Horseman Pulsing

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This is a reference to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse as represented in the Bible Revelations. These are actually reversal field networks implanted in the planetary body as a part of the Armageddon Software, which are electrostatic shock pulses that span the four cardinal directions (N.E.S.W.) on the planet in the planetary ley line system. They appear to be activated to induce or influence many frequency manipulations upon the earth populations, to incite cataclysm, fear, terrorism, or other disasters. The four horsemen are represented through the actions of spreading, Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death upon the earth. They are also directly related to releasing crucifixion implants in the planet and therefore “pulsing” of these electro static forces generates certain destructive elements within the planet body, and therefore the human body. It is like electrostatic shock being “pulsed” into an area, demographic, land mass. This is done to traumatize the inhabitants or to incite NAA manipulated dramas. Even though the Crucifixion Implants have all been “pulsed” and released into the planetary body, these Horseman pulsing networks appear to still be used for nefarious purposes. In the guardian perspective the last awareness of direct horseman pulsing was related to the thought-form creations and spraying of “pestilence”, as a part of the Armageddon software. In late 2008 and into 2009, Horseman pulsing with pestilence programs was being pulsed into areas, the epicenter that suffered was Central Mexico. The 2009 flu pandemic was a result of Horsemen pulsing.This creates trauma in the nervous system, as its similar to shocking the nervous system and overwhelming the body with hijacking thoughts of disease or fear behaviors.

Virus in Genetic Engineering

Many Awakening people are experiencing intense lightbody integration symptoms, the primary focus has been the purging of viral loads used for alien hybrid genetic engineering, and the electromagnetic weaponry known as the Pestilence Horseman Pulsing. The pestilence horseman was utilized by the dark resistance to prevent the integration of the current intergalactic rainbow plasma transmissions, and that has directed viral payload sequences out into the Ley Lines of the planet, in which some Starseed people are processing and transmuting these viral loads from their own body. As these electromagnetic weapons are directed to our will center, solar plexus, in order to maintain the three lower layers of the personality-ego mind control program, this has strong effects on our digestive system, especially the small and large intestine. This has resulted in a bevy of viral related symptoms, inflammation, skin rashes, liver-gallbladder stress, the most prevalent disease programs are assorted retro-virus mixtures used to cultivate auto-immune responses in the masses. Small amounts of retrovirus are utilized in vaccines and drugs, and these microbes ultimately takeover and damage the natural functions of the healthy human immune system through constant entrainment of the RNA-DNA instruction set, when it is being administered sequentially over time in certain vaccines or drugs.[1]




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Term first found: Page 88, HGS Manual