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Themes: Consumptive Modeling, Egyptian Black Magic on Currency all the way back to Egypt timelines, 9/11 related to controlling money, the right and left hand, new platform of abundance through Mother Arc and left hand flow, through embodiment of divine Mother energy.

Opening: Again as we open our field we are going to set our intention here and now through that which is fully supported and connected into the God source and certainly feeling tremendous emphasis of divine Mother energy. That is most certainly what you hold as a being, so I feel that extra booming layer and emphasis of the Divine feminine and female that is really giving that sense of holding the container. Again bringing actually much comfort is what I feel which is really nice.

Again as we open our alchemical container in the presence of God and that, which is supported fully in the highest capacity of exchange, we dedicate and consecrate to the purposes of One the purposes of God. And as we call upon those our Guardian families our God-Self. and again in the divine honoring of the presence of the Mother herself, thank you so much. As we request the handshake fortifying spiritual links communication links into the universal cosmic trinity the core of one. With deep reverence beloved God beloved Mother please breathe your living light code into our created form. As we set our intention now to be remembered to that which we truly are thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I'm feeling an interesting change. Okay this is your personal archetype. Okay so a guide is coming in and saying that you have been going through your own spiritual evolution and development and part of this clearly is really your embodiment of the divine feminine the Mother principal. And as we know that principle has been expanding in terms of the Mother Arc frequencies and what we're learning in terms of that Mother Arc having the ability to reset, even down to the particle physics of the proton and electron balance. That really we're changing the fields with the Mother Arc, so I'm really feeling that extended divine feminine cosmic Mother Arc energy presence. And what I'm seeing which is really interesting this time around is that there have been these imprints that have been placed in our planet around patriarchal domination and the control systems of money supply.

This is very interesting what I'm seeing is they want to work on changing certain structures, which have controlled or repelled financial supply and money supply. They're reminding me of some lifetime of yours. In your architecture there is a particular level in your field that has to do with finance and commerce and this is stemming from I think a past life. Where there are a merchants selling and there are goods and importing and this is something that has been very important or very prevalent. Meaning it had some kind emphasis on your personal consciousness field and a direct relevance to your experience here on the earth plane.

Money Manipulation through Egypt Timelines

What they are showing me is that the new unity architecture and that which is supporting the feminine frequency, that there is some re-imprinting on the embodiment of codes that synthesize the co-resonant patterning of female principled energy with money. This is really interesting because I've never come across that before in my travels. They're saying that with you because there is this predominant history that you have experienced and that it's coming up repeatedly in certain synthesized archetypal patterns, now that you have gone through a certain threshold of your own spiritual advancement and development that there has been a change in the ratio of masculine and feminine energies. As they are held and stationed in your physical person and with the addition of the feminine energy they want to re-encrypt or encode this, so that it is connecting to economic financial cycles of return.

When we understand that the money supply and the economic supply on our planet has been manipulated, and I never thought of it this way, but aligned to the patriarchy. Meaning if you were projecting your consciousness from a level of masculine polarization you were able to work with money. Like I'm seeing the old energy paradigm and archetype of finances, abundant exchange, meaning the flow of finances and resources to you and the independence of that. Was based upon the enslavement and the debt structure that was held together by the patriarchal domination. And apparently because this lifetime experience that you have had where this was especially prevalent, what I'm feeling is multiple imprints and a strong energy signature of you in a male body. Meaning a part of your male identity and their career and their business and their financial resources and how the encodement to that structure was controlled. This is all the way through the layers to Egypt, all the way through understanding the secret societies that control the money supply.

So I am literally seeing that Isis relationship to Egypt coming in to what had been corrupted through Thothian imprints that were used as systems to control money supply. This was in various ages meaning I'm seeing this at the turn-of-the-century and into now. Meaning that there are timelines that are impacting what's happening now on the planet and how the money supply is circulated. And then it goes all the way back to 1,500s and into timelines as far back Egypt. Seeing these intersections they are having to do with the control of the money supply. And these controls were like grid systems or technology systems, very much like black magic systems that were utilized to create the illusions of wealth and power and status and who actually received that power wealth and status.

