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Law of One

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and capacity of human beings to be able to act independently and to feel benevolence toward one's fellow humans through practicing humanitarian values imparted by humane learning[1] and in our interpretation, Consciousness development.

World Humanism is based in the re-education of human value which emphasize the importance of shifting anti-human ideological beliefs into humanist based ethics and related philosophical and egalitarian principles. All human beings deserve humane treatment in order to live upon the planet with dignity through having basic access to supply Fundamental Human Needs. Our goal is to apply humanistic ethical philosophy blended with the spiritual egalitarian principles of the Law of One to expand consciousness which inspires direct knowledge or "Gnosis" of direct Consciousness and Awakening experiences.

Main stream Humanism defines itself distinctly as the disconnection of the human being from its inherent spiritual-energetic intelligence or Soul in an attempt to remove the concept of Humanism away from the learned bias and practices of Religion. There is no way to separate humanity from its Soul body, and practice Humanism. Once direct knowledge of the Soul is known as a reality, this fact is experienced without the need to control others through religious bias, nor conform to religious rhetoric or scientific atheistic judgments.

Ascension essentially encompasses an Universal perspective towards the compassionate practice of World Humanism and includes the entire spectrum of life, of all inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed, to be equally deserving of benevolence, Empathy and Compassion.

Law of One

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

In the interpretation of the Law of One in Spiritual Ascension and Awakening context, it is a egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity towards experiencing empathy and achieving humanitarian goals. Ascension study is made as an evolutionary model for our planet and humanity to achieve spiritual freedom. The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study and reflection made upon the personal commitment to expand one's Consciousness and benevolence towards life. As we expand our consciousness we shift perspective to feel our interconnection with all Life and become orientated to be of service (Service to Others) thus, reflecting inner truth. When we experience this all encompassing spiritual-energetic connection, we inherently desire to practice human kindness and seek to collaborate with developing higher structures that place value on human beings, a value system of a World Humanism.

Ascension study is made towards developing the spiritual self knowledge base for each individual to learn how to generate and experience feelings of peaceful benevolence towards the self and towards all human beings. Through one's dedication to self study and Meditation, one can discover their personal microcosm to macrocosm consciousness interconnection with all intelligent and sentient beings on the planet, and throughout the Cosmos.

Emerald Founder Records

Emerald Covenant

The Founder Records are also referred to as the Emerald Covenant CDT Holographic Plates that comprise the egalitarian philosophy of the Law of One, which originally belonged to all of the human 12 Tribes and were the principal spiritual teachings that were commonly understood during the Lemurian and early Atlantian timelines. Each holographic disc was protected and administered to by an assigned Maji Grail King on the Earth, who acted as the main Guardian of the planetary stargate of his tribe.[2]

Study of Moral Code

The study of moral code and co-existing within some feelings of deeper Empathy for life, as well as placing value upon ethical and humane behaviors, is clearly required with imparting and experiencing deeper truth. Accessing deeper truth requires Spiritual Maturity in order to learn how the planet became what it is today. The earth was invaded by the parasitic forces of other species, the NAA who rely on the siphoning of the planetary quanta and the human soul energy for survival and immortality. Many power abuses are easily unnoticed due to the warped thinking that has been programmed in the 3D Narcissistic society. All of this behavioral checkpoint to learn about how our mind works is our personal responsibility. When we agree that we will give it our very best every day, when we live from our heart and ask what we can do to be of Service to Others, with the goal of supporting World Humanism, such as with the guidance given in the Law of One, we get the ego out of the drivers seat in our life. We begin to pay heed to the true teachings of the Christian based ethics without all the dogma, ego and judgment, and religious bias, as our behavioral guideline is genuinely clarified. In the Christ principle, how would the Christ Consciousness behave as a humanitarian? What is my responsibility in this moment to be true to my heart and to simultaneously live ethically and in harmony with Life? [3]

Fundamental Human Needs

If socially and culturally we do not support Fundamental Human Needs as a basic human right for all peoples of the earth, all humanitarian objectives to co-create a more benevolent and peaceful world, a world without war and tyrannical oppression, will fail.


Compassion is a Virtue of the Spirits of Christ — one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood.

Law of One Practices

  • 1. Unity Consciousness
  • 2. Love Yourself
  • 3. Love Others
  • 4. Love Earth & Nature
  • 5. Service to Others
  • 6. Consciousness Expansion
  • 7. Responsible Co-Creation

(see Law of One)

GSF God-Sovereign-Free Behavior

  • 1. Empathy and Compassion
  • 2. Mental Openness
  • 3. Emotional Stability
  • 4. Responsibility
  • 5. Honesty
  • 6. Sovereignty
  • 7. Reality Assessment
  • 8. Unified Cooperation

(see GSF Behavior)

The Spirits of Christ

  • 1. Purity
  • 2. Generosity
  • 3. Patience
  • 4. Kindness
  • 5. Discipline/Conservation
  • 6. Diligence
  • 7. Humility

(see Spirits of Christ and Virtues)

12 Practices of Self Awareness

  • Acceptance
  • Archetypes of Drama
  • Attention
  • Compassionate Witness
  • Confront Beliefs
  • Emotional Balance
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Neutral
  • Quiet the Mind
  • Recover Personal Power
  • Sphere of Influence

(see 12 Practices of Self Awareness)

Krystic Qualities

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

Here in ES we are exploring how we each can make productive movements forward within ourselves to develop Christos spiritual qualities and Virtues and expand those qualities within all of the relationships we are interconnected and interacting. In studying the Law of One Practices, the Relationship Mastery Guidelines, 12 Practices of Self Awareness and GSF Behavior one will find the key notes of these qualities and how one develops solid virtue. This helps us establish patterns to which we can learn to develop more skill with compassionate communication, discerning ego judgments from exercising personal choice and discernment, and learning how to create more enjoyable relationships that are productive and harmonious. When we expand goodness around us, we receive the goodness returned back to us from our own virtuous actions and thoughts.

This life philosophy is met with focused intentions to express communication and behaviors with an open heart which is congruent with these Humanitarian Values:

  • Open-Hearted Living
  • Self-compassion
  • Expressing from the heart
  • Receiving with compassion
  • Prioritizing connection
  • Moving beyond "right" and "wrong" to using needs-based assessments and discernment
  • Choice, Responsibility, Peace
  • Taking responsibility for our feelings
  • Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Living in peace with unmet needs (acceptance)
  • Increasing capacity for meeting needs
  • Increasing capacity for meeting the present moment
  • Sharing Power and Resources (Partnership)
  • Caring equally for everyone’s needs (Group Consciousness)
  • Using force minimally and to protect (defend) rather than to superimpose beliefs, punish, or get what we want without mutual agreement

Krystic qualities have also been described in the GSF Behaviors from the ES Guardian Perspective, as the antidote to AD Behaviors resulting from Mind Control programming and lack of knowledge and self-awareness.[4][5]


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