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Transcript: Recognizing that in the macrocosm of the planetary field during this time there are problems with Mental Body Fragmentation, mental body damage, thinking about this in terms of spherical energy bodies of the Collective Consciousness that are fragmented into shards and pieces. Many of these pieces feel like frozen or broken shards of glass and when the mental bodies are fragmented in such way they can become crystallized and bonded to Artificial intelligence or any Alien Machinery that is projecting out False Timelines. That helps us to understand more deeply the artificial construct that is the Negative Ego construct and how the construct had been bonded into the first, second and third dimensional particle layers of DNA. It was a way to and enmesh the physical human body with an artificial type of machinery that would replicate or simulate higher mental body function and to recognize that is the norm or the standard that we see on the surface of planet Earth today. Of course this is creating the difficulty as we move into the higher frequencies and it comes up against these frozen shards of glass, this razor-sharp crystallization. Think of Mental Body Fragments as a hard sharp crystallization and how many people have that within their own bodies, in what would be constituting as their Aura, their Lightbody. Their level of functioning would include that sharpness, these crystallizations of mental body energy that has become energetic blockages in their system. Recognizing that constriction in the body creates those crystallization's of broken glass and a part of becoming fluid, a part of becoming timeless, a part of becoming fearless and being able to just be fully in the present moment - is to dissolve this crystallization because in the now moment awareness and that present moment of Compassionate Witness we are more fluid. In this state, we exist outside of the time/space construct and are in now time. Through that state of consciousness, which really is a fully present awareness of perpetual Meditation, a perpetual presence with all that is in the moment, we are able to soften and dissolve these crystallization's that create this Mental Body Fragmentation.

But what I'm trying to get at is to describe the sharpness of it and how the razor-sharpness of mental body fragments that have crystallized in the average human body and from the average 3D way of materialistic thinking. If we are working with Dead Energy ego filters, such as filtering with the negative ego, it creates more of this fragmented crystal. We are feeling this in the field at this time as the opposing spirals of mental body fragments collide with the higher consciousness spiral, the Krystal Spiral, the fluid tri-wave spiraling in the present moment of time. Those people that are still mentally fixated on the artificial reality that has been created based upon really AI mental body simulation, as we know the negative ego construct is an alien construct that became fused with the physical human body and that's what's known as a Reptilian Tail. So with the reptilian tail, thinking about the Negative Ego mental bodies and the Ego Filters as a solid type of construct in matter, of course we cant physically see it but it's something that is constructed in particles in the first, second and third dimensional layers. As we move through the Bifurcation this collision between the mental body fragments and higher frequency spirals creates a lot of discomfort for many people. We have this strange opposition occurring while moving into a more fluid energetic reality that has different laws of structure organizing particles in the higher dimensions. It is like saying in that second Harmonic Universe the particles organize and synchronize in a different pattern than they do in the first, second and third dimensional layer, which is the strange transition that humanity is enduring now at a planetary level, at the planetary body level.

And recognizing again many of us have elevated beyond that 3D foundation and yet we are still coexisting in a field with the majority of the inhabitants of planet Earth still traveling in the fragmentation field which is the mental body Miasma of the collective unconsciousness of humanity. Thinking of the group mind, collective mind, collective consciousness of planet Earth and recognizing that Collective Consciousness where it's at in mental body miasma, we are feeling this miasma surfacing quite acutely at this time.

So again in strengthening our intention with connecting deeply within our core self. Aligning with our higher spiritual mental bodies. Recognizing that each spiritual body is a type of intelligence that has its own mental layer, meaning the higher spiritual layers are a type of intelligence that work as a mental body but it's something we are not used to in this dimension because we've been born into a mental body that has been almost like a artificial simulation construct that requires Dead Energy. It requires siphoning in order to project things into the manifest and that's another level of recognizing the negative ego construct is vampiric. It requires energy from the external, it requires energy from other people. When we are fixated in negative ego the negative ego will siphon energy from the environment or from other people to maintain the reality bubble. That's how the negative ego manifests in the physical. It needs energy, it has to collect external energy in order to project the manifestation.[1]


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