Embodying Mother to clear Black Magic Imprints

I'm seeing that there has been manipulation and the point I'm trying to get to that's hard for me to encapsulate in words, is that somehow because of your development spiritually you have come into this next level of embodying divine Mother frequency. This female energy is a part of shifting through the unity source architecture that which is allowing a new template or opening to creating wealth, creating money and the imprints around those structures that had been previously controlled in some manner. Seeing that your consciousness your human being has had these life experiences or soul experiences through quite a few lifetimes. Again this predominant one showing up seems to be something like Europe ship magnet merchant, I see you at the shipping docs. You're definitely male and you're either importing or your shipping something somewhere and wealthy. Doing some negotiations and bartering whatever goes on in the merchant lifetime of this. I'm seeing that through these experiences that are recorded in your consciousness as they start to come into integration with who you are in the here and now, that there is a templating of these imprints that allows clearing and shifting with you personally. Meaning with you personally, with your personal being and also that which impacts larger fields. Like I'm really getting that this is relating to collective consciousness grids, which you are assisting. It literally feels like a reformatting is going on. This has to do with these imprints these black magic imprints.

I'm seeing it all the way back to literally Egypt and how these systems of control have been used through so many different levels of the esoteric information that were held in like the archetypes of tarot, etc. I'm seeing like these symbol codes I'm seeing Tarot cards and seeing other symbols. I guess in their various levels they are like morphogenetic field codes that make up programs or software if you will, in the planetary architecture. As well as information like Runes and stones and things that many of the indigenous peoples would create or transcribe various levels of their knowledge and wisdom of the earth plane, and earth technologies. Meaning what we consider as magic and that sort of thing and translating that into some kind a level of physical matter.

So there is literally some kind of alchemical shift happening in your own personal being. This has to do with I would say the release, we are witnessing this and at the same time we are releasing the past. We are transferring to the new foundation and platform, which applies to the upgrade of this archetype that is been held in your spirit soul body. Which has to do with this patriarchal domination relationship to money supply. I know things have come up in the past about Anti-Christ sentiment, but I'm seeing that this was another level of patriarchal distortion that was placed on currency, commodity, barter, trade. I'm looking at structures that actually influence those particular activities at various levels spanning through your lifetimes and how they connect to current themes that are happening on the planet today.

I'm seen this multi-intersection of timelines relating to this theme. The theme being that there is a commodity a currency some kind of resource that is seemingly tangible, not just paper but also like land and spices. I'm looking at these objects and seeing that they are being, in your body from your past timeline, terminated and released of these entanglements that created these sorts of drains on you and others, and in the relationships of how these exchanges happened. It's like understanding that this distortion in the money supply, on our planet which impacts so many of us and is also connected to that consumptive modeling patriarchal distortion. If you are a consumer and when you create value exchange you pay for services at a certain level of value. What I'm seeing what I'm looking at is this structure, this architecture this enslavement thing is a system that is in multiple parallels multiple timelines. Clearly many of us have experienced it. I'm seeing how you have experienced it in multiple identities. And in this identity it's like here you are in the completion of coming into the balance with the feminine embodiment. And we are at some point in your development and your actualization where these, prior-imprints that have been with you for God a long time. They are being alchemically synthesized into higher patterning that is controlled by the feminine aspect and that is like literally shifting the hand from right to left. It's really interesting.

It's like saying we have been influenced down here on this plane in the physical in our relationship to finances money and resources, in ways that we don't of course entirely comprehend. This is definitely a new slant on that, in looking at how the debt enslavement to keep people in poverty consciousness was used through distortions that were coming through the right side of the body, the patriarchal system. It's like literally understanding that what actually is natural law, which is to receive value exchange in abundant supply that stems from God, comes from the left and not from the right. This is really fascinating.

Left Female and Right Male Integration

So I'm seeing as an example they might be trying to show me a metaphor for that, because I'm literally seeing like the difference between the right side of your body and left side of your body. And how this build up of these experiences from past identities had created these struggles internally and an externally, with this abundance and money supply. In actuality what I'm seeing is that this was so much larger than the personal microcosm of your life, but had a much broader influence stemming from mass consciousness. Meaning what is happening on the grid here what is happening in planetary consciousness and the distortion is literally, in order to create a supply of money you would do it in reversal.

