Hyperdimensional Pockets

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These are reverse-spin light fields that create reverse-particle-spin matter fields that create Hyperdimensional Pockets in the fabric of space. They hang in the atmosphere of Earth and are inhabited by many of the NAA forces. They are the result of Black Hole Technologies created in Atlantian Cataclysm time by NAA and the Fallen Angelic groups to Mind Control and stop human evolution.

These NETs were fortified in 9558 BC and has since been progressively blocking all natural communications to and from Earth. Preparations have been made by the Annunaki to lower the NET from the Astral Plane into physical matter which will then form a Frequency Fence and present easy Mind Control over the population during the Ascension cycle, 2000-2017.These NETs are Black Hole Technologies that were created in Atlantian Cataclysm to keep Earth and her life forms in a prison planet. The NET fields keep the DNA block locked in. The NET is connected to the Hyperdimensional Pockets that are Hibernation Zones.


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