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Themes : Indigo 3 Contract, nervous system trauma, mental schisms related to gender and sexual issues, NRG, intergenerational syphilis miasma, basal ganglia template repair, to heal reptilian mental imbalance.

Opening: As we set the intention of our session, beloved God please open all channels of light, as we ask each light fiber, channel, the circulatory system to be fully and completely aligned to that, which is the Source energy. We ask beloved God to help us open to release any burdens, suppressions that allow the physical being and body to express the highest actualization and embodiment of the divine image of Source. Beloved Guardians and our families as we open our field we ask our template to be updated individually and collectively. We ask the container here today to be consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of One. We ask to sustain us in the eternal power of our God consecration, as we ask for the gatekeeping to hold our mutual God purpose our missions and that which actualizes our service into the One Light source.

We intend unification as the Krystal principle here and now. Please open the handshake to fortify our spiritual links, our communication links into the core of One. With deep reverence for all of life please breathe the life code into our form, into all created form as we state the mutual purpose here and now. Resurrect all inorganic pattern to the organic living light. Beloveds we say thank you, thank you, thank you. We ask all that is in service and divine light and resonance with harmony grace and ease, that which supports this beings actualization mission, healing, clearing and integration.

What I'm feeling is bringing into wholeness and union any disintegrated parts within the mental body. Okay, Wow this is very interesting because I see that joint relationship in the projection of what you hold between yourself and your male partner. Remember that which you hold in your own masculine as a part of what is expressed through the projection of your own consciousness and also is the piece that he picks up from you. It's like as that moves to another level of resonance and support for your own consciousness and being and that which you're holding, that also has relevance to healing and supporting that male counterpart which is of course reflected to you in the physical through him.

Contract to Heal Mental Schisms

What I'm seeing is that there is psyche trauma related to nervous system trauma that has created a dis-integrated personality or mental body at certain levels. What I'm seeing with this here is like you said, the patience of understanding some of these prolific and intense agreements that the Starseeded and Indigo families have accepted as a part of the overall healing of the consciousness within ourselves and of course the planet. I believe that what's come up in your sessions before, the understanding that your Indigo 3 Contract is holding two specific schisms in the consciousness. You know that one is the fallen consciousness, the mental without the emotional. And in a sense when we actually are connecting to an understanding of what reptilian consciousness is and what that lineage is, or the reptilian races, it is a level of being or consciousness that destroyed its emotional body. It basically devolved itself. The weird paradox of it is their consciousness felt it was becoming more supreme, more evolved through its own mental projections, because it would be measuring itself based upon say, technology.

So in this case it's really interesting seeing this parallel within the male energies on our planet and what we are going through at this stage of evolution. How a lot of us clearly experience this, as the masculine principle defines itself through its outward so-called achievements. What it's viewing at a value system level is what's achievement? Which is generally status or money or recognition etc. It's like seeing the reptilian consciousness is exactly the same thing. It has brought itself into a level of extremely developed technology and then from that stage of that advanced technology, thinking it's godlike, like it's evolved itself at some supreme level.

It's interfering with, has total disregard for the natural order of things or any other kingdom that would be involved. It's like, 'Well I'm going to do this, because I know better. Those little peons down there on the Earth, they don't know what the hell they're doing.'

Building Ascension Prototypes

That's what's so amazing honey, honoring yourself for building a new structure because that's what you're doing. You're very similar to me in that we are building the new prototypes and it's happening in our bodies, so this is of course your challenge and yet your mastery at the same level. Because the things that are happening in your body that are very physical, you know I share a lot of that same issues with you that I've had to undergo, and that's not everybody's role. Some people do it emotionally or at another level energetically. You and I are from that family that we said 'We'll physicalize this, we'll embody this'. The way we do that is we do the alchemy that synthesizes these polarities these two levels.

It's interesting because it does again feel like it has relevance to your partner, which makes me happy as well, it's like we get to help him too. A part of the overall process of this is that there is a neurological trauma that has contributed to a part of the psyche, a part of the mental body that has disintegrated. What I'm seeing is that they want to do some reorganization and healing around this. It's exactly as I was describing on the call, what I'm seeing is that process of defragmentation on a computer. Have you ever seen those, have you ever de-fragged your computer? So I'm seeing that picture with you. They're showing me that. And what we're looking at here, is the genealogy and the histories, this is the ancestral stuff. We're seeing where disintegration occurred. Now what is interesting here is, that a lot of times when I think of disintegration I'm looking at spiritual bodies. But what they're being really specific about here today is disintegrated personalities, meaning that there are parts of personalities in the psyche.