It means the natural Laws of God are that you receive and open and allow abundance, to literally come to you through the exchange that you create with your time and energy, or your love. And that the natural Laws of God are the allowing and the receptivity of that process that comes from feminine principle on the left side of your body. I am seeing it not from the brain level but from the hand. It's really interesting I'm seeing the magnetism of resources coming into the hands, and I'm seeing that it's shifting hands. It's like in your body if you had your right hand extended with your palm out this has been a distortion of our system.

What they are basically saying is that the reversals of the grids that were controlling economic and financial supply were actually the opposite of what the natural Law of God would be in terms of creating mutual value exchange. So if you are in the system in the 3D energy system in the patriarchal domination system, to create lots of money from the right hand, you had to create one-sided relationship. Meaning you are extracting this from someone else, you're doing it from a consumptive modeling where you are extracting it. And I'm seeing with the left hand, it's not an extraction it's a receiving. Meaning it is the allowing and it creates the circuit of mutual exchange, meaning what you give is what you receive. So what we're understanding is that a part of this has something to do with the larger frequency fences that they have certainly talked to us about for a while now, where we were reaching a glass ceiling. And when some of us, especially those of us that have dedicated ourselves to our spiritual path, would come up against this glass ceiling we would hit back a karmic exhaust and that exhaust would return not an equal exchange back. So it was like if you were thinking you were creating an exchange based on equal value, you would get some exhaust back. Because the finances of money in the actual architecture of the third dimensional patriarchal dominated system do not exchange this way.

I'm seeing through you a larger understanding, because this particular orientation for your consciousness has been important in terms of healing and finalizing and completing your own experiences with it through multiple timelines. But also by doing that you actually support and clear planetary consciousness, a portion of that at the same time. That's really what I'm getting. We have reached a time on the planet where there are levels of architecture that are being replaced. Meaning these frequency fences that were controlling money supply, something is changing with that. I'm seeing this at the larger macro-level for the first time, I've never seen this until now. And I'm seeing it through you. It is happening in your body it is happening in your matrix, literally in your architecture. Your body and the way that relationship and the imprints around it are changing.

I'm seeing this simultaneous change on the planet, but it's very interesting to see them both happening in the same moment. So within your being again in the clearing of old energy third dimensional energy architecture, we want to clear the code of those imprints upon the birth body within any layer and level of the soul matrix bodies, within the flesh of the third dimensional body to be healed cleared and released in totality, of these memories remnants and remains. We ask that this be cleared through the nervous system cleared through the brain cleared through the synapsis dendrites and axons, and that the nervous system be fully recalibrated and reset into its new appropriate setting.

911 Event to Control World Economies

And for some reason today is important around this. Again in this moment of time to allow.. oh my God. That's why. Okay I'm being reminded that today there are conjunctions that are similar to the alignments of the 9/11 twin tower event. And what I'm seeing is that we know that the twin towers were the financial capital of the United States and I suppose economically controlled or related to various economies world economies. Certainly the World Trade Center had every possible international permutation of foreign exchange there. Wow, okay so today this is why it's happening today. It's happening in the grid work and it's something that clearly we need to sort of witness and participate and acknowledge your piece with this. I've never seen this piece, it is definitely a really amazing beautiful piece, in understanding that the 9/11 agenda also was capitalizing on propagating these false energy architectures, which would feed consumptive modeling supply into the debt enslavement that would be accelerated and propagated through the timelines as polarity amplified.

So we understand that as frequency is heightened the actual experience in physical density down here appears much more amplified. The polarities and everything get extremely accelerated and very surreal. So they're showing me again that every cycle we go through and especially this last cycle through July coming into a new foundational new energy architecture. And apparently today has cross references and alignments which are very much like a timeline intersect. I don't know exactly how that's happening but I know that a part of that had been put in the community astrologically. And right before I opened that next level of information, the guide basically showed me that. So apparently today there has been a conjunction, which aligns timelines, so it means we can intersect certain timelines at certain levels. It's almost like we can intervene and intersect, making a change when some event or timeline has occurred.

