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There is a requirement of the intentional witnessing of the untangling and removal of structures that are connected to Egyptian Black Magic. It’s really incredible to understand how much influence what happened in Egypt— it was just huge. It has impacted so many levels… feeling that there is a deep occult extension of the Egyptian Curses that relate to the SRA that we deal with in every part of our life every day. Not only as related to the hidden knowledge that we have uncovered within ES community, but understanding that the archetypes, the architecture, the geometries, the levels of Consciousness of what has happened in Egypt, as taken by Crowley and given to the structures— like, the Federal Reserve is connected to Egyptian Curses!

Money Curses

Every time we touch money, exchange money, we are dealing with Egyptian Curses and anti-human Black Magic. We have been born into a structure that has been enslaved by something ancient that has been hidden from everybody, yet is everywhere, we can’t get away from it, because it’s everywhere in the structures of control. As a witness for all of us, I’m understanding why it’s so hard to complete this, because it IS everywhere. It’s in every organization used to control the society of the world we live in by the Power Elite. We don’t have a lot of alternatives in fully detaching ourselves; being stuck in the system as it is, and recognizing the Egyptian overlays are everywhere. They are in the stock market, the banking system, everything that we have to touch when we pay for things, rent, bills, we’re in an Egyptian Curse, we’re in the timeline of the energies that they have used form that point in time as a power source. The Federal Reserve, these structures of governament have taken— when we see the obelisk, when we see these monuments that are erected as honoring government all of this is a type of occult knowledge that has been taken from the Masons or whatever, but it goes back to Egypt and further into the Essenes, and beyond. But I feel a Big Black Block in the Egyptian time, because it seems that the primary energy force that is harvested from human beings to maintain power in this world, meaning this small 1%, this Illuminati, these governing bodies — they are drawing upon a regular source of power from the Egyptian timelines and work as automatons mind controlled by the Orion Group. By doing that, they are creating more karmic exhaust, more curse, the more people feed into it— because obviously, there’s not a lot of choices on Prison Planet. So it’s something that keeps regulating the governance of this power abuse of the Controllers, that is the enslavement that can be felt in all of these structures. [1]

Orion Group

The Orion Group is a Satanic force that has a predatorial ideology that uses females as slaves or breeders, while seeking territorial dominion on other planets within their warring and killing culture. Their position in the NAA and its consortium of Negative Aliens is called the Black Sun Program. They are a predator force with a predator mind which is mainly responsible for creating much of the Negative Ego in humanity through Mind Control programming. They have introduced financial and Debt Enslavement to planet earth through the banking cartels to enforce consciousness enslavement on a Prison Planet. These Archontic Deception Strategies are enforced by the human representatives of the NAA, called the Power Elite.

Thuban's Role in Hijack of Earth

This takeover of Thuban was critically important in the hijack of the Earth’s energy currents running throughout the thousands of Pyramids and Sun Clock Monoliths, and other holographic grid features built into the planetary Ley Lines by the Emerald Founder Elohei. These structures functioned as harmonic resonators and cellular memory record keepers for synchronizing timelines with the celestial star patterns gridded in the plasmic webs of constellations. During the final setback events, these plasmic webs and grid constructs were repurposed with Alien Machinery to control all related Egyptian symbology and tetrahedron geometries, through satanic blood rituals that were conducted on major Dragon Nodes across the globe by the Black Sun Power Elite. Over many years, Guardian Host has been connecting with their angelic human Diamond Sun counterparts on Earth in order to reverse engineer how this extensive AI architecture held in Thuban star was being used by the Black Sun entities to invade our planet. This was powered up in part through Egyptian based black magic sorcery, used for siphoning massive amounts of collective Loosh energy to build their phantom systems and AI time loops.[2]


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