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This is a major way that knowledge and information on our planet is being micromanaged and controlled to stop people from accessing the right data so it stops them from asking the right questions which in accessing the right data and asking the right questions it leads you to only one conclusion because the evidence, statistics and facts are pretty much everywhere when you know what you are looking at. So, humanity's been groomed and continually conditioned to behave in accordance with a very low standard of morality and ethics because that's a part of setting up the anti-human culture. These values or lack thereof are modelled over and over and human beings learn and they're groomed from a very young age to accept them. So, the question becomes why are humans being groomed from childhood to have a very low standard of morality and ethics? Because this weakens them in every way to damage their relationship with their own inner spirit because once we connect to our inner spirit we get much stronger and it’s much harder to control us.

So, what is grooming? Grooming is another level of mind control and it’s so prevalent in our world we should drill this down a little bit as well. Grooming is a predatory act of maneuvering another individual into a position that makes them more isolated, dependent attempting to build their trust through a deceptive way and this makes them more vulnerable to abusive behaviour. The operative word in that sentence is predatorial and we will use the word predator to describe many acts of intentional deception and manipulation of people in order to get people or a person in consent with dark forces. Grooming is an insidious predatory tactic and it’s utilized by people who are abusers. Grooming is especially practised by narcissists, anti-social predators, con artists and sexual predators who target and manipulate vulnerable people for exploitation. So, we can extend grooming tactics to be inclusive with Mind Control tactics that are used very commonly on this Earth which is also about getting people to self enforce their own enslavement to the system that they have been groomed to believe in.

Child Grooming

Child grooming is the deliberate act of establishing an emotional bond with a child to lower that child's resistance and child grooming can result in falling victim to physical, sexual or emotional abuse and specifically to manipulate children into participating in some kind of slave labour or prostitution or child pornography. Adult grooming is correspondent to child grooming and it applies in any situation where an adult is primed to allow him or herself to be exploited and abused. So, while it's a common assumption that grooming is only practised on the very young identical emotional and psychological processes are commonly used to abuse or exploit adults at any level. It could be those people that are compromised in their mental faculties or the elderly but honestly in the profile of someone that could be exploited it's basically anybody.

Predator Behavior

A predator will identify and engage a victim and work on gaining that person's trust so they can break down defences, manipulate that person until they get whatever it is that they’re after. Sometimes they're paying a lot of attention, they're giving a lot of flattery or ego stroking, seduction, charisma, they're trying to recruit them for something, they're giving them gifts, they're doing Gaslighting tactics, maybe they're sharing secrets and saying "don't tell anyone" and then also threats. All of this is hallmarks of Grooming. Grooming is a by-product of the Imposter Spirit, of the Satanic spirit and Luciferian spirit so when you see this also in people - ego stroking, flattery, seduction, charisma, secrecy "don't tell so-and-so I told you this..." you know that this is a dark force that is trying to get some traction and this is when you can stop it in it's tracks. When you see somebody playing these Emotional Manipulation games you can identify it and you can say "I want no part of it. Don't talk to me anymore because I'm not going to listen to this anymore."

Now, abusers who groom their victims often claim to have a special connection with the person they're planning on abusing. So that connection might be emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual or all of the above. This is something I've seen a lot as well in the spiritual communities. How many people in our community have had a situation where somebody that is identifying or labelling them self as "spiritual" and they have this important connection with you, this so-called connection - you know "you're my Monad, you're my soul mate, you're this you're that" and therefore there's this special emotional, spiritual, some kind of connection? I've seen people do this in the spiritual community as well and not even realizing they're abused and abusers using grooming tactics. This is often backed up by someone who maybe had abuse in their own background. Maybe they had this treatment as children and they're just replaying that out. But also in knowing that this grooming is something that happens in these power elite families. They're groomed to be sociopathic. They are groomed to believe that they're more special than the rest of the population or they're more worthy or deserving than everyone else on the planet. Again it's sort of like divine right to rule, believing they're more special.

In order to abuse or exploit another person a sexual predator or con artist will frequently condition their intended victim to keep secrets for them. If this happens to you call it out and recognize it because it is just BS. It is a game that is being played with the whole secret thing. This is supposed to be like building a bond of trust. An abuser may share seemingly personal or private information and then swear the victim to secrecy. I mean really, tell these people where to go, it's ridiculous. It's just a game that's being played. The victim is made to believe that they are being trusted with something of value or they're being asked to share something of value with his or her abuser and this as well has happened to these power elites as they've been groomed to be sociopathic and thinking they have access to world secrets and they're so special but now they're really co-conspirators with the NAA. People that are abusers, people that are predators, people that are con artists, people with low ethics and morality they use shared secrets to bind their victim to them. For some reason they get off on the power of this so understanding it's a technique. The target or the person is lured into revealing private information, maybe giving it money, property, sexual favours, permitting or engaging in inappropriate, unsafe or illegal behaviours - something that takes you beyond your ethical boundaries or your own conviction. This is about drawing the person, drawing the victim to be a co-conspirator with them and this is also called Forced Teaming where you lure somebody into whatever your deal is and force them or try to lure them into being a co-conspirator with you. Eventually the bond of secrecy is always reinforced with some kind of shame or guilt, some kind of threat, withholding or withdrawing the friendship or whatever else to keep the victim silent about his or her shared crimes or misdeeds when they were co-conspiring with this person.

Who are the typical victims of grooming? It's pretty much anyone. This is rampant on our planet. When you understand dark forces, Imposter Spirits - study the Satanic profile, study the Luciferian profile because what we're describing is that right now. Grooming is one of their big tactics. Any person whose defences are down - that's who they're looking for. Any one with soft boundaries - that's who they're looking for. Anyone can be vulnerable to grooming tactics. Predator people are practised, they're extremely good at what they do. You don't have to be especially gullible to fall victim to this type of grooming but if you learn the signs and you understand them you can successfully identify a potential abuser and avoid exploitation and also call out the dark forces that are using that person and that are behind these actions.[1]


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