Dan Tien Trinity Activation

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February 2012 Meditation

Dan Tien Trinity Activation

This meditation activates and links the three dan tien points in the light body on the hara line, opening the silver sanctum which encompasses a capsule around the mental bodies connecting them to higher bodies through 12 D current. Clearing density and dimensional locks and blockages, connecting to strengthen the umbilicus ( radial cord) while aligning all mental emotional and physical bodies at all stations of identity in time. Included activation of the Three-Fold Founder Flame and the Silver Sanctum. Protection and stabilization of the 3D mental body, the masculine energetic rod function by stabilizing the horizontal platforms at each level of the dan tien. Upgrades to support this integration of higher mental body functions is given.

TAGS: Dan tien points, radial cord, silver sanctum, Founder Flame, higher mental body

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