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Types of Consent

Implied Consent is dependent on the circumstances that exist which lead a reasonable person to believe that this consent was given although no direct or explicit words of consent or agreement had been actually written or expressed. So Implied Consent is based on a person's behaviour or actions in a particular situation or surroundings. An example of Implied Consent is that if you are participating with a larger institution such as an educational institution and this is a place of social order which governs the behaviours of the people that exist there Implied Consent would mean that if you choose to participate with that institution you're expected to follow those rules or guidelines of behaviour.

However, loosely interpreting Implied Consent is perhaps the most manipulated by Imposter Spirits in order to gain manufactured consent over unaware or confused people. This is especially so for those people that have addiction and escapist tendencies masked by unresolved pain and trauma. If we have not been educated to understand that if we engage with unhealthy or negative behaviours when we are engaging in those behaviours we can open our aura to demonic attachments and negative spirits without realizing it. Now, this is happening through the consent we have made by engaging in that very negative behaviour even though we may not have given express or written consent to have a demonic entity attachment. So our unhealthy spiritual behaviour is the implied consent that is given to the world of dark forces. This is like saying when we go against our Soul, when we go against our spirit the Implied Consent is that behaviour allows that demonic entity to gain access to your body. And that allows them to manipulate, control, attach or syphon energy and as well, generally people with demonic attachments feel very dark, depressed and quite miserable. When a person repeatedly acts against their soul or, they're being victimized by someone violent such as another person committing harm against the soul this can leave demonic bindings and other dark residue.Transcript by Mary. [1]


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