Cosmic Mother’s Womb

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Cosmic Mother's Womb (Art By Sequoia)

As the unwinding of anti-life reversal currents transpires in the planetary Albion Lightbody, it is similar to observing the clock hands of time begin to move in counterclockwise spirals and see that many previous destructive timelines are rolling up and then disappearing into nothingness within the Cosmic Mother’s Womb.

Through this massive aqua-emerald transmission sourcing from the Cosmic Womb of the Holy Divine Mother, she transmits the perfect proton and neutron consciousness units, which carries the God Seed of the Diamond Sun DNA template for her organic divine children seeded throughout the creation. The natural offspring and those refugee races who agree to regenerate their species DNA for organic ascension will receive the potentials of the Maharata blueprint of her sacred sound aqua plasmas in their activated 8D axiatonal line, thymus gland, permanent seed of the higher heart and activate dormant hara centers.

This is akin to receiving the inhalation breath message from the Cosmic Divine Mother and through her call to her children recorded in the oceanic flows of the Blue Flame Maharata transmissions, she contracts the further outward expansion of the outer creation fields by pulling them in towards her Cosmic Emerald Heart. Cosmic Mother comes through the Universal Time Matrix Azura points held open by the recently reunited Aeonic Pairings of Kantarian Solar Dragons of the Founder Kundaray. Cosmic Mother locates our spiritual families matched to the angelic human template so that we are placed in her organic womb or protected void spaces within the creation fields. It is from within the void or holy sepulcher chamber that we enter, in order to alchemically transform our shadow parts back into the resurrected Solar Christ Children, so that we are placed in the correct coordinate positions aligned with the Cosmic Clock and can remember our true God Parents, in order to return back home into the God Worlds.[1]


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