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This month we discussed these three subtle forces that are within all spectrums of frequency and energy and my hope that this is yet another tool for strengthening boundaries and helping to strengthen ourselves when in the presence of challenging and difficult people like energy vampires, people that are blocked with heavy duty black forces and can be used as dark portals or any other kind of situation we may find ourselves. As the bifurcation occurs and we make this transition some of us may have noticed that the schism between certain people or groups is increasing radically and what we may have been able to tolerate in other people before like maybe a few years ago has changed a lot this year. The Earth field is unstable in certain parts because the collective energies of the human beings are shifting and yet they are totally unaware that the environmental energies are directly related to human beings thoughts, behaviours and emotions in the collective consciousness.

Many of us in our community are empaths to a varying degree of sensitivity. I hope to remind of us that this is a higher sensory ability and a blessing as it means we have embodied our Soul consciousness and potentially higher bodies. We have functioning levels of energy receivers and transmitters than can actually feel the energies around us. Sometimes this can make our life challenging and we can feel drained easily but remember that you have plugins working in your spiritual body that many other human beings do not have working and you are blessed with this access.

We are empaths so let's make sure we honour that in each other and share some tips that may be supportive. First we have to know and remember that being in crowds or groups in person, being around people that are Energy Vampires is very challenging and at times it can be overwhelming. That is how it is. This is why the ing process is so important to learn to strengthen the Aura to repel environmental or external energies. When an empathic person is stressed it is common that their empathic ability will be heightened and the boundaries lessened and this means that psychic sponging or emotional sponging may occur more easily. So, an empathic person has to be much more aware of how to self assess and administer self care because in a crowd or place that has a lot of negative energy build-up this can feel like a direct assault, attack and be totally exhausting. As a result empathic people must learn to protect their sensitivity and find energetic balance in a way that allows their nervous system and body to find states of total relaxation, inner stillness, that space of no stress or tension when the body is able to be comfortable, let go and relax.

Before we learn to identify Negative Ego thoughts and emotions in ourselves sometimes empaths take on other people's thoughts and emotions and mistakenly think those are their own. This is why as empaths we have to self-source. We have to be self-aware so that we can tell if we are absorbing thoughts or feelings from external sources or other people or it may be coming from mind control broadcasts. Come into checking with our selves. Is this thought mine? Is this feeling mine? Where is this coming from? Empathic people can be hyper aware, or able to tune into other people's moods whether they're positive or negative energies. Without boundary setting, some mental body tools and the 12D shield the energies of other people and their thought forms and moods, their emotional states even when they are hidden in the unconsciousness layers and they're not talking about it out loud but it's still an energy result that's being created and those thoughts and emotions are things and they can lodge in your light body. This is why most all empaths can remember that when you're in a crowd, group or some kind of party atmosphere where there's a lot of people you may feel drained, depressed or burdened with heavy energy. As a result most of us learned we had to be alone to regain our centre and find balance. We would go into our room and hide away just wanting to be left alone and get some peace and quiet. This is necessary in so that we take care of ourselves in this way creating the space for peace and quiet, a safe space for us to recover our core and centre ourselves again.

Empathic people may have developed a sensory ability that is more heightened than others. It's not limited to a perceptual range of emotions. Let's say some empaths can have a really developed sense of smell. They can get overwhelmed with that sensory overload and they react very differently to things like essential oils or perfumes or a range of aromas. One kind of empath may feel relaxed and emotionally supported by natural aromas and fragrances while another kind of empath feels assaulted by their frequencies while another empath may have sensory visual overloads where if they see images that are disturbing it is much more impactful to them because they can go into a kind of visual shock while another type of empath or non-empath would not have this kind of reaction or response to that visual stimulus. Empaths have different developmental levels in their sensitivity that can extend into different abilities that go way beyond just emotional sponging of non-visible energies.

We have an interesting situation where we are evolving into Group Consciousness as empaths and at the same time we have to learn how to function in a group without being totally overwhelmed by the group energies. I want to affirm that this is necessary and to recognize how to take care of your self better when feeling overwhelmed by group energy. You can be in a group and still learn to honour your individual self taking good care and giving yourself what you need to feel better to re-centre and rebalance. Some people in the 3D world may not understand this process or requirement so it's up to you to enforce that boundary for your own health and sanity. Explain to others what you need which in many cases may be to be left alone. We have to manage our empathic abilities in a fallen matrix where many people have lost their ability to feel, sense or assess the energies in the environment. So don't be shy and tell people nicely that this is how it is being loving but firm and clear about maintaining your boundaries.

