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Crystals can be used to help children in the same ways that they help adults, but with the added benefit that most children will be much more receptive to the natural healing powers of crystals the younger they are. With younger children, they are more open and spiritual by nature which allows them to activate their imagination with magical thinking, which is highly activating to generate an energetic bond between the crystal and child. Most younger children do not limit their thinking, they can understand how everything is alive, transmitting that awareness into intelligent sentience that works with their crystal guardians. For a child, talking and communicating with a crystal as a living thing is natural and normal. Most all young children will have a natural connection to the crystal and mineral kingdom, yet Starseed and crystal children may be able to present proficient skills with crystals immediately if they are allowed to explore them freely. A child holding or near a powerful crystal may be able to immediately listen to the key tones and vibrational messaging which unlocks the functions inside the crystal. Then know how to link this crystal’s message with other crystal formations to clear and transmute dark energies out of the ley lines. The building of crystal grid circuitry is part of our angelic human knowledge that was memory wiped after the Atlantian Flood but is gradually returning now through many Crystal Children.

Specially selected crystals by the child and specific crystals that have been programmed by their parent with loving intentions and healing impacts can be effective to support a child or group of children in a range of situations. Crystals and gemstones can assist with the following:

  • Transmute and clear negative energies, EMF’s, artificial frequencies and entities.
  • Transmute karmic impacts of artificial overlays and detoxify the impacts of bio-weapon injection and shedding exposures.
  • Support the child to feel calmer, protected and safe when away from home or parents.
  • Help them to focus by improving their concentration and mental clarity.
  • Help them to keep their physical body relaxed, reducing separation anxiety or feeling inadequate.
  • Create a more positive association with going to sleep and being alone in the dark.
  • Clear emotional tension, relieving nightmares, helping to release ancestral miasma.
  • Help to resolve sibling tensions and pent-up frustration.
  • Support children to cope better with emotional turmoil and societal changes.
  • Keep children grounded and improve their sense of self-image.
  • Maintain physical and spiritual immunity with energy balancing programs in “wellness crystal”.
  • Set protective crystal grid spaces in classrooms, playgrounds or other child friendly areas.
  • Anchor Angelic Guardian presence via crystal in bedroom that is designated to specifically protect the child’s aura from infiltration or attachments.

With the current chaos and confusion becoming increasingly common place in the outer world, children are being targeted and subjected to much more difficult and harmful energy in general. Heated conflicts between those adults in supposed authority positions on enforcing rules for masking and injecting children is one such major concern. As parents, grandparents and concerned adults, it is getting harder to shield children from current events that are escalating throughout society and are very troubling as they can leave serious emotional scars, mental anxiety and chronic health problems. Thus, many are searching for ways to help children be able to more effectively cope with the emotional turmoil and energetic chaos that is building in the social environments. Crystals can be very helpful for sensitive children to move more easily through difficult times and life transitions, such as moving to a new home, going to a new school or even emotionally processing a death in the family.

Most of us are aware the current cultural changes and future transitions that humanity faces through the planetary dark night of the soul are having direct impacts to our young children, and that many of these influences are not inherently positive. Every child will experience emotional turmoil from the process of life transforming on a shifting and ascending planet, no matter how much we would prefer to shield them from having to undergo such painful experiences. What is happening is a major consciousness shifting event, which your child’s soul has chosen to participate with in this particular ascension experience in order to ultimately learn and grow as a spiritual being. When we approach life as spiritual lessons within an ascension context, we can adjust our thinking to know these difficult experiences will help to shape the soul, to ultimately form into who your child is meant to become as an authentic spiritual adult. When we have proper context of the planetary ascension underway and have practical spiritual tools to help us move through these challenging times, whether adults or children, we all can better handle the pressures and challenges coming from interacting with the pandemonium of the outer world. Before continuing further, we suggest reading the newsletter, For Parents Supporting Young Children as a companion to this month’s newsletter.

Introducing Children to Crystals

Depending on the age of the child, the first stage is to introduce them to crystals by talking about and showing the child an example of crystals or gemstones and letting them play with and hold the crystal. Get a book with pictures of crystals and briefly mention what crystals can do. That crystals are ancient beings in the Earth that have invisible energies that can help them in their lives. Pay attention to their interest level and notice what parts of the conversation they are animated by or get excited about.

If the child is interested, help them choose a special crystal just for them. Present a few beginner crystals or gemstones, such as in a bowl of tumbled stones or take them to a crystal shop. Suggest they choose a special crystal, one that will be with them next to their bed or under their pillow. If they are older, choosing the right size so they can carry their crystals or tumbled stones in a pocket or school backpack.

Once they have chosen a crystal, gently teach them how to use the crystal. See how they handle the crystal and guide them accordingly. The crystal works better when worn on the child’s body for a time, while in a pocket or necklace, or when they sleep with them. Over a few days once a crystal has been cleansed and is on the child’s body or nearby during sleep, the active crystal will naturally attune to the aura of the child. If they are prone to losing the crystal, get a supply of tumbled stones or crystal angels to easily replace when needed. Find out about the exact crystal properties of the crystal they have chosen and talk to them about the healing impacts that their crystal has. Encourage them to know how to set an intention with the crystal so the crystal can help them with that goal. If they are not old enough to set an intention, you as the loving parent or adult can program the crystal on their behalf through crystal meditation.

