Disassociation and Narcissism

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Disassociation and Narcissism is an Archontic Deception Behavior. When we are disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse, this creates split personalities that develop Ego Defense Mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and psychopaths, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection. This weakness allows for easy satanic binding and manipulation. There is no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency.


There is a difference between disassociation and Dissociation. As an example, if a person disassociates themselves from something or someone, that person would say or show that they are not connected with them, usually in order to avoid trouble or blame. If you disassociate one group or thing from another, you separate them.

Archontic Deception Behaviors

To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how Satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, let’s review both sides of spiritually healthy behaviors (GSF) and spiritually abusive behaviors (AD). Spiritually healthy behaviors naturally connect one with God Source and Christ and are God-Sovereign-Free or GSF Behavior. Spiritually abusive behaviors disconnect you from God and Christ and are promoted in the Archontic Deception or AD Behaviors.

Antidote to Heal

The antidote to heal states of Disassociation and Narcissism is practicing Empathy and Compassion.

(GSF) Empathy and Compassion: We feel connection to life and have compassion for others that feel pain because we can empathize and relate to sensory feelings and emotions. We care about what happens to Life, whether its earth, human beings, animals, nature, plants or trees. We realize that we are a part of something larger and have kindness for ourselves and others, as this end cycle is very challenging for many. With this compassionate understanding we do not allow intentional harm or self-Martyrdom in our sphere of influence.


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