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Psychological Manipulation through means of propaganda and Information Warfare was once limited within the scope of the Controller Pillars of Society, via countries, states, militaries, and intelligence agencies. Today, even everyday people have become important players in these media campaigns involving access to credible and high quality information or straight out disinformation campaigns in this new media landscape. Aggressive battles over access to information and the shaping of narratives have become an integral part of shaping societal views and the public’s perception of the nature of reality, which includes current war agendas and global-economic politics. During the Ascension Cycle, the Collective Consciousness moves towards Open Source systems in which to gain more access to information, truth and knowledge, that which had been previously unseen and remained hidden from the ordinary citizens.

The explosive terrain of the wild west in all forms of media has contributed to unprecedented levels of perpetrating psychological manipulation and information warfare that is associated to a variety of conspiracies, disinformation, Mind Control agendas and cyber hacks. Simultaneously, it has given a forum for those people who are truth activists, those dedicated to investigating factual evidence and disseminating layers of the news in order to gain more truth about the larger picture and then share it with many others. When everyday people are willing to become investigative journalists on behalf of finding the truth, they blow past mainstream media border guards of the matrix. Those who have been marginalized and disadvantaged from getting their message out, are able to have a voice in the shifting paradigm. Thus, humanity benefits from the sense of personal emotional connection and human authenticity which is present in everyday people getting their message out and telling their stories. Many messages and stories that were previously completely ignored by mainstream media, such as child trafficking and pedophilia, are now being heard.

However, media saturation and the constant use of psychological manipulation tactics means we must use high quality discernment, and be willing to use critical thinking when considering sources of information and their potential agendas. We live in a world run by manipulators, master manipulators who preconceive expert level mind control strategies that the common person would never think of in casual conversation. By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another's expense, these methods could be considered as exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. And yet, we live in a controlled reality where this level of intentional manipulation to prevent access to valid, credible information is used every day to generate as much confusion as possible, in the minds of the public. Sun Tzu, a Chinese Military Strategist originally said the best victory in warfare is the one in which you never have to fight your enemy in actual combat, instead to subdue them through Psychological Warfare.

Psychological Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics, usually through the intentional spreading of disinformation and confusion via information warfare. Information warfare is a concept involving the agenda to achieve certain goals through the management of information and communication technology in pursuit of gaining the competitive advantage over an opponent. Information warfare may involve the collection of tactical information, along with the assurances that one's own information is valid, in order to spread propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate the public or perceived enemy. The intent is to undermine the quality of accurate information available while denying access to information-collection opportunities to those whom are in the disadvantaged position, for whatever the reasons. Information Warfare is closely linked to psychological warfare, and these are two concepts are deeply enmeshed within the Controller agenda.

Thus, we should be made aware of the highly explosive environment of psychological manipulation and information warfare that we find ourselves today. It is important to understand the principles used to promote confusion in the minds of people, and to know that this is the primary goal for psychological manipulation. When we are confused from being fed disinformation, we cannot make informed and well thought out decisions. When we have a built a foundation for our life based upon layers upon layers of deception, we are confused and do not perceive reality accurately. This destroys our ability to gain clarity and build inner strength for ourselves. When we are confused, we are weakened and at a disadvantage. [1]

Mainstream Job is Disinformation

The job of mainstream media is not to inform, but to misinform the public, making it harder for people to make informed decisions about things that impact their own lives, and that of their families. Mass media is used to divert public attention from important issues and changes that are decided upon by the political and economic elites, through the technique of derailing important facts or information through the continuous flood of distractions, mindless entertainment and insignificant information. The controlled media and press have mandates to provide all news and related media content to be written or presented at no greater level than what a 12 year old child (or less) could understand. If all we have access to in the mainstream news and entertainment is being produced at a child’s level, what kind of impact does that have on significantly lowering literacy levels and human intelligence? How many times have you watched something in the media, and comment, did a 10 year old boy write the script for this?

As we enter into 2017, a very important year of transformational global change is occurring along with significant consciousness shifts, thus, all forms of media are being used in a variety of targeted control strategies that are designed to manipulate the way information is being relayed to the public, therefore manipulating and gaining control over popular public perception. We must look to identify how the monikers, memes, ridicule, public shaming and labels that are coined by the media are used to throw people off from accessing the truth or facts in the matter, and further to incite anger, fear and division in the public. Each side is separated to appear as the opposition, as it divides and designs victimizer archetypes to polarize people in enemy patterning, while it refuses to allow an intelligent or productive dialogue or recognize support for diverse opinions. No one is listening for the larger perspective, only crucifying any position or person that they do not agree with, when they know little to none of the facts. The mainstream media is paid hefty sums to incite division, aggression, character assassination, attack free speech and generate obfuscation and chaos at every turn.[2]


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