Healing is Ascension

From Ascension Glossary

True and authentic healing is a function of our consciousness body and it is through the realignment of our spiritual consciousness that effective healing of our body can take place. The functions of human spiritual ascension and evolution are directly entwined with the process of natural healing and personal wellbeing. Therefore, if we create the conditions in our lives that are organic to us and spiritually healthy for growing our lightbody and consciousness, we will naturally evolve and heal all of our multidimensional bodies. Thus, our biological and spiritual immune system will be much stronger and healthier in order to do its job. The organic human genetic code is based on the 12 Tree Grid manifestation body, thus when we align to the knowledge of our original genetic code imprinted on the human biology, we gain access to our consciousness that holds the intelligence of all of our stations of identity in time that can be accessed from our local incarnation.

Our physical body is a remote controller for the Universal Time Matrix in which we can potentially access all levels of consciousness, knowing that our higher consciousness and spiritual identities are completely intertwined and interdependent with our physical body. When we are in alignment to the natural and organic structures in creation, we are simultaneously in alignment with our internal spirit and God, which will activate genuine spiritual healing in our body, mind and spirit. Traumatic conditions that we have been exposed to or interacting with that are harmful to the body, mind and spirit, are also detrimental to the process of human evolution and spiritual ascension. Thus, continual exposures to these harmful forces and violating the natural order will deteriorate the consciousness and generate karmic imbalances in the biological and spiritual immune system. When our personal consciousness is aligned in ways that are natural to the expression of our inner spirit and divine blueprint, it is also in alignment to the Natural Laws. As a result of the congruence of our consciousness aligning with our true spiritual purpose, healing is the result of our aligned consciousness and we experience health and wellbeing in the manifestation of our earthly experience.

If we realize that the purpose of incarnation on the earth is to directly participate with human evolution and achieve ascension, and we are willing to master ourselves in order to achieve our self-actualization, we move forward in time and activate healing properties inside us and the earth grid, that current mainstream science does not understand.

Cellular Integrity

The concept that we are made of trillions of cells that are the living organisms of the fundamental units of life force which make up our entire body, is important to understand in order to achieve balanced health and strong immunity. Our cells are living sentient components that are constantly communicating with each other to help us maintain cellular integrity for optimum health. Each of our cells are responding to the consciousness vibration that we hold in our body, along with the environmental forces and electromagnetic signals they receive as the result of what we are interacting with or are being exposed to. If our cells cannot get the life force energy to function efficiently, our health and immunity will become compromised, our tissues and organs will become compromised and this brings the onset of illness and disease. By holding higher consciousness and exploring ways to keep our cells nourished with spiritual energy and whole nutrients, cellular integrity is increased to support overall immunity, and thus your multidimensional body layers can sustain themselves and stay strong to protect your DNA. Your DNA holds the unique energetic signature of your lifestream evolving through time and space, it is your personal living light code and consciousness record.[1]


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