Bio-Family Macrocosm Mirror

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The Bio-Family Macrocosm Mirror has been definitely a lesson of self mastery for many Awakening at this level of 3D third dimensional existence. Many of us will be shown the mirror reflection of the biggest macrocosm problems on the planet Earth, and that is reflected back to us in the microcosm level patterns of our personal ancestral, Family of Origin and parental kind of relationships. So if you want to see the issues that need to be healed in the entire global consciousness, if you want to better understand the reasons why you came to this earth as a Starseed, all you need to do is go in and look at your family of origin or bio-family dynamics. All of the Family of Origin archetypal patterns, and the family lineage that we chose to incarnate into, will reflect the mirror of our spiritual mission and the tasks we chose for emotional healing and transforming. Your mother, your father, your family, many of us have those particular mirrors especially as Lightworkers and Starseeds, so that we can see those larger issues we experienced in the family dynamics, mirrored back to us in the macrocosm. If we were adopted, we have the additional layers of the Orphan Complex which is a very common archetype for Starseed people to work through and heal, when they incarnate on the earth. The family that adopted you will be your macrocosm mirror. This will become obvious as we begin to heal the patterns and archetypes at the family interaction and personal micro levels. So of course there is no accident that you have the parents and family members that you have, because those were the direct mirrors that you needed to see while you were on the earth. The patterns you were exposed to as a child, the conflicts and issues you came to heal, are not only within yourself, but are reflected as the mirror in the planetary level of the global state of consciousness. There are definitely issues that are impacting, many of us as Starseeds and Lightworkers that were born into the Earthseed families of the 3D third dimensional type of consciousness, of which we call the False Parent archetype. As we were growing in those particular families, we could see very clearly all of the imbalances that were created from disconnection, even though we may not have been able to articulate it at that time. We’re here to study the third dimension because those of us that are Starseeds are here to break through the 3D paradigm, we came here to create the new paradigm shift into Ascension timelines. We are here to model win-win and mutually balanced integrated types of templates in all of our relationships, not only with our biological families, but model these behaviors in our interpersonal relationships at every single level, so obviously we've been doing incredible amount of emotional healing work, and a lot of collecting 3D case study work.

Many times through our biological family, we allow our power to be drained when we are conforming to another's expectations of us. So any time we are not fully in our power by accepting who we are at the deepest authentic levels, which is our big fear program to overcome in the third dimension, we can be corded and drained of our energy. We have been trained, and conditioned to be programmed, that whatever the expectation is coming from social or family types of 3D belief structures, we are supped to conform to those beliefs to belong, and as a result, attachment cords also form.

So attachments form, when we are emphatic healers and we are not governing our own energies appropriately, but it also happens when we don't have awareness about our true self-identity, and we do not know ourselves at a core level. We still may carry thought forms and belief systems that come from the expectations of our biological family of origin. When we are in our power and we accept and unconditionally love ourselves at that level, and we don't allow our power to be drained by others, including our family of origin, as they may try and manipulate us into their expectations through emotional blackmail or Gaslighting techniques.[1]


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