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Avebury Henge has a lesser compliment that is the heart center reflection of Christos sacred marriage that is located in Glastonbury, but this area remains blocked with an inordinate amount of extremely low astral frequencies from new age hijack that make communing with these higher frequencies very challenging. Glastonbury became a feeding ground for parasitic energies when it became famous, in that the astral parasites found an incredible bounty in the mass confusion generated in Glastonbury, purposely diminishing its ancient power as a sacred site through the tourism trap.

Thus, Glastonbury is popular in the new age community and is known for the legends connected to King Arthur, as this area is widely rumored to be his burial mound. This area was deeply enmeshed in the Essene teachings of Christ practiced in the ancient times by the Celtic population before the Church of Rome snuffed it out, and since then has been primed for spreading confusion and misdirection by anti-Christ forces. Glastonbury has been relegated as the repository of collective consciousness dream sequences from the astral plane that were placed as artificial holographic images and false light clones, as they have been directed through popular books, movies and other mediums that are actually found here animated within an astral virtual reality. Thus, the deep imagination and stories of the Arthurian dramas live on here, but they are mostly twisted to fit the eyes of the beholder and what he wishes to see in the reflection of the astral mirrors of delusion. What we wish it to be and what it actually is, are vastly different things. Glastonbury is a good case study for astral mirages generated by the collective consciousness that were enamored by what Arthur represents.[1]


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