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Themes: (polarity integration template, monadic aspect, Alpha Centauri lineage, goal to create bodies for Maldekians, some Luciferian strains, clearing of Black Magic, implants, parasites, and use of Sirian healing temple bath to remove implants)

Session Excerpt: Let's focus on the still point area, which is the area in between your rib cage. As you shut your eyes and focus your consciousness, just bringing yourself into the focus of that still point. We are going to open our field. As we call upon the Melchizedeks the holy order of the ascended serving the sacred light and Law of One. From our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the oneself one God.

We call upon the Guardian races the councils of our greater God-Self, those that service the starseed identity matrix aligned to the Law of One mission, to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power. Beloveds as we strengthen and amplify the personal Cosmic Christ field and pillar, we're going to zip you up quickly with that.

As we focus deep with in the center of the brain within the third eye, seeing a platinum flame and light ignited within the center of the third eye. We are going to drop that flame, see the platinum light moving down your Hara Line the vertical central current of your body. See it release through your legs. We are going to connect into the 12 dimensional hub which is on the surface of the earth. When you see that in the distance looking at a huge vortex of swirling light, the 12D Cosmic Christ intelligence, and we are going to connect your platinum flame with that of the larger flame of the Cosmic Christ force, creating the handshake.

Maldek Prototype Body

I also would like to create the handshake with the home soul tone frequency and those who represent and claim this being, through the starseed identity matrix. I am getting a very strong hit on Alpha Centauri and something about a ring around Saturn. Okay I see. Okay I'm getting from the Guardians that also one of the things that is dear to your heart is that there was a planet that was called Maldek. There were beings on Maldek that exploded and these beings. We could call them Mardukians or Maldekians and part of the physicality, there's something reweaving in your body that is helping them.

Because beings from Maldek were traumatized when their physical bodies split apart and somehow in terms of your process of your physical energy feedback is, I'm just going to go there, is building bodies from all the Maldekians. Okay these are souls waiting for bodies these are souls that are displaced that do not have a planet or a place to express. There is incredible psychic pain that has been created by this. One of your agreements is to supply through your experience here, in the physical realm genetic code and experience. However this is translated into your body that is eventually going to be utilized for the creation of forms that are synergistic with the Maldekian consciousness. These may be human prototypes I'm not sure. But they are genetic amalgamations of forms that are being created so that this group can be rehabilitated and relocated.

One of the issues with the Mardukians and Maldekians is that some strains of Luciferian beings come from there. And it's very important to understand because that word has emotional charge to it. The Luciferians are a race of beings that were connected to Maldek and their issue has been, very much like as above so below. When we look at the Palestinians and Israeli conflicts it's the same thing going on at a Galactic level, where there are beings that have been displaced that do not have a home necessarily. And have hence, become dependent on humans and in many ways have parasitized humans because of a necessity. Because there needs to be co-evolutionary agreements and support brought at this level.

Our ascension process is far more extended and vast than human and planetary consciousness. What goes on here is impacting so many different life forms. So your contract has to do with this. One of your projects is to support the race lineage of the Alpha Centaurians, in helping to create appropriate bodies that can house fragmented consciousness that has no way to express itself at this time, and is literally waiting for body to express itself in. Okay, thank you so much.

Recalibrate Spiritual Links

Beloveds again as we connect into the 12th dimensional pillar and hub, we ask that all communications be restored into spiritual links and cognition to recalibrate the spiritual links, so that she can fully feel, cognize and connect to her soul family her home soul frequency. Thank you so much. And as we connect into the hub we need to anchor activate and energize the 12th dimensional blueprint, the divine monadic body. And all connections personal, planetary, Galactic, and Universal as God would have it be. Reweave and reconnect each of the pathways of communication between these template bodies and the Silicate Matrix of the 12D body that will bring and reweave the imprints of health and balance.