Apparently for some reason today is that alignment which creates a conjunction and overlay on this 9/11 program. And today what we are witnessing is that as a part of the process of you, your own physical identity moving into spiritual actualization and realization within your own being and releasing and healing these issues once and for all. Really coming into completion with some of what has been an accumulated confusion or strife around these issues. Seeing how that strife for those anxieties actually create an intensity that builds up energies, which are necessary to catalyze. Literally the force of power that it takes to alkalize and shift these density patterns and how this is happening in your body right now, which is like a massive release that has been held in place not only from these multiple identities of being that you have experienced. But also how that has been inadvertently manipulated and influenced by the 9/11 controller grids based upon these interference mechanisms to create reversals and distortions around the money supply.

Wow, and how 9/11 was a part of feeding into this money supply control matrix. I had no idea about this wow this is entirely new. What we are being shown today is, again I understood the 9/11 One World Order agenda at multiple levels. I just didn't quite see it at this lens of perception they're giving us at this time. And that is that when the people died and the trauma of the event happened this was used as, I want to say a plug if you will. It's like an energetic fence or plug. It's like a plug, I don't know why it's a plug but that's what I'm looking at. I'm seeing that any time you have massive amounts of people, souls and beings suffering in some kind of tragedy like this, these forces that have been controlling the mass consciousness field architecture they somehow find ways to collect those imprints on that trauma and harness them for certain purposes. And that's what I'm seeing. Even though I'm sure many people that do spiritual work and do soul retrievals have been doing healings of the 9/11 event for the last 10 years or so.

But actually what I'm seeing is something different we are dealing with architecture. That a part of this 9/11 plan was also about the controlling of money supply and that the control of money supply is also the false economies that are created by the banking system, by what we supposedly think is running the stock market and who is controlling the money supply. I'm seeing that this was an amplification, that the death of these people and the trauma that ensued in a financial capital, of the World Trade Center that represents so many different countries and currencies all in one shot there. Because their showing me that and I never thought of it this way, that the World Trade Center always had every currency there. Meaning every currency on the planet before the One World Order makes it global into one currency was there. I'm seeing a manipulation of that currency supply, amazing. Wow.

Thothian Black Magic in World Trade Center

And again in honoring your loving being for this piece, who knew this is what we would be dealing with today. Clearing this energetic plug it's like is an insignia and a signature. What this is it's being unplugged from this matrix. It's like an architecture that has been controlling money supply and the souls that were sacrificed for that money supply and all of that, which energetically represents this container of the World Trade Center, and how this was tied into these secret societies Thothian black magic imprints all the way back to Egypt. And how this has been impacting us on this planet in multiple timelines, oh my God it's bizarre. It's like I'm seeing the event intersect, like say 9/11 that date was chosen absolutely because there was an intersection point that literally connected multiple timelines of histories that could be sort of interfered with at once. It's strange thing but that is how I'm seeing it.

It's almost like it spread a virus from a core and that virus went viral out and it infected all these other timelines. And the intended result was the ability to start to collapse countries, and again come into creating unified currencies or control currencies or different modes of currencies. Because I'm seeing they come in with a currency that they're going to replace in a country. And let's say that countries currency is currently with the American dollar at a one-to-one ratio. They basically come into the country and say tough cookies, here's this currency you're going to use and that currency is basically ten-to-one, or five-to-one. Meaning that it basically economically collapses that country.

It's a type of economic terrorism, it's a way of controlling money supply based upon I guess the Federal Reserve, or coming into some kind of new currency supply. Because what I'm seeing is the energy of this what it was being used for in the One World Order agenda was the creation of a systematic plan of currencies. That each country would be overtaken, very similar to how in Europe you have the Euro now. And how the Euro has its value to the dollar and to other currencies. I'm seeing how they manipulate the currency values and then they create new currencies based on nothing. Meaning it is just meaningless paper they assign value to. And this is all just the ploy and the game to slowly advance the consolidation of finance into one centralized system that is actually then controlled. Either micro-chiped or supplied at that level. Wow.