What we're talking about is multiple personalities that have existed as schisms, as a part of whatever genealogy we're working with here. Again we're having a level of observer detachment with this, it's important we're able to observe it from that level, because what this is about is healing the mental body. What they're showing is this particular level of your development and healing. And in honoring and acknowledging and verifying how proud I am of you for your discipline and your commitment to this. And your ability to balance this issue, between committing to it and disciplining yourself and knowing when you have to stop with over-analysis.

Because there's that fine line, the second you put too much of your mind into it you end up interfering with the process. I know that you have a real delicate fine line with this and that has to do with your polarity integration consciousness as well, the part of you that is healing the Indigo 3 contract. And is doing it through the physicalization of the body that you have chosen and are going through and healing the hybridization issues. What we are describing is from that Atlantian split, which really was the conflict between the identification of materialism and the spiritual-energetic mechanics of the inter-connectedness of the Oneness of all of us. It's like we started acting in separative divisive enemy patterning ways, not caring what the impact or effect of that was. And of course we're coming into some sort of resolution of that, through what's happening in this particular time.

Syphilis Miasma of Psychic Trauma

I'm seeing with our session here today that the main focus of understanding is miasma. The issues that you've been having in your cranium such as the sinus, head, ear problems, have a relationship to neurological record of psychic trauma. Seeing, if we could take the histories of the disintegrated personality that is connected to the ancestral genealogies, we would see something that's like a miasma that had to do with sexual imbalance, skin disorders and syphilis. What I'm seeing is the sex-syphilis relationship.

Okay when we start getting out of balance with our self and then of course, let's think about how sexual imbalances started, i.e. that's what a sexual disease such as syphilis would be. We got out of harmony with our masculine-feminine and then we started projecting all those weird subversions on sex the guilt, the shame, and then religion came in and told us we were bad. Like you're not supposed to be enjoying sex, that's a bad thing. This is fascinating because this fits in absolutely perfectly with the NRG grid. Because the Nephilim Reversal Grid at its main level on this planet what it does, is it is designed to split the sexes. It does that by controlling manipulating or creating really negative energies and distortions around the sexual energies.

Causal link of Miasma

So we're seeing kind of a causation link. We're getting to the seed of understanding here, when the mental body got totally disintegrated and these offshoots of personality started creating damage in the psyche. Damage in the nervous system because I'm seeing neurological issues as well. What we're looking at is the neurological matrix and how it fits into the psychological. Again we know that the nerves have memory and synapses when the nerves fire, and neurotransmitters, this gets into your hormonal issues, because the hormones are actually controlled by the endocrine system, which is impulsed by the neuro-hormonal and neurological functions of the body. So when the neurological system goes awry it creates brain and neural-hormonal side effects. Which is this issue that you've been having with the hair and the hormonal fluctuations, that's also thyroid and all of this. It's like I'm seeing all of the connections into these symptomologies that your physical body has not been having too fun of a time with.

I'm seeing that the sinus, the center of the head and that whole relationship into the sinus-head-ear thing is related to the neurological brain function. Related to this nerve psychological or psyche trauma on the disintegrated personalities that happened at some level or event. They're showing me from that split in the personality, which impacted the mental body... Okay we're getting into understanding the mental body was split. When the mental body split, distortion started to occur.

What we're describing by the way is reptilian consciousness. How do we rehabilitate the consciousness that fell, out of its ability to feel? How did that occur? How did they get this way? Something had to happen. At what point did the emotional body get detached from them so that they can't feel and experience consciousness, and they just started to develop this mad scientist kind of mad genius mind. Because that's kind of what it is, they've used an amazing level of technology and advanced this way, but at the expense of everything else. They've become like an idiot savant, the genius type that is socially retarded but is completely intellectually brilliant beyond belief. They can't relate, it's like they become autistic. This is the reptilian consciousness. This represents the part we're healing. I say we because I'm saying you and I are a part of that, and many of us actually as part of our group are polarity integrators. Think of the reptilian consciousness, certainly they're into instant gratification just like we are.

As we're looking at this, I want to hold whatever is needed in the highest capacity of our exchange here today to resolve, reconcile and heal from the disintegrated personality of where the mental body schisms exist. That have created nerve and psyche trauma through the genealogies that then relate to the miasma specifically created in the imbalances of sex and sexual energies. It's really just reminds me of Henry the VIII. There was a thing with syphilis if you remember, where people would go crazy. So syphilis would actually you'd start to lose your mind. So it's so interesting what we're looking at here is that relationship. The disintegrated personality created by the imbalance of the sexuality, which is based upon that miasma of the mental body, sex, syphilis. And there's also a skin thing with it, I'm feeling the skin issue is also there. I know that is a part of the homeopathic miasma description that when that miasma is recorded in the genealogy that it becomes dissipated in future generations and will also be related to certain skin disorders like eczema, or itching.

