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The core practices that are learned in the Energetic Synthesis community are to protect the human aura from high risk behaviors, some of which are being promoted in many New Age materials that encourage Channeling and astral projection without any type of learned Psychic Self Defense.

Expanding Consciousness is all about training the mind.

The many free foundation materials such as the 12D Shield, the Psychic Self Defense Series and the Ascension materials are designed to reeducate humans to access the higher truth of the current agendas on planet earth. Through being informed one is empowered to consciously participate with personal spiritual growth, Expanding Consciousness and cultivating energetic discernment through increased Higher Sensory Perception. The controllers do not want this knowledge to spread therefore they spread all methods to discredit and dismiss the information.

The ES Core Triad[1] practice is free on the Energetic Synthesis website.

Where Can I Start?

We realize that there is so much variety in the individual Ascension Stages and our material compiled here may be overwhelming to navigate. Please take in only what feels right for you and discard the rest. We have some quick suggestions on how to begin right now. Take a 30 day challenge with the 12D Shield and refocusing your Ego Mind and see the results you get with daily use!

The following is important information and steps to introduce you to the ES material and provide tools to utilize right away! Please browse and try out all the material as you feel guided, however, please note: the Ascension material is densely packed with information and often overwhelming for people newly acquainting with these terms. Take it in at your own pace, however, remain consistent and dedicated with your practice and you will experience many improvements, such as in mental and emotional freedom.

  • Activate your 12D Shield as a Daily Practice Meditation
  • Resolve Emotional Conflicts in the Pain Body.

All of these steps are a part of committing to the ES Core Triad practices every day.

Discipline Your Mind

Consistent Meditation practice is helpful in training an undisciplined and cluttered mind to develop higher Consciousness and finding inner peace. Meditation can be applied in many different techniques, and is helpful for facilitating forgiveness and letting go of negativity in many forms. In the early stages of developing meditation skill, sit and relax and learn to observe thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once you notice the “thought” pattern, let it go and bring your focus back to the now moment.[2]

Krystal Aegis

The Krystal Aegis practice's purpose is to become in alignment with our true inner spiritual nature. As with any complex and precision instrument, our beings require calibration. As of January 2013 our planet has shifted not only in vibration but in the core energetic structure, which is also referred to as “planetary hosting”. The Krystal host is now making changes within the core frequency structures as well as the instruction set on our planet, which has great impacts upon our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. These core tones are KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.[3]

ES Essentials

For ES members Only. Here you will find a summation of the ES essentials of which we feel are required to re-educate ourselves on the Ascension pathway leading us back to self sovereignty. To be sovereign over our personal energies we must learn how to take back our personal power and reclaim our spiritual energies. If we do not reclaim our energies, reclaim our mind and emotions, something else will. This re-education process is called energetic self mastery or self leadership. Here one will learn to lead one's life for one's true spiritual purpose and as a result, achieve greater peace, happiness and fulfillment as one learns to connect with your true Original Spirit. Connecting with your Original Spirit is the same as connecting and activating your authentic spiritual blueprint and divine mission in life. One is then capable to live their life with connection, protection, purpose and meaning, which pervades every cell of your existence. This is the process of learning to awaken and walk in this world as a God-Sovereign-Free human being, infused with the Inner Christos light. [4]

ES Ascension Foundations Section

For ES members Only. The ES Ascension Foundations area of our member pages offers all the material we consider essential for newcomers or anyone wanting to strengthen personal spiritual body integration with the Guardian supported body of work here in the ES community container. The Guardian body of work is to attune, rehabilitate our consciousness and bodies to remember that we are GSF, or God-Sovereign-Free! This is the primer to understand the ES Core Triad Practice which is the spiritual foundation of building frequency attunement to achieve and feel inner connection and peace. This also prepares one for frequency calibration with the new living technology of the Hieros Gamos System or HGS. The ES Ascension Foundation Section is organized in a way that we hope is easy to follow, with many links to various resources and suggestions for further exploration. [5]

ES Handbook

For ES members Only. First you may want to download or print out your ES Introductory Handbook which will highlight Ascension basics and give you some handy tools in developing your daily Ascension practice. If you haven't already done so, please introduce yourself in the forum and let us know if you need assistance. You can download the ES Handbook form the Platinum Archives.

Preparing for HGS Session -Stage One

HGS Calibration Stage One

To prepare the Foundation for HGS Calibration and HGS Session we use the ES Core Triad Practice.

  • Authentically Declare Intention of Service to God
  • Activate and Amplify 12D Shield
  • Unity Vow Decree ( to establish handshake with Unity Field)
  • Boundary Test with GSF field ( I Am God, I Am Sovereign, I Am Free)

Please see - HGS Manual Page 25


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