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These particular techniques, ES Core Triad and 12D Shield that I'm sharing with you and ongoing, should be very helpful in starting to be able to anchor this multidimensional consciousness in you, and the biggest thing we must do that is numero uno as we go forward is you must Eradicate Fear out of your body, mind and emotions. Uncleared Fears are the buttons that lead to all manipulations, confusion, allowing external things to take dominion over your mind and manifesting all energetic imbalances in you. This is a part of what our job is at this level, is to understand that there is nothing to fear in this particular timeline and that even though these NAA energies are existing here harassing the planet at this time, and that there is negativity, that there are dark forces that exist. We need to face them and understand the dynamics of these particular Imposter Spirit energies so that we can transform them, because we have the power to do so. Once we understand the dynamics of these dark force energies, and we Eradicate Fear, and we feel and understand the power of God inside of us, we learn as we awaken that we are multidimensional beings.

Eradicating Fear is the biggest key to progressing in Expanding Consciousness and in reaching energetic coherence in one's spiritual development. I want to be fair and say this, many of us have had lifetimes where we have been persecuted, tortured and wounded for holding the light or truth, and this is a real wound that harmed the Soul. The Persecution Complex in Crucifixion Implants. This has definitely created challenges in clearing fear layers inside all light bearers, because what is created when you have this distortion still in your template, is it will attract a ‘like’ type of vibration or it will make you vulnerable to negative manipulation by energies that are distracting you or derailing from your true purpose. Generally, they will use Victimizer programs related to Persecution Complex to assassinate your character or to create as much fear inside you as possible. When we are terrorized and in fear, we are easily controllable and manipulated. [1]

Clear Fear of being Targeted

First of all, do not fear being targeted or fear changes into the unknown because you are undergoing Spiritual Awakening. Because it's a natural part of the agreement that we are taking part on the earth. Because this is the polarity system so we need to be comfortable with the darkness and learn how it really works here. We need to be comfortable in the forces of chaos. This is just how it is. Do not take it personal. Do not get upset. I mean to say do your best to stay awake and clear fears. I know this obviously takes us some time to Eradicate Fear, but understand at this point because of what's happening on the planet, and because of what is at stake, if you came in here pre-incarnation and the spiritual hierarchy said to you “listen it's gonna be tough, you're going to be asleep, we are not going to be able to contact you, but you are going to have an opportunity to liberate an entire planet into an ascending cycle, an entire species will be impacted. The nature spirits. Every living thing in the light matrix and genetic library that has existed in this time matrix is going to benefit, if this is completed". I know that you would say yes. When you ask yourself that question - you would say yes to this Ascension mission, no matter how hard it is. I can do nothing else, because it becomes a part of your true essence to help.

I have described some of the vulnerabilities of why certain people are more vulnerable to Psychic Attack, targeting or interference, and I really want to say this, we cannot judge it. We cannot judge it. I cannot even tell you how devastated I was when I was in the midst of my spiritual awakening, in absolute terror, not understanding why I had the most strangest of phenomena happening to me, and knowing in my mind if I create my own reality, why is this alien thing doing this to me, you know, what is this thing? I actually had Negative Aliens and Drakonians attacking me. Okay, then. And I thought, well if I don’t know that these things exist, how did they get here? Because I didn't have any interest in aliens until they showed up in my living room basically. So this became very stressful and very devastating for me because I had to really wrestle with my belief system. I had to wrestle with what others may say or think about me. And I had to wrestle about my own sanity. That phase was a very painful Dark Night of the Soul process and this is why I endeavor to share my experience very honestly and openly. Because I know if this happened to me, its happened to somebody else, that is for sure.

In terms of being psychically attacked, one of the things we have to get beyond is the fear that is behind it. Also, when we use the term psychic attack it has a fear energy or negative stigma associated to it. I hope our open discussion in this topic has helped to diffuse any fear that may stimulate in the Unconscious Mind. We need to set Neutral Association to the comprehension of psychic attack and that it is a very real energetic phenomena that happens all the time. I know the words can sound inflammatory. Attack. But basically reset and reframe your focus on this term to something that is neutral and matter of fact, because its just what occurs between the polarity of energies, especially those based on fear. If we are holding more light, we are going to be the cosmic filter, and because of that beautiful inner light, everything is attracted to it. And I would give this example of the living light as the electric bug systems in the backyard. There are butterflies, and hornets, and bees and you get everybody coming towards you, because everything wants access to the light. That's what life is. We're all a part of the original source of Light.[2]


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