total of the collective consciousness energy that is being manipulated to power up those 3D belief systems is what keeps it active and working within that culture. When people refuse to assign importance or significance to a particular belief system, they withdraw their consciousness energy from the social conditions that feed into that particular belief system, then the belief system begins to wither and die out in that culture. The more that humanity begins to detach their consciousness energy from supporting harmful or negative belief systems, the less that belief system will remain rooted in that culture.

The 3D world structures hold a lower vibration that is energetically associated with the preoccupation and quest for all experiences related to maintaining power and control over others, including the perpetuation of consciousness enslavement. Assorted methods of Mind Control have been used against humanity to manipulate the Collective Consciousness towards Service to Self orientation, by driving unconscious desires and consciousness energy towards maintaining the 3D Death Culture and through implanting negative beliefs, emotions, and attitudes in order to form physical attachments. The Solar Plexus is the conscious mind, and so the personality ego’s unresolved fears and negative beliefs will form corded attachments to material things, as well as form into energy blockages within the Lightbody. These energy blockages and egoic 3D attachments are used to manipulate the individual’s shadow body and energy signature, so the uncleared negative ego parts along with attachments formed to 3D belief systems continue to manipulate our outer perceptions through subconscious blind spots and ego defense mechanisms.

The ego personality is preoccupied with selfishness and making decisions for personal gain, with the 3D belief system that money, status or self-interests are the main priority in life, while disregarding the genuine social and ethical concerns for the welfare of others. The 3D personality ego is the survival consciousness energy stream of humanity that has invested in the belief systems perpetuated by the 3D Controller structures that have formed into energetic exchanges of physical attachments. These attachments formed by 3D beliefs keep the consciousness and lightbody bound and enmeshed with an assortment of material and physical things, which hold significance or symbolism for that individual, such as the meaning of one’s personal security or warding off perceived threats. Attachments are energy cords that are vibrational in nature, and in order to awaken beyond the 3D reality each person must free themselves from these strong emotional attachments, which bind and block access from experiencing higher spiritual consciousness.

Attachments and bindings are generally formed from previous uncleared trauma or fear, which generally forms a strong energetic resistance to change or a refusal to adapt to a new lifestyle or thought process. The negative ego entraps the emotional body with the sensation that the individual cannot survive in the world without conditional attachments to those things that are found in the 3D landscape, material or otherwise, which ultimately stunt emotional and spiritual growth. During the spiritual ascension and awakening growth phases, every individual will be pushed to transform beyond attachments and fear-based belief systems, to remove and clear the attachments formed that keep that person bound to the 3D timelines and its low frequency lifestyle.

Thus, all Controller Pillars of Society that are pre-occupied with 3D egoic concepts of power and control over others driven by Materialism, domination and greed, will begin to dismantle throughout the societal systems and cease to exist in the same way. It is helpful to prepare yourself now to know what it means to examine belief systems and clear out energy attachments to the 3D reality, as this preparation will make the transition to the Disclosure timeline much easier to handle.[2]


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