What I'm understanding at this time and I hope this makes sense to you, because boy it's kind of hard to explain. And I also know that you are not in the United States so I find it really interesting, even though I am seeing the 9/11 event was a world scape event, it certainly was something that impacted the world. And this next tidbit of understanding the World Trade Center had every denomination of currency there, and what went on with it. Wow, I mean it is so far out. So what we're attempting to understand here is that there has been a greater objective in healing and completion, to your relationship with money and currency based upon several timelines within your being and based upon your healing package to the planet. It's amazing it's absolutely amazing.

So I'm going to ask here and now to actually apply that divine healing package in all levels that is fully exchanged with God's Laws with Mother principle and that which returns God-given abundance exchange, in the eternal perpetual supply of God to be received allowed and again through the natural God supply. We ask that as we assist in the healing the reclamation and the synthesis of the bodies through the personal being, as well as satisfying and completing all aspects of code re-encryption and synthesis overriding consciousness grids, and that which is in support of freeing our planet from debt enslavement and from the distortions of the 9/11 agenda, through that which has been witnessed and given to us here today.

Clearing for Universal Wealth

Beloveds please clear and remove any imprints, portals, implants, plugs, matrices, negative matrices, contracts and all associated energies that are connected to the healing and clearing and removal of these systems, architectures, seals, emblems, symbols, signatures. Again those signatures those symbols I'm seeing them on all these different levels of Tarot and Runes it's really interesting. I'm looking again at the symbolism and emblems. What happens is they take currency and then they put signs or seals or emblems or crests or symbols or signatures or something that actually means something at an esoteric level. They are pointing to a tarot card and they're showing me symbols on the tarot card. And then when you look at not just United States currency but other currencies, how these currencies have been embedded with these signs and seals and emblems and things that are actually designed at certain levels to be controlled, or moved based upon the architecture of this. This is just unreal, again this is a total first and is really amazing to witness.

What I am understanding is that we are being given an opportunity to participate with this. We're being given the opportunity to witness this from the personal level of your own histories and memories clearing from this, but also seeing that part of your being, the universal connection of you that had chosen this piece, the goal of prosperity for everybody, the universal connection of understanding that self and abundance is one and one. Being fully able to connect to that of abundance through the natural Laws of God instead of this system, that were seeing how extensive it is. In holding for our beloved families of light, for our... because I feel like this is in multiple dimensions I don't know how it is, but that's what I'm feeling. It's happening at all these different levels I'm seeing it happen at multiples slices of the timeline.

The universal connection of universal wealth being connected to the new energy foundation and allowing the goal of prosperity and abundance, that mental emotional well-being physical well-being to be flourishing, thriving and successful in life, in connection to God in connection with female. Again as we understand that the female Mother principle is with spirit vertical receiver of God consciousness, allowing that to be the abundant supply of the universal connection. And bringing this through as almost like a benefactor which gifts this accumulation of resource, prosperity and abundance not only for yourself but for all of the ancestors. All of the collective consciousness, which is allowed to be received by all those attuned to their feminine, to the God supply to that which allows them to manifest prosperity and abundance, based on mutual exchange of God's love. In understanding value exchange for time for energy is resources of prosperity and abundance. That these are the natural Laws of God to create personal abundance.

Again we asked to be fully open to receive that abundance for you and I feel like this is for your family as well. Allowing that which has been a part of the family dynamic to be strongly recognized for abundance, prosperity and fully and completely terminating negative experiences or emotions around abundance. Again with grace with ease allowing that, which brings the golden touch of that exchange to be personally abundant. Again this is about Earth prosperity this is about participation in the cosmic plan. This is about living in attunement with Universal Laws. What I am seeing, if I could try to give words to this, is that I think what we are beginning to be able to experience on this planet is the natural Laws of God's abundance. Understanding that that was in many regards much more tampered with interfered with, manipulated and influenced by things on this planet that we did not fully consciously realize.

