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We need to dissect the Frequency of Fear in the ways it impacts our subconscious attitudes and behaviours by paying attention to how we think and interpret our world and through the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves. This means in order to develop improvements in right thinking we'll need to work on our ability to concentrate and become single minded and focussed. This is applying your mental action or power in focusing our attention or mental effort into a single mindedness.

Concentration is the power to choose what you pay attention to and what you do not or what you ignore. Fear programs must be extracted from out of our body and cleared from controlling our consciousness and body by paying attention to what we must learn from the lessons that come from the fear. Fear will show us the spiritual lessons we have yet to master as it demonstrates where darkness may be blocking us in finding harmony in our direct relationship with God. Yet it hard to accomplish this if we have little to none in the Concentration skill area.

So, I'd like to give a few ways to help improve concentration as this helps developmental strength in pushing away fear thought forms by refocusing your mind to something else more positive. In order to refocus the mind away from fear we will need some ability to concentrate our focus in so that we can better control our impulses. Now, first we need to learn how to meditate. Consistent meditation practise is very helpful in training an undisciplined or cluttered mind. Meditation can be applied in many different ways and it’s also helpful in letting go of negativity and fear in many forms. In the early stages of developing meditation skill we have to sit, relax and learn to observe thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once you notice the thought pattern you let it go and bring your focus back to the now moment.

Also we will need to know how to stay as calm as possible even when under great stress in the moment. Stress causes our body to enter a heightened state of awareness due to the release of hormones and neurotransmitters when we're stressed out. So, remaining calm even during potentially tense situations can be difficult but establishing a sense of calm in your life will help your mind from leaping from one thought to the next. We need to establish a peaceful mind-set before concentrating on any one thing.

Also, avoiding constant distractions and being put in sensory overload. When we're constantly being bombarded with sensory input from every day life that pushes us to constantly shift our focus and attention this is conditioning an increase in attention disorders. Since we were children we were learning certain habits and behaviours about our attention whether to be constantly stimulated and distracted and multi-tasking and not really focussing deeply on anything. Consider simplifying areas of your life where you can remove distractions helping you to create a more peaceful and calm environment in which to help you concentrate on a singular focus through a meditation or other concentration exercises.

It's also important to know how to stay in the now moment. Remaining present and engaged in a single task without losing that attention and getting lost in other thoughts. By staying present in the moment you are learning how to direct and manage your attention and this improves your power of concentration as well as eventually develops mental and physical coherence. Remember that when you stay presently focussed on what you're doing you're in connection with Spirit. When you move into thoughts of past or future this disconnects you from what is in front of you presently so do what is in front of you and stay in the now moment.

Sometimes it may be helpful to write down your unfinished task list or to-do list because sometimes when we feel overwhelmed because we have 101 things that we have to do whether it's 3D things like pay our taxes or get the car tuned up or plan our child's birthday party sometimes when we're trying to focus in the present moment the to-do list comes into our head and it takes us over. When we feel pressure from many 3D related responsibilities to get this out of our head and written down in a list that you will not forget will help you release mental pressure in the moment where we can better relax into focus not letting your list of things to do totally take control over you in the moment. Try to work on letting go of worrying about things that are not happening yet and stop the dialogue of "what if". This helps to remain calm and in control over your own schedule and tasks and to remain present to what is in front of you now.

We live in a mind-controlled world that uses fear based perceptions to socially engineer consciousness slavery. When we have the ability to concentrate our focus we can clear these fear broadcasts from controlling us in the day-to-day. Eventually we can become immune to these AI fear broadcasts as there is no fear trigger in our body to even be activated.

So, what steps can you take now to free yourself from fear forming strong mental skills and improving your ability to emotionally self regulate? One of our oldies but goodies is we have the 5 steps for refocusing negative ego fears which is essentially identifying fears so that when fear overtakes your mind and you feel emotionally charged that you make the choice in that moment to witness the fear and let go of it. To replace the fear thought you bring up a loving thought and replace the fear based thought with a loving based thought.

Holding self-awareness you apply the strength to maintain the love-based thought in your mind pushing out the fear-based thought refusing it into your mind. While this is occurring you are witnessing in the present moment and it is important that if you have been emotionally triggered that you remain in control of your impulses.

Many times this is taking a deep breath. Do not react. Only observe waiting for the emotional charge and the feeling to pass. Most of the time it’s not productive to react impulsively or automatically to fear and pain but to remain silent, observe and let it pass even if it’s during interaction with others. When you have time and you're feeling more relaxed and not emotionally charged by that fear then its the time to revisit the fear thought form that you had and ask for the source of the trigger and try to see why you were feeling this fear rising in your mind. Then once you identify it working with core fear removal exercises stating the specific fear you had intending to clear it from your body, nervous system and mind. Also intend to know the lesson you're learning from this fear and see what makes sense to you. Why would you need this lesson? Because most times Overcoming Fear is for the purpose of making you spiritually stronger so when you go face to face with fear and darkness that you're fully neutral in the presence of it.

Fear weakens us. To get stronger we have to overcome our fears. [1]


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