Canes Venatici and Giant Void

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Canes Venatici contains five Messier Objectss, including four galaxies. One of the more significant galaxies in Canes Venatici is the Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51, NGC 5194) and NGC 5195, a small barred spiral galaxy that is seen face on. This was the first galaxy recognised as having a spiral structure, this structure being first observed by Lord Rosse in 1845.[1]

Supervoid The Giant Void, an extremely large void (part of the universe containing very few galaxies) is within the vicinity of this constellation. It may be possibly the largest void ever discovered, sightly larger than the Eridanus Supervoid and 1,200 times the volume of expected typical voids. It was discovered in 1988 in a deep-sky survey.

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HGS Sessions - Clearing Canes Venatici and Giant Void - 3/27/2015 [1]


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