Amethyst Cathedral Geode Pair

At this time for parents, the Amethyst Order suggests the Amethyst crystal family as the primary guardian protector for the individual baby or child for his or her sleeping area. Amethyst Cathedral geodes, crystal clusters, crystal angels, towers or amethyst wand scepters are suggested. However, any quality Amethyst crystal will attune to the Amethyst Order Christos spiritual family which is specifically sending protective violet magenta spiritual energies to souls that are children at this heightened time of spiritual warfare.

One perfect example is to program the chosen crystal with the 12D Christos shield and GSF founder flames or any potent meditation, to protect the child’s aura during sleep, when away from home, or to deflect harmful energies when exposed to the shedding effects. Any ES meditation clearing can be intended to be held as an anchor intention within any chosen crystal, and having one crystal dedicated per meditation is suggested so that it can consistently amplify its particular positive impacts into the home or play environment.

There are many creative ways to introduce crystals and mineral gemstones into your lifestyle and that of your children.

Some of the best suggestions for children are:

  • Giving them a tumbled stone to carry in their pocket, backpack or purse.
  • Braiding crystal beads into their hair or tying them into shoelaces or clothing.
  • Putting some crystal stones in their bath water for extra aura cleansing.
  • Placing a larger crystal geode or crystal Guardian tower for sleep protection in their bedroom.
  • Setting positive affirmations in the crystal for supporting mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Going on nature walks and looking for unique geological specimens and choosing special rocks.
  • Using crystals in family craft projects, growing your own crystals and cracking open geodes.
  • Making crystal grids for setting intentions such as teaching mindfulness, single focus concentration or clearing EMF pollution and boosting positive and healthy energies.
  • Making your own crystal elixir sprays and crystal energy homeopathic remedies infused with customized prayerful intentions

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Cleansing and Attunement to Crystals

Crystals should be cleansed when you first acquire or buy them, and after you have used them for specific aura healing or laying a crystal grid. Tumbled stones are more durable and thus suggested for children and beginners as they are inexpensive and easily stored in a pouch or bag. Most crystals can be effectively cleansed under running water, or soaked in salt water or sea water. As you cleanse the crystal with water, hold the intention to cleanse the crystal of any negativity or imbalances with the light of Christ. Also, by placing the crystal in the sunlight for a few hours this can also recharge and reset the crystal for new intentions and purposes. When cleansing your crystal know the crystal is alive with intelligence that can be dedicated towards fulfilling its creative healing potentials as the God creator intends. Crystals can be dormant from nonactivity, similar to being turned off or in hibernation. To turn on and activate the crystal’s innate healing properties, your soul is the natural conduit for infusing that spark of divine expression to take place within the crystal. As is inherent in all of God’s natural creations, the mineral and crystal kingdoms have divine properties in which each unique species seeks to fulfill its highest expression in order to evolve in alignment with the creative forces of God. See Cleansing and Attunement to Crystals.

Basic Tips to Help Children Empower Themselves

Sometimes for parents and adults that have children or are connected to younger family members, it can be challenging to introduce to them simple concepts that help them learn to empower themselves when they become aware of negative energies or negative entities in their environment. Connecting with God's Natural Laws and the Cosmic Christos Law of One attitudes to connect with the inner spirit self actually has nothing to do with organized religion, dogma or going to church. When introducing teens or young adults to these concepts that help them to develop a connection with their own inner spirit, this may be a supportive guideline to help them with a basic understanding of how to protect themselves from any range of spiritual phenomenon, i.e. psychic attacks, Black Magic, entity Attachments, Negative Disincarnates, and a range of emotional manipulation tactics that commonly source from humans and nonhumans.

As a daily practice for building a spiritual toolkit:

1. Protection. Put yourself and Aura in a Diamond White Sphere or Pillar of Light saturating every cell of your Being. (affirm: This is my Protection) See 12D Shield.

2. Command your space. Call in God Power and state your authority over your life and body. ex: "I command my space, body, mind and Spirit as sacred in the name of God Power. (affirm: I own my life and I have dominion here, I am safe!)"

3. Ask. Dear God Power, Please clear all negative burdens, energies, entities out of my life and body. Clear all black magic and all directed harm towards me, now and forever. Feel God Power sweep it out. Sweep now please, Thank you God Power.

4. Exit Portal vortex Set up an exit vortex portal in your room or window, and command they use this to leave your living space and transit away for you. Ask God to help them go. See Shadow Vortex.

5. Say Thank you. Send appreciation to God Power for this release happening. Taking a shower or being in water can also help release negativity especially mixed with salt.

Tip: Saying your commands 3 times gives extra power.

  • " Clear Black Magic, curses, hexes and spells now"
  • " Clear Black Magic, curses, hexes and spells now"
  • " Clear Black Magic, curses, hexes and spells now"

If you become aware of disembodied entities or shadow creatures, don't doubt yourself or be afraid, remember that you have dominion here, and they do not. You can send any fear thoughts through the exit portal too. [2]


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