We are moving into a time with that new unity architecture which is creating support. It's also creating what appears to be prosperity for the earth based upon the natural laws. So it's like saying before looking at this it was nearly impossible. The structure demands that you consume and extract to make money. Meaning that when you are actually attempting to survive and make money that the structure forces you to literally be the antithesis of who you are. This is definitely why it is so difficult for the Christ consciousness and the spiritual beings on this planet, to truly feel and accumulate that abundant prosperity through applying their natural laws. I mean again, not just sitting there being inert. But most of us have understood or thought what I put into the universe will return to me. And I'm really understanding that this was a pretty horrifying architecture because this was definitely about, again they keep showing it to me as a right-sided. Meaning that the electrical male part of us was the way we made money. We had to do it through that principle. And when we did we just kept feeding the system with the very thing that was creating the distortion.

And that the 9/11 agenda was a part of furthering that control through a basis of mechanisms in the control matrix over money that was already here around the money supply. But additionally in future plans to manipulate world currencies to barter and exchange for lower value systems. Meaning again where you would go and control countries by controlling their currency. My goodness.

Again as I hold this space, I'm going to ask all that's needed and necessary to bring divine abundance and healing through that which we have witnessed here today, in support for her and her beloved family. Again with gratitude and appreciation for this amazing piece to be revealed to us here today. We ask to dedicate and consecrate our session work to world prosperity to human prosperity and to that which serves the God feminine Mother principle to be fully in exchange of value and prosperity. What I mean by that is the value exchange for female, that the female principle is valued. Has a value exchange of worth, which doesn't necessarily mean assigning a dollar value but creating the energy circuit that brings abundant value and appreciation into the female principle. Wow, I'm really seeing that that's another part of the architecture. No wonder. I think we have very clear statistics of women making less money than men and looking at this, I just never have seen this slant before. It's really fascinating to see how deep how pervasive how infiltrated this is. Wow.

Again in allowing you this space to reintegrate, I very much feel almost like a date was made for us here today. And we were to release this I want to say this plug, but I think what it is is a connection to that matrix. The control which it represented through multiple timelines because as I see it as a control matrix it's really extensive. It's going all the way back to Egypt, it's ancient and yet it's in your merchant lifetime and it's in this lifetime. It's going in all directions in time, it's unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen a structure like this, I don't know how that happened in 9/11 but that's what it looks like. Somehow they used a spiral to intersect or that time was very specific where this could be achieved. Because it's like an interference architecture came in to amplify the control currencies for the future of this One World Order agenda. And it went into multiple timelines all at once. God it's weird, somehow it went viral it went spiral. And what we are seeing is a release and a clearing from being attached, from being imprinted from being connected to this from its influence on you.

I have no idea what that's going to look like. I do know that this feels sequential and systematic. Meaning what it feels like is blocks, I can feel that as larger building blocks that get moved away as obstacles. As this plug is removed out of you, meaning your personal body I see a domino effect that actually removes multiple plugs in multiple directions. It's literally like unplugging this control mechanism from human bodies from the consciousness grid on this planet. I don't know exactly how that's happening but that's what I'm seeing. And that the more bodies become unplugged the more strong and amplified this system becomes, and it appears it cannot be stopped.

So it appears that we are moving into a time on this planet where we will be able to experience being in balance with ourselves having female energy aligned and able to create abundant prosperity through the principles of God feminine energy. And that this is part and parcel of one of your big completions and contributions to this planet, and to the process of your incarnational growth and consciousness growth here. It's truly amazing, wow.

Closing: Again in deep love and gratitude as again I hold so much love and appreciation for the opportunity to participate and hold the session with you. And to be able to see this or experience this with you, again I am so thankful for your role. Thank you so much. And again as we seal our field I ask the Guardians guides the Mother herself, Isis herself through the feminine presence through multiple timelines coming into this integrated embodiment of divine love and compassion. Beloveds please anchor lock and seal in the hologram. Again as we fully connect to that which is exchanged in God supply, we command our space and that which serves unity and oneness, and our planet and to prosperity and abundance for all beings. May all beings be free in the natural Laws of God and the natural laws of God's abundance. As we seal our field beloveds thank you so much. Please seal our communication. Please seal our container. And so it is, we fully end our session. Thank you so much darling, sending you and your loved ones so much love and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Until next, much love. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-7-2010]

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