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To embody Christ Consciousness means to embody the Word of God. It is not separate from who and what you are. It is the absolute essence of what you are throughout existence beyond time. To rebuild the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body upon this Earth and reassemble the holographic template of Christos-Sophia recorded throughout the past, present and future timelines first we must learn about the Law then seek to align ourselves with the Law. Allowing our behaviours and actions to be congruent with it in so that we can embody more and more of our Divinity, our human perfection that is represented in the highest expression of who we are designed to be - a God, Sovereign, Free being or Cosmic Christ Citizen. Transcript by Mary. [1]

Autonomy via the Natural Laws

Autonomy faces many difficulties on Earth obviously because we're living on a planet that is enduring a hidden mind control War Over Consciousness which impacts all of us. Through a greater understanding of the Universal perspective of Law of One as the Universal Logos or natural Laws of God the attainment of spiritual ascension towards Christ Consciousness presents an alternative comprehension to the meaning of autonomy, self-sovereignty, freedom and personhood. In our view of spiritual development towards becoming a more perfect and Divine human being that person has embodied access to spiritual freedom, self-sovereignty or autonomy not because she or he can make decisions for herself or himself but because she or he is perfected in embodying their Christ Consciousness. In order to embody Christ Consciousness we must learn how to live in the Laws of God to be in Consent with the authority of the natural laws or Law of One no matter what circumstances bear upon our lives in this moment. What is happening in the material world doesn't matter when we insist that no matter what we're doing, no matter what circumstance we're in we're going to choose to live in the Laws of God above anything else.

When people begin to live in communion and unified cooperation with one another and live in consent to authority with the Godhead by following the natural laws in their every day life their personal freedom increases in every way. When we break the law we lose our freedom in every way and this is exactly the point that I'd like to make is the NAA is about creating imposter laws or mimicking laws in so that mentally we give up our human rights, we give up our personal consent and therefore we're breaking the law in our life and we're losing our freedom. That's the pathway of becoming a slave.

The Christ Consciousness or Kristic Diamond Sun Being is the incarnation of the Law or Universal Logos. The incarnation represents the unconditional love of God that has manifested the entire Creation. The Logos of God which we refer to as the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One reflects the Christ Consciousness and is the ultimate design of human beings and although this can be called by many other names it offers each human being the opportunity to regain that which was lost by the fall or we could call it the alien invasion of the Earth, the state of energetic balance or Hierogamic Union that is the Edenic State.

The Law of One serves as a tool for comprehending the Informed Consent process. The Law of One or Universal Logos reflects the relationship between the human nature and the Divine Nature of Christ Consciousness which embodies spiritual freedom and personhood that is not commonly understood in this context in a 3D person, meaning a disconnected person or a person that believes that they are only this material reality identity. They're not going to understand what we're talking about because this goes beyond time, beyond personality and beyond space.

The state of Christ Consciousness or Christic Being is expressed through the union of the two natures in one body. A human being in the flesh in the material world and a Divine Being simultaneously and this is the state that leads us to achieving Christdom. The Word of God or the Laws of God are united with the flesh and yet there is only one person. A person cannot come to an understanding of attaining the true human nature of Christ when they exist separately from the Universal Laws. That means when we violate natural laws we are existing outside of it. The Universal Laws can be acquired in human nature means that the human nature of Christ Consciousness does not find its personalization in another person but in Universal Laws or the Word of God. The state of Christ Consciousness cannot exist separate from the Laws or separate from the Trinity of the Godhead as the Laws and thus Godhead are fully embodied in a Christic person. So by united human and Divine nature in the Godhead Christ's human nature, we could say Christ/Sophianic human nature transcends all Earthly limitation, transcends all time and goes beyond time. The ultimate fulfillment of humanity is reaching the state of Unity and participation with God. The entire human race has been given the possibility of union to the Godhead. It is the choice that is left with the person but we can see obviously that the chips have been stacked against the people of this Earth to not understand what it means to be in Union with the Godhead. Transcript by Mary. [2]


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