I'd like to then address with the guidance here as well, as this is being brought into our awareness and into the processes of fully clearing, releasing and removing the record of this seed causation. Through the pathway that we have described that is created through the nervous system and the psyche, this particular trauma related to miasma. We would like to assist the bodies, beings and all those involved in healing, clearing, releasing and resigning from that particular programming, from its impact within the core matrix foundation of the physical structures.

What I'm seeing with this is that these are embeds and a part of the holographic layers that make up the raw materials comprising the physical element form and vessel. Again assisting the body in clearing and releasing memory imprint remains through the genealogies, ancestors, multiple personalities, and at each layer and level that is needed and necessary for a full and complete resolution into the singularity point of truth, harmony and Divine Law.

Reptilian Brain

Okay in the ear, now I'm going into the sinus and ear issue. What they're showing me is something having to do with the vertebra and the brain and the cortex and basal ganglia. Something about the core of the brain... Okay what we're looking at is the reptilian, this is so fascinating, I have not seen this before. This is another level that they're helping us to understand, that the limbic sector? There's a part of the center of the brain and when they take me in there I'm aware of the term 'reptilian brain'.

I didn't quite put two and two together. I remember a couple weeks ago this showed up. It was like looking in the center of a brain and I'm looking at this area that looked like a shriveled walnut and I could hear them saying, that's the reptilian brain, reptilian brain. I'm seeing now in the reptilian brain there is... is this the nervous system? This part of the brain has something to do with the nervous system.

I could see that what they're showing me is that this neural plexus in the center, the limbic system area is being controlled by a nerval plexus. That plexus is the basal ganglia and that plays a role in neurological conditions and everything we're looking at with you, the endocrine the hair loss the cyst stuff. Because the cysts, that stuff comes in from hormonal imbalances as well. So there is some kind of degeneration in the nervous system, the basal ganglia and how it is relating to the structures of your brain. Now that we're in there and we're looking at the anatomy of this component, and this also has something to do with aggression.

Anyway in looking at the anatomical structure and support at this time what we are looking at, what we're doing here today. I'm looking at your circuitry. The circuitry and how it's related to the functions of the brain itself. It's that relationship between how the nerval plexus and the circuitry is relaying and firing information to the brain, specifically like we were talking about in the limbic system and these areas that control metabolism. I'm looking at the wires and it's like it's under a microscope and I look at the wires and I see the disintegration of the personality. The nervous system is holding the record of the fragmentation. What I'm seeing is somewhere the experience within that reptilian consciousness has an explosion, it's an explosion of bits. I'm looking at bits and these bits are all over the place and that fragmentation is recorded. As weird as this sounds, it's like I'm looking at pencil shavings. It looks like when you are actually shaving you know, we don't even do that anymore but remember pencil sharpeners in school? It's like when you're sharpening a lead pencil manually and there are these shavings that come off, I'm seeing that. There are these little flicks that look like lead shavings. Now the interesting thing about this is, god this is fascinating, is that on a physical level what those lead shavings have turned into is also representation of metal poisoning in the body.

But what we're looking at here, and again that is not from any stretch of the imagination to alarm you, know that this is what you have chosen to do my love. You have everything you need to get through this. The issue is of course how bizarre it is.

Also I want to tell you that I've done it, and you're going to do it. Because I still have physical issues that make me tired, but I can tell you what I experience today is night and day, it is not anything like it was. It is a complete relief, I have been relieved of that duty and it's over and it actually really is amazing. So I know that you can do it. We're building a new structure. You are in the this body and the body feels like it is dying, because you're going through an accelerated degeneration. And people are looking at you and you're like, I don't even know what to do I don't know what to say. Because I remember there were times, you can feel what's true in your heart and you keep aligning to that and then all the sudden, the dirt comes off the diamond.

It's like understanding the core of you is a diamond and that light is trying to shine and rehabilitate everything. Meanwhile you're in peeling the layers of the dirt and the mud that's on top of it. I just want you to know there is a critical mass and it happens. It shifts you and it's unbelievable, I mean it's amazing. Because you're looking at yourself and what's going on with your body and you can't imagine it ever feeling normal. It's so hard. I want you to honor and acknowledge yourself in understanding that your role, as well as the role that I share with you in that same process, is rarefied. There are not that many of us doing this piece. So honoring that it is really important, because it is a challenge.

