Black Operation, Secret Space Program, Space Colonies and Human Trafficking

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Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 75 YA, USA Government splinters off into assorted secret interest groups to research, study and hide alien contact and alien technology from the public. Galactic human slave trade becomes highly organized.[1]

Secret Space Program

Secret Space Programs that are involved with planet earth have been in existence for eons of time and have many different objectives and agendas, both human and non-human. Since the Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent Atlantian Cataclysm, the Secret Space Programs were managed by off planet earlier human civilizations, and the Annunaki and Nephilim hybrids who managed their negotiations with a variety of many other extraterrestrial and extra dimensional species. Some of the humans that were on the planet or Tara during the final Atlantian Cataclysm left the earth and went to other planets and became what is called the Solar Lords or the basis of the Solar Wardens. These offshoots also formed a variety of Galactic Confederations, and the Solar System was an outpost for many visiting races that would communicate with these Confederations that functioned as a typed of United Nations Assembly for the Solar System. The centralized races of the Annunaki, along with their Nephilim hybrids, exist within and are gatekeepers of the 4th dimension which is the main dimensional access to our Sun (Sol). They started to contact and negotiate treaties with the 3D world governments at the turn of the Century.

Off Planet Trade and Bartering

There is no currency or financial system that is used between space faring civilizations so everything is based on bartering. Some ET’s are interested in some of the Earth’s Art (again some of our most famous missing historical art pieces are in off world collections), Luxury Items like Spices/Chocolate, Animal and Plant Life while many others are interested in trading their technology and biological specimens they have obtained elsewhere for Human Beings. These Humans are used for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, engineering/manufacturing (we are well known for the abilities some of us have with certain technical skill sets). There are some of the ET’s that use Humans as food resources in various ways.

The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates discovered that a large amount of humans were being taken off the planet by various ET’s anyway so they decided to find a way to profit from it and have control over which people were being taken. In prior arrangements they were made promises of receiving technologies and biological specimens for allowing groups to abduct humans but the ET’s rarely delivered on their promises. Once they had developed the advanced infrastructure (ICC) in our Sol System along with advanced technologies (that some of the thousands of ET groups traveling through our system were now interested in obtaining) and now had the ability to deter most unwelcome guests from entering Earths airspace the Cabal/ICC then decided to use human trafficking as one of their resources in interstellar bartering. (See Human Trafficking) [2]


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