Blank Slating

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Blank Slating is a term that refers to mind wiping technology used by military personnel, usually in organized covert operations to remove current memories or accumulated intelligence of black operation projects when the projects or person become obsolete.

Blank Slating technology has also been tracked remotely to observe that is has been applied to planetary gridwork and Ley Lines by the NAA in their attempt to destroy planetary consciousness memories and historical records of the actual events on planet. Through blank slating the planetary consciousness field, such as the Ley Lines and horizontal networks, this renders many humans beings in amnesia and unable to recall or remember who they are and what their true origins are.

This technology is very effective on human beings that exist in lower frequencies of the Three Layers of Ego. It is less effective on Starseeds, Indigos and people that tend to be naturally empathic and intuitive, and have embodied more of their Soul and Monadic layers.


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