Silver Sanctum

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The Silver Sanctum is a 12D Ray current energy capsule that exists inside and within your inner body sanctum where the dan tien centers exist on the hara line or inner Vertical Channel. The Silver Sanctum encompasses a capsule around the mental bodies connecting them to higher spiritual bodies through 12 D current.

Once we are aware of these main three energy centers and the creation of the inner Silver Sanctum, we can redirect our bodies from the inner energetic awareness to be congruently and structurally aligned to flow in direct center line of our Lightbody’s multidimensional structure.

Three Dan Tien Centers

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Dantians are three powerful energy centers where energy is gathered, stored, and transformed into life energy in the body. Each Dantian has a different energy which serves a different purpose even though they are connected as a single concept. These centers have been referenced in ES clearing meditations.

  • The Lower Dan Tian
  • Location: Two fingers below the navel and 3 fingers breath inside. See Hara Center.

• Considered the wellspring of human energy and the residence of Original Qi, which has been converted from Original Essence (passed down through our ancestors). • In Daoist meditation and Chinese martial arts training much attention is devoted to connecting with this lower dan tian. This is because it is the thing that allows us to be physically / mentally ‘rooted’ or ‘centered’. Rootedness is the basis for all martial arts, meditation and Qigong practice.

• This energy centers specializes in maintaining the health of the internal organs.

  • The center of post-birth breathing where energy from the Jing (essence) of air and food is gathered and converted into Qi. The heart and lungs convert air Jin into Qi and the stomach and digestive system is where food Jing is converted. This process is similar to burning wood to create heat. Unlike Original Qi (inherited Qi), the Qi created through the conversion of air and food Jing is unpredictable and not always beneficial. When someone lacks sleep or is eating too much ‘yang / positive food’ (i.e. peanuts) their body is said to be ‘on fire’ and their body has an excess of Fire Qi.

• The Qi created here remains in the middle Dan Tian until it is utilized throughout the body by means of the Conception and Governing vessels. The Conception vessels runs all the way up the front and the Governing vessels runs all the way down the back.

  • The Upper Dan Tian
  • Location: In the forehead. This is the limbic system in the center of the head, including the pineal gland or Third Eye. See 6th Chakra.

• The brain requires a lot of Qi to function properly. Qi is delivered to the brain through the Thrusting Vessel which runs directly up the spinal cord. • When there is an abundance of Qi in the Upper Dan Tian the spirit is energized, if not you will become unfocused, depressed and mentally unstable. [1]

Spine of Albion

The Aquaferion Blue Feathers shield is to help clear out the Yahweh Matrix and Metatronic infection of reversal light coding in the Earth human 12 Tribes DNA coding and Tribal Shield. This appears to be rehabilitating the architecture in the planetary Albion body, in which the structure for the Spine of Albion has intersected with the Blue Feather host shield, into the Silver Sanctum in the Lyran platforms and then out of the Golden Gateway into the God Worlds. The elemental re-encryption change occurring in the Spine of Albion impacts the Bone Matrix in the Human 12 Tribes, which appears to release the 1D Death Seal and help to free the blood, bones and tissue from intergenerational blood covenants and inherited miasmatic patterns that were manifested from the alien genetic bonds and their modifications.[2]


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