Insanity and Hell Realms

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To better understand how to define Insanity, it is to describe the destructive beliefs, behaviors and actions that intentionally commit harm to your self, and by carrying out repeated actions that harm and fracture our inner spirit. This accumulative destructive energy gradually destroys the sacred relationship that exists between our loving heart and our direct relationship with God and spirit.

Self-destructive behaviors destroy the heart center, it destroys the force of love within us, and over time implodes the lightbody and produces a black heart, which is a black hole in the center of the body. The black hole within or Black Heart, creates internal sickness that craves to be fed by the external world of forces, and becomes a parasite onto other living things that emanates light radiance. Thus, insanity is a description of the existence of hell realms, a person or black force entity with the unquenchable thirst for energetic power it can never satiate, and the driving need to be fed by something else. Observing this pattern is how to easily recognize possession made through satanic (anti-life) behaviors that are further controlled by the possessing entity.

The dark entity craves energy and physical experiences, and experiences those sensations through attaching to the body and nervous system of an unaware or asleep human that is carrying out these destructive actions to feed the entity, and satisfy the anxiety of deep unconscious impulses. This is not limited to just humans or animals, the possessing entity can also be hijacking the negative alien body. The Negative Aliens group consciousness body is a hive mind controlled by the Satanic forces which are similar to the phantom spaces of black void, massive gestalts of disembodied black shadow entities that troll for human bodies in order to satisfy their cravings, to suck life force energy and to experience certain physical related sensations in many kinds of realities.

The Satanics are addicted to material sensations and physical pleasures, many cannot incarnate on the surface of earth into a human body specifically, so they hijack the human body in the extradimensional planes, such as from in the astral layers, as a substitute body that they can exert control over.

Both human and non-human entities that possess others body’s or lightbody layers are referred to as Satanic or anti–life forces, as no other type of benevolent light being will choose to possess the body vehicle and take control of the free will of another being. A Christos being never will take over another’s body or attempt to assert control over any person to propagate destructive acts. However, the eternal Christos being is the only being that can deliver any entity from its satanic bondage back into the heart of the God Source creator, if it is so divinely orchestrated in alignment to the natural laws.

Satanic behaviors in humans and non-humans are the result of being spiritually disconnected and soul fragmented. This makes them parasitic and unable to self generate the energy they need for the reality they have created, so they consume and exist on other people’s soul force and vital energies. With this clarity about the nature of possessions, there is nothing to fear about deviant behavior when it is understood that these dark entities are completely disconnected from the eternal soul, hence they exhibit insanity and madness. Hence, their extreme hatred is directed towards people that are fully ensouled or at spiritual stages leading them towards the spiritual ascension of the Christos-Sophianic embodiment. The Eternal Soul of Christ- Sophia is the only way the bondage of servitude to the dark forces is permanently removed. It is for this reason all representations of Christ, Christos-Sophia on earth have been aggressively distorted into grotesque mutations by the Controllers. This mutation has no bearing on what the actual truth is as the Universal Law is revealed in the presence of the eternal light, the power of the eternal light when embodied cannot be faked, mimicked or replicated. It either is in the body or it isn’t. When we know the difference between false light and eternal light, the proof comes when challenged in the name of Christ, when a person is dedicated to the spiritual path of reclaiming the eternal light of the inner Christ for themselves, all other entities are refused access into that person’s body.[1]


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