Law of Verification

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God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)
  • Astrological Correspondence - Sagittarius – Jupiter - Fire
  • Chakra and Sphere 10, Solar Christ Mind of Avatar Body

The Law of Verification is the link of what has been learned through the lessons of life and the gathering of that knowledge that has been accumulated, and then verifying those experiences by figuring out how to apply that knowledge into your everyday life. We take our spiritual lessons and then explore the opportunity to apply them to the material world, paying attention to the results we may get. We get to explore ourselves and our perceived limitations by experimenting with the knowledge that has been gained in order to increase our skills, competencies and talents, by changing and experimenting with the way that we do things. Through verification of what we are learning, we access our creative potentials in order to find new methods to address old problems, and this pushes us beyond our limits to increase our self-confidence and personal power to know that we have all we need inside of us.

If we can look at the negativity and challenges we face as life lessons designed to expand our consciousness, we may approach problems in life with a completely different attitude. We then realize we will have conditions, events and people that surface in our world that come to test out what we are learning about ourselves. We are given the opportunity to adjust our thinking, to know this experience as the truth and see it as a blessing, shifting our reactions to many of life’s experiences. The Law of Verification comes into play when building a strong spiritual foundation, when there are things in our life that need to be stabilized and made stronger, because something in the core is weakened. We may undergo tests of character to see how strong we are in the commitment to personal values or spiritual growth, and in what areas we may falter. If we base our decisions in life upon falsity or lies, this weakness will be tested and brought to the surface so that we can see it operating and verify the truth of it through our own experience. This realization supports the ability to perceive where we need to make changes to modify attitudes and behavior, and to perceive the opposing forces of polarity involved, in order to verify if we are acting in alignment to the natural laws, in alignment to our authentic selves. The Law of Verification teaches us a lesson through inner revelation, the path of moderation in all the pursuits in life in order to achieve Energetic Balance, is the key to mastery of this law, which opens the communication with neutral forces, the Trinity Waves.[1]

Verifying Personal Integrity

The Law of Verification is the link between what you have learned about yourself spiritually, who you are at the deepest levels of Personal Integrity and unflinchingly applying it into every aspect of your daily life. It is now that you must find ways to use this new knowledge of yourself by grounding it into your daily life and personal habits. Your new hard earned levels of truth, freedom, soul integrity, what you feel is right for you personally, becomes challenged by circumstances, people and things. Many of these old circumstances will not resonate with you any more and thus, will end, fall away, disappear or be reformed to your new frequency. Many times this appears rather troubling even though it is a major blessing in disguise.

This law presents you with a trial or test, to see if you can still remain in your personal truth or on your path, despite challenges to your new way of being and hard pushes made against your integrity. It is a time where you must devise new methods of dealing with old problems. It is a time that demands new insights and creative resolution. We are then led to explore new beliefs about our world and what is transpiring around us.

As we gain mastery with self-control, we use the Spirit of Patience and tact in the handling of such situations.

The questions we need to be clear for our Verification:

  • What in my life needs stabilizing?
  • What tests must I pass to learn my lessons?
  • What beliefs do I hold that I must verify through my experience?
  • How am I synthesizing opposing forces in my life?
  • After going through the death of transforming, what characterizes my new rebirth in this next cycle?
  • What law of God do I violate and what can I do to stay in harmony with those laws?

You may want to investigate these to be more aware of your fears and triggers that bring you in a downward spiral. Recognize those Emotional Triggers and work to adjust them to refocus your thoughts to trusting in the divine order. Trusting implicitly in spirit and divine guidance is a huge test for many of us in the wounded healer archetype. Know it is time and that we are eternal.[2]


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