Internal Armageddon

When you understand what we're doing, it makes a lot of sense. If you've got those two levels inside your body duking it out, that's really what's going on. And we're saying every day, I commit and my faith my trust and alignment is God and that's my authority. Meanwhile your body's going... the internal conflict is happening in there. But this is an example of healing the internal Armageddon and knowing that the ultimate light is God. Meanwhile that part of your body is resisting and saying 'Oh no you aren't! I know better, blah blah blah', because that's what that reptilian consciousness does, which we know all too well.

In focusing on the guidance for the assistance, what I'm feeling here is that there is a matrix structure healing or upgrade to the basal ganglia connection. I haven't done before so this is new. I don't know the entire role of what the basal ganglia does. What I'm feeling is that as I'm seeing them start on the work, of what this does with the motor system it has something to do with the motor neurons and the motor systems. And the behaviors and things that are connected to those motor systems and whatever is in the frontal brain. Whatever that area is in the front of the brain, because what I'm seeing is that area seems to have disorders of behavior. Which is where if we would say aggression and fighting and the really amplified distortions of behavior are, like someone that needs to go kill somebody. What's creating that? What is that disorder, what is that dysfunction? This is the area. I am thinking of frontal lobotomies, which were so barbaric. But weren't those for people who were really aggressive? Is that the part of the brain responsible for aggression?

It feels like something mutual is going on. I feel like there is a holographic snapshot being utilized from this to help heal a larger field of energy that is suffering with this ailment. It's like I'm getting that we are getting and sharing this session with some of the Guardian observers, that are going to utilize this brain matrix hologram that we are doing right now.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Again it's really interesting I've never seen this before. I'm looking at your brain and I'm looking in the hologram, so I'm looking at the projected blueprint of it. In the brain, I'm seeing the nerval system around the brain and those little pencil shaving-like things on the basal ganglia. In the physical manifestation of it, it looks like it's heavy metal. We know that heavy metal is creating issues with the nervous system. The whole thing with the swine flu vaccine and understanding they're trying to break down the nervous system is they're injecting thimerosal (a mercury compound), for gods sake.

So we know what metals do to the nervous system. This is the first I've ever seen this, they're showing me that stuff in the nervous system is actually energetically being represented by this process of neurological trauma, that happened to the mental body that created this disintegration. And then its relationship to the miasmsa, which goes right into the hybridization grid of the NRG, which has to do with sex and gender and the separation of those energies of the masculine and feminine, keeping both the lobes separate. What the limbic system and basal ganglia dysfunction is doing, is preventing the hemispheres of the brain from joining.

We are sharing this to help the field of beings that have the same problem you do. This gives us another verification that you're a prototyper just like me. It means that we experience these things and we feedback where the corruption has happened in the body so that our mutual teams that are here to heal this planet and work with the architecture of healing not only the hologram, but that which is the immediate light-body, which is a hologram. This is really cool because what we are understanding here is that this is a part of a healing matrix of the basal ganglia. We just got the whole download of how it got there. How many more millions of bodies on this planet have that dysfunction?

It's fascinating because what we're seeing is that the trauma may not have even been experienced in this lifetime. What we're getting at is they're showing us, it's almost like as a part of the human condition we're all part of the human race. Most of us don't consciously connect to the memory that Atlantis blew up, but we hold that fear and that memory of trauma in us.

What the Guardians are showing us is it is the nervous system that directly connects with these functions of the brain. And that this is what is controlling and keeping the reptilian brain function "alive", because a lot of it has to do with the obsessive-compulsive. Seeing this, you want to talk about mental body lockdown, oh my god. This is how this Reversal 55 Grid is transmitting. They are telling us the 3rd dimensional hologram is starting to be basically controlled at another level, how that actually works and translates is through the neurology. By looking at this I can see how this is all fitting together. Because when a brain is locked into a thought form, they're showing us how it happens. This whole process, this distortion that we're looking at, this is how it happens.

It's awesome because what I'm seeing with this is why they were so firm in this last message of saying we have got to get out of the 3rd dimensional level of our mental body. They're showing us the mechanics of the function of how they are harnessing the mental body. The impulses that they are sending out through the reversal grids and the mind control grids are designed to work with this complex. This part of the brain that they're showing us is connecting the basal ganglia into the functions of the thalamus, which again is all about those hormonal and metabolic secretions, which has a central role in several neurological functions of the brain and the body.

