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The purpose of this exercise, to have an in depth comprehension of the Cross theology and how it has suppressed our consciousness. When we can understand what it is, we can fully participate with the Deconstruction of the Cross within ourselves, thus, ending our own experience of Consciousness crucifixion. See Religious Violence and Crucifixion Implants.

Artificial Cross Architecture

The purpose of the artificial cross architecture designed to uphold Cross Theology is to enslave humanity through the crucifixion and promote blood sacrifice of their inner spiritual being or Personal Christ self. Religion was created by the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) to keep these cross implants and their religious belief systems of Mind Control in place, so that, humanity would live in fear of the retribution from his False Father Alien God. This Archontic Deception and its controller mechanism are to keep humanity subservient to the continual feeding of their False Gods Vampires. One of the most prolific ways to feed the bloodthirsty vampires is mass killing in wars, and to especially kill other human beings in the name of God or religion. This is blood sacrifice which in all cases is Satanic Ritual Killing, which feeds Satanism as a world value system, while spreading satanic forces to aggressively inhabit bodies on the earth. The NAA extra-dimensional entities are in the majority a Satanic force, so this ideology of blood sacrifice is aligned to their warring and killing predator mentality.

Thus, this is the time of the Deconstruction of the Cross, as remembering the history of how humanity was crucified on the Cross in the past, is exactly how we can take ourselves off of it.

Since the Dark Age began 11,500 years ago, humanity has been crucified on a prison planet and held hostage by Archontic Controllers who control the planet and human life force. The means of human enslavement was to be trapped in a hologram of consciousness crucifixion through the use of religious mind control while being nailed to a cross as a blood sacrifice. All human beings have been incarnated with crucifixion implants which impale their left side and prevent the spiritual consciousness from expanding biologically. As we awaken and remember, we are capable to remove these implants and their impacts from our Consciousness.

The inner Christ potential of humanity was crucified through the NAA promotion of spreading belief systems of salvation in the parameter of violent religions that require worship of blood or human sacrifice. The inner violence of one's crucifixion was projected through the belief systems that shaped the violent religions. These violent religions were created by the invading parasites of the NAA, and were used to spread the ideology of blood sacrifice and human sacrifice as acts of spiritual devotion and piety. The people who died violently at the hand of another were called Martyrs or Saints, and this archetype was given as role models for humans to die violent deaths in the name or purposes of God. The purpose of martyrdom is binding and servitude to the astral realms of NAA control. This area of the astral plane is called the False Ascension Matrix or FAM.

The Cross and its NAA religious theology were borne upon a spiritually crucified humanity that had forgotten their past, forgotten how to access their spiritual consciousness and forgot their true star origins. Through wiping clean humanities DNA memories with this intentional amnesia of mind control agenda, violent world religions with deceptive doublespeak were promoted to spread aggressively on the earth. These would be the core belief systems that would be shaped culturally into the collective world-scape forming the foundation of the anti-human value systems that influence cultures, society and governments today. Through the NAA's made up time tables of written history, destroying most Atlantian artifacts and the crucifying of humankind through Jesus tortuous death, violent world religions could be promoted and spread. These violent religions make continual justifications for the necessity of human and blood sacrifice as Gods will for the sins of humankind.[1]

Persecution Complex of Humanity

We have been told to accept written books of record from the False King of Tyranny that control its interpretation to the masses, as the word of a loving God. We were told to believe that same loving God would kill his only son for ransom towards Satan, in a torturous blood sacrifice. Further, that we would have to symbolically eat his flesh and blood in ritual ceremony, in order to be saved by him from our sins.

If our marketed and sold version of God performs human and blood sacrifice, cannibalism of Christ, Misogyny, and yet humans are supposed to have a spiritual goal to be as virtuous as Jesus Christ, this is one clever way to promote spiritual terrorism. This is the persecution of the true spiritual nature and the intentional consciousness crucifixion of any human being that is aligned with real Christ Virtues. This is the strategic and deliberate spiritual oppression of humans that want to live in accordance to Christos attributes.

To worship the tortured body of Christ as a bloodied sacrifice on a Cross made by Gods will, promotes fear, terror and the continual rhetoric of violence throughout the subconscious and conscious minds of all people on the earth. This violent agenda and belief in blood sacrifice and "holy wars" spreads into other World Religions and Cultural belief systems like Islam. The result of promoting human violence as an acceptable means of "survival of the fittest" for any human culture is designed for the same anti-human agenda for spiritual oppression and enslavement. Spiritual oppression is to spread and promote separation, fear and violence throughout the cultural landscape of all human beings, thus descending our planet into a barbaric race with low morality, no reverence or ethics for life, nor accountable to the future direction and evolution of the species.

Evolving Beyond Blood Sacrifice

Thus, we enter the phase of which the laws governing the energy architecture on our earth undergo evolutionary change to evolve beyond the continual feeding of Consumptive Modeling, Blood Sacrifice and energy vampirism. If we do not awaken to remember that we were ALL crucified on this planet to spiritually oppress our race, we cannot escape the Mind Control of the Cross salvation model of human blood sacrifice to the Alien False Gods. The human genocide and blood sacrifice model was installed in the planetary architecture as software and therefore embedded in collective consciousness through Holographic Inserts. The Cross Emanations are machinery, Alien Implants with technological mind control which are designed to promote violent religions and all cultural belief systems that promote war, Martyrdom and killing. This influence extends beyond the death of the physical body and impacts the soul body, many times forcing the being to submit to bindings of servitude or repeated reincarnation.

This machinery has influenced the collective consciousness of the planet, way beyond any type of belief system of Religion, whether Orthodox, Reformed, Atheism, or Agnostic. It crosses all barriers of genetics, race or culture, and penetrates into the subconscious mind control that is beamed out through biological warfare technology which shapes our belief systems on the planet to submit to warring consciousness within Patriarchal Domination.[2]


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