As an example monitor yourself when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Know that your empathic ability is even more heightened. So make a plan to distance yourself when you need to. If you can identify the source of where you may be emotionally sponging - maybe it's a person, group or thing that holds a strong emotional charge get away from it. Take distance and in your mind intend to power up your aura shield and deflect negativity. Remember that physical closeness in proximity is also what intensifies the emotional or psychic sponging. If you have to appear in a group or crowd somewhere prepare for that before you go. Be sure to shield and meditate to power up your auric strength before the gathering. Maybe work your symmetry command or what you like to do to centre yourself, connecting to Spirit while feeling your heart. Visualize protection around you while powering up your aura intending to be strong.

If something happens in the crowd or event try to find an isolated space for a moment and meditate to reaffirm your connection powering up your light source and boundaries. This is something you can do in a bathroom stall or car seat while in a public place. Any place you can get to to be left alone to meditate in stillness for a few minutes. Focus on positivity and love. Strengthen your 12D Shield and see it working as a protective bubble around you.

Sometimes empaths have an especially hard time saying "no" to demanding people but this is a must for an empathic person. Set healthy limits and boundaries. Pay attention to the circumstances. Know your own limits. Don't set yourself up to be stressed out. Make sure that you limit how much time you spend listening to difficult or challenging people like those in the Controller or dominator archetype by learning to say "no". You do not have to defend your answer as “no” and you have every right to say “no”. Set clear limits and boundaries with people. Be sure to redirect them politely if they get critical or nasty because they didn't get what they want from you. Reaffirm your right to say “no” and mean it remembering that saying “no” is a complete sentence that you do not have to apologize for.

Some empaths respond well to breathing focus, shifting awareness to the breath while observing whatever it is in the environment that has caused psychic sponging. Let's say you're out in the environment and come across an area of extreme negativity in the Earth grid that emanates a miasma of toxic sadness and fear or a flash of memory that you see that fills you with this negative emotion that you know is the experience of that moment in time. Bring to your mind to focus on your breathing. Allow yourself to relax your eyes and focus inward on breathing. Feel the breathing movement through your nostrils or your mouth. Maybe do a few pranayama breaths with alternating nostril and see if the emotional tension or pain releases for you. This works for some better than others but it is a tool to help shift out negative feelings quickly.

Many times if you feel sharp sudden pain, feel sick out of nowhere or have an extreme headache or bloating you have some attachments, fragments or entities that may be asking for transit or release. If you're in public try to get to a quiet and isolated spot and work the Release into Aqua Portal or Diamond Pillar or call upon the Guardians or God Self for help in making transit for these releases. Most of the time you don't need to recite a long command but feel how it moves in your heart when you ask for these energies to be released and cleared you may see them or feel them spinning out of your field. You may feel a palpable release of physical pressure as some area of your body - it could be your head, heart or body part.

Many times if you wake up and immediately don't feel good, feel congested and hurting ask to release black magic spells, curses, symbols and inserts. While you are trying to wake up do some "I am God, Sovereign, Free" mantras while you are getting up and getting ready. This should give quick releases. You may need to command your personal space and really strengthen that up when you have time during the day. When you get a few tips and work with the ES tools you can also apply Simple Triad Sweep (STS), Ban of Non-Interference with the visual structure banning energetic interaction between you and the object or person with emotional charge. The Krystal Star of Azoth can also be visualized at any place in your body spinning and neutralizing the dark spot of energy. You also can direct Celestine Fire in this way and many people after some time in the community use the meditations may find a mix and match to find other ways that they feel work the best for them individually.

It is important to get more clarity and define your needs to function better as an empathic person. When you have a moment it might help to have a written list of things that are your top issues for emotional sponging or situations that you've noticed have really knocked you out of centre or emotionally rattled you. Then formulate a plan for handling these types of issues so you are better equipped when they happen suddenly and out of the blue. If there are triggers to these emotions then you know you may have some work to do with Core Fear Removal working with your higher spirit to clear out the pain body of emotional triggers. Your goal is to be able to feel ranges of emotion but to not let these emotions overwhelm you and that you can shift out of them quickly and easily. They don't linger with you at all or become lodged in your body.

Also for most getting into a bath and soaking is highly supportive for clearing out energies of the day and may be something you want to do at bedtime. Getting in a bath or shower with some salts and meditation is a great amplifier for cleansing out the negative energies of the day. I hope that this is helpful to have a few guidelines to remember that as empaths we are a community of empathic people and so that we can stay strong in supporting each other and that this is a totally normal ability to have and stay centered in the midst of some really unstable and surreal energies that we may be exposed to in these times. [1]


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