So this is really amazing because what I'm feeling is that through this healing and integration within your own being, you are also sending a holographic imprint with a snapshot of this whole thing. They are getting the pathway you've given a roadmap. The roadmap is so that it can be applied to the consciousness field, the beings that can be rehabilitated or healed from this condition. Because the question becomes, Okay get out of the 3D mental body. How are we going accomplish that? Especially beings that are locked into that level of thinking?

We're seeing that the basis of the disintegration is going to increase, from this function to those that are maintaining or staying in the 3rd dimensional functions. If you're just completely materially connected and that's where you're stationed, this function that they're showing us is going to rapidly accelerate how the motor systems have been controlled through the basal ganglia. And because of this dysfunction it's going to accelerate these dysfunctional behaviors, such as OCD and probably ADD, the inability to focus even down to Parkinson's.

It reminds me a couple years ago when they said, Okay brain and neurological stuff, you're going to see a lot of people having issues with that now. Because as the frequencies come in the neurological system that's not prepared and the brain that's not prepared is going say; 'Does not compute, Does not compute', I don't know how to handle this.' We're getting another really amazing understanding of how the larger structures here have been manipulated, in creating mind control and therefore the dysfunctions of the brain. The one's that we have been able to even somewhat recognize scientifically or medically in our current awareness through technology. We're now seeing now how this has been manipulated through the holographic fields, by those that are attempting to control the mind.

What I'm trying to tell you is that this is a larger contribution and it's important you understand, you are here to play this role and you're playing it. So please know that you're doing exactly what you need to. What they're basically showing me is they are taking a holographic snapshot of this that's happening within your brain as they correct it, because you created the pathway to correction.

Basal Ganglia Correction

What they're showing me is that miasma in the nervous system is going to be lifted off the neurological matrix, so that the basal ganglia can function. They're showing me that what that miasma is, is viral and it infected the nervous system. These miasmas turn into microorganisms. The energy parasites and the microorganisms are ridiculous. I've had them, just like you and it's just utterly insane because it doesn't matter what you eat, what you don't eat, it's just always there. There is a clearing of the miasma as it has impacted this, at least a very specific version of the basal ganglia where whatever this neurological relationship to the brain is. And they've explained how it got there. My understanding of what this is now, is this is a process that's outside of our control. They are telling us what is happening with your body right now.

There is a clearing of this miasma's relationship to your basal ganglia and whatever the process of this is, because it doesn't feel like 'snap a finger' and it's done. It's almost like if I'm looking at a membrane that is very thin and it slid into the matrix of your body, I am seeing that matrix be completely recapitulated into something else. This is what's happening right now. But what it's relating to very specifically, and it feels like more has to happen in other parts of the nervous system, but the focus of brain function and the structure of the brain is the basal ganglia. This is the piece that is happening right now. It looks like however this is being restructured within your nervous system, it's going to do some kind of change within these various structures that have been nuisances for you. I can see how it plays into everything. You're building a new structure. You're building a completely new prototype. It's the same as me it's the same thing.

The more you understand what it is really, the less impact it has on you. Once we start actually participating with the higher purposes of what it is and why it's there, it just becomes totally different. Which is what we need obviously. Because when we don't have that you're just like, oh my God get me out of this body.

I'm going to again thank our beloveds for their assistance and support. We ask that in the highest capacity of exchange for us here and now, for this to continue through sleep state. And to please bring us into the ultimate awareness of what the next steps are, when they are to be taken. Because I do feel that step-by-step like there is a sequence with this. Again I think you know all of it interrelates. It's like that practitioner you saw lead us to this process. It almost feels like they moved the rock away from the cave and we just went into the cave. It's like understanding there was a lockdown so that we couldn't see this.

Our goal at every moment is to maintain as much observer as we can to this process. We're participating with it. You're participating with it, but you're observing. You're not allowing yourself to panic. If you need to scream and cry, allow yourself to release when you need to. But what I mean is, going into obsessive indulgences of worry or anxiety this is what we have to stay out of.

Closing: I do want to just close our communication and seal your body, seal our bodies individually, anchor us in the core, anchor us through that alignment. Connect into the core of the Source. Support the structure of the body at the maximum and optimum levels please. All that is continued in this process to serve and support this being's actualization and connection to spirit and that, which improves the structure and connects the structure of the body directly to the divine image of the divine blueprint. We support this fully completely and totally as we seal the session, please seal any harmful portals and close down the communication now. Thank you, thank you. Okay. And so it is we seal and end our session. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 11-24-2009]

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