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This time greatly impacts the macrocosm to microcosm reflection of our relationship to our true God Parents, and distinguishing the difference between the False Parent and the Holy Parent. This will pressure us to transform our relationship foundation to redefine its core, especially in marriages, unions and living together. For this reason, those in marriages or unions may have a harrowing time finding reconciliation and Compassionate ways to resolve any relationship issues as it must evolve to a higher spiritual purpose or complete its cycle.

Every relationship we have is designed for spiritual development, and especially now at the time of ascension humanity is extremely impacted by the changes that have occurred to the male-female dynamic as it connects to our personal growth.

Most people are unaware that many relationships on planet today are directly attracted by the spirit self in order to resolve past ancestral-family patterns, clear blockages, and integrate forces of polarity. All relationships are directly designed for personal growth and consciousness expansion. Without an evolutionary context towards relationships, one is left confused and potentially manipulated by unresolved personal pain. When we can recognize the fear program driving the core foundation in our relationships, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. To address the fear is to make sure we keep our heart open for unconditional loving kindness, acting in service to the other, yet maintaining our boundaries for self-love and self-respect. Our goal is to move beyond old painful patterns that have defined our relationships, in the past or present.

First, this is an important time to identify and address the core reasons and beliefs that attracted your current relationship partner or previous relationships. We want to clear the core foundation of relationship attachments or beliefs that have been based on lower root chakra needs; survival, sex, money, glamour, mommy or daddy issues (False Parent), fantasy delusions or material convenience.

Once we can see where we have projected our issues on our relationships, our partner or lack thereof, then we must accept responsibility and seek to change our behavior in the relationship connections immediately.

Resolving Fears of Intimacy

To evolve relationships and achieve spiritually healthy, loving and deeply intimate connection, one must be willing to look honestly at one's personal capacity to be unconditionally loving, forgiving and to genuinely be of service to your partner, even if its inconvenient. One can address the defining foundation of relationships and note where fear, denial or pain has shut your heart down. Then make changes consciously to not let fear or pain close your heart down when communicating or facing issues. What prevents relationships from evolving is lack of transparency and generally communication blocks formed from deep fears of intimacy or vulnerability. Deep fears of intimacy are what completely shut down the emotional capability to experience deeper forms of loving intimacy and connection in every kind of relationship. Until we heal fears of intimacy /vulnerability, and we are willing to learn how to communicate loving kindness intimately with our partner, while acting transparently, we will not experience deep intimate bonds. We must rid ourselves of all judgment, facade and manipulation in the scope of relationships and intimate relating.

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state when you recognize inner pain, or inner violence directed towards relationships, yourself or partner. Inquire on the nature and source of the pain, fear or anger. It is this unresolved pain and fear that block hearts from deeply connecting. Even if we realize our relationship is complete, we can evolve the relationship to a higher expression of mutual love and acceptance. This attracts the easiest transition to elevate our selves to the correct frequency match. Continue to develop skillsets to clear relationship based pain and fear, and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits that support intimate sharing with your partner.

The possibility of consciously evolving our relationships into bonds of loving-kindness starts with us, and our own personal level of emotional availability and our capacity to be intimate and access deep feelings. We must learn accurate assessment, trustworthiness, and not project fantasies and delusions on prospective or current relationships, which generally end in sexual misery and have disastrous consequences for our children and families. Making some inquiry into our relationship patterns at this time may be helpful to gain deeper clarity.

  • Is there any pain or resentment that you hold in relationship? Are you willing to accept responsibility for your feelings and forgive the pain, past and present?
  • What kind of relationship/s do you want? What has defined your intimate relationships? Can you accept responsibility for the state of your relationship/s now?
  • What brings you closer to your intimate partner, what pushes you away?
  • Are you aware of your intimate partner's likes or dislikes? What builds intimate connection in your relationship with them?
  • Do you feel loved by your partner and is your partner feeling loved by you? How can you improve loving feelings?
  • What time and energy are you willing to put into developing loving kindness and intimacy in this relationship?
  • How might you make them aware of your interest in building greater loving connection on a number of levels?
  • Has this relationship served its full purpose and is it complete now? Are you willing to know this? Can you release it fully without blaming anyone?
  • Can you focus on bringing lower sexual drives up into your heart and crown to connect heart to heart, expressing loving kindness during intimacy?

Krystic Guidelines

In having greater clarity about what has defined relationships that have previously not been based on loving kindness, service and spiritual development, we can clarify new ways to affirm our dedication to our spiritual principles. When we dedicate the practice of the Law of One to our relationships or to ourselves, we shift current relationships or attract the aligned spiritual mate for us at this time. Some guidelines for the Service to Others and Mastering Love in our relationships:

  • The inspiration to serve, love and give to your partner's spiritual development/ personal mission, health, happiness and wellbeing is a natural expression that emanates from selfless giving and sustained nourishment.
  • Emotional issues or energetic conflicts are calmly and accurately represented devoid of emotional drama, blame or exaggeration. Both parties are willing to communicate and willing to forgive and let it go.
  • Peace, harmony, friendship and nourishment in a comfortable setting, is the energetic quality and deeply intimate feeling of these relationships. Any type of verbal, mental, emotional, or physical abuse is nonexistent. Partners speak to others about their spouse in kind loving ways.
  • Interactions and communications between partners is maintained with mutual respect, honor and transparency. There is nothing that is intentionally hidden, deceived, contrived or manipulated. If it is subconscious, it will surface and both parties will gently recognize "it", then establish the guidelines to bring that subconscious material into conscious awareness and emotional reconciliation. Ambiguity and confusion is identified as a weakness and is directly dissolved with the mutual desire to communicate and develop consistent energetic clarity.
  • Expectations are not present. Expectation is replaced with Appreciation. There is natural energetic flow of balance in which both parties assume active-passive exchanges, which are ever evolving and changing to suit the environmental needs. There is no such thing as harping on your partner, because each one shares the responsibility to keep the mutual space comfortable and peaceful. Both partners feel acknowledged and appreciated for their part.
  • Mystery, seduction, charisma and deceiving behaviors do not have a place in the transparency of a Krystic relationship. Intimate bonding is stemming from unconditional love based on a mutually clear, open, honest assessment of circumstances and of both partners. Fantasy projections, overly romanticized ideals, addictions, hero/damsel in distress, savior/martyr (mostly fictionalized from Victim archetypes), and sexual vampires have no place in this relationship.

These are new relationship templates being created on this planet, and they take an advanced skillset in clearing Negative Ego and Pain Body before this can be effortlessly experienced and achieved. It is important to realize this kind of clarity and bond in a loving relationship can be experienced, and honor the relationships that we have had in our lifetime. Every relationship is an opportunity to gain self-energetic mastery and self-knowledge and is an important stepping-stone to spiritual consciousness development that leads to inner Energetic Balance and then outer sacred union (Hieros Gamos).

Embrace these changes if they occur, as they are divine interventions to protect your heart and soul to unite with your true spiritual purpose. This action is sourced in spiritual freedom and love.[1]


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