Again our goal is to alchemically transcend all polarity integration within the body to that of wholeness and union. We ask for all support and connections and all that is best to support the bio-energetic field and its maximum expression. And again fulfilling the soul agreements and attuning to the highest purpose of the soul in this time and space. Please upgrade and recalibrate the etheric nadial structures that allow these communications and downloads, synchronize into this timeline in this moment of self. We also request the anchoring of biological codes and activating the seed crystals needed for the highest expression of the soul, and again bringing the bodies biology into balance and health. We consecrate the body into the lineage of the Law of One, again assisting the body in perfect balance and unity consciousness by activating each layer of the silicate matrix in its divine right order. Thank you so much.

Beloveds as we work with the biology please prepare through Axiatonal Alignment reconnection through axiatonal alignment allowing universal harmonics to come through the body. Picking out each of the harmonics that will bring the center core into stabilization. Our goal is to stabilize the foundational core of the bio-energetic field especially from the physical level. I'm feeling the physical body needs to be shifted so the spiritual energy can fully anchor in the embodiment. We request each of the Guardian races and the Melchezidek genetic technicians. Okay these are Alpha Centauri, okay those that are familiar with the contract the program and the unique configuration of her body. Our assistance is in working with removing overgrowth of energy parasites, energy worms, energy microorganisms that impact the physical biology.

The cleanout needed and where we need to look at this is the layers of the first dimensional form that are connected at the monadic atomic core. Please look at the monadic atomic core as this is the connection into the earth plane, where the earth plane magnetics hold the body into the earth grids. Assisting in the release of the body from over processing of planetary energies that are creating a burden on the physical self. We request all of the support from the genetic technicians and ascension teams to now assist the body in transmutation and alchemy, as designed through polarity integration templates this being holds. Thank you so much.

Core Soul Protection

We also request the core soul protection package because there is a genetic lineage to the maismas that are releasing through these energies. We call upon the higher-self counsel and guardians to administer the core soul protection to each layer of the multidimensional ancestral and starseed identity, and any of those attached through this being. Release through this dispensation now, through the moment of self fully completely and totally. We ask for the complete removal of lower formed energies, miss qualified vibrations, as well as obstacles and blockages in the Nadial Structures that clog-up the electromagnetic field. Specifically what we are looking at are those layers that go into the electromagnetic battery body from the first dimension.

Okay first let's focus on first dimensional monadic atomic core density one. Anchor activate and energize a fifth dimensional electro-tonal blueprint, supersede third dimensional contract with the intention of superseding any imbalances that impair the soul from fulfilling the highest alignment and attunement of the bodies and consciousness, in this moment. As we attune the 5th dimensional body, attune and open up in the third template body that connects into the first dimensional layers. Okay we are clearing parasites now remove all negative entities, remove now any negative elemental structures. Remove any negative karmic implants and pain traps that create from the distorted spin, again bring harmony balance wholeness to the core.

There's a nuclear core fission fusion, stabilize the core front to back, internal to external, right to left, top to bottom, anchor in the core. Okay sweeping the body of negative entities through each of the layers. Look through each of the layers of the templates through all levels and stations of identity. Violet flame transmute and remove any and all... return to equal opposite energy merge and exchange, God purity, God perfection, God oneness and the imprint of perfect health. Further in working with the core soul protection package we would like to clear any two pointed weaknesses in the conflicts of polarity. Bring them into neutral association remove any imbalances caused from the imbalances in the body related to masculine feminine or gender reconciliation.

Again we're assisting the body in achieving sacred union in all levels possible and bringing the balance between masculine and feminine. Please remove imbalanced matrices that are no longer serving this being. Remove the structure or device, we are superseding polarity into unity consciousness, reset to neutral association and remove any plugs limitations for trauma or illness, that have been created in the karmic re-patterning of the body. Please continue to remove negative attachments, cords, energy worms, remove specific to female organs, specific to intestinal tract. Okay soul overlay upgrade on the organ system digestion look at the stomach. As we look at the stomach we go into the lining of the stomach, allowing blood oxygenation to open through the solar plexus and into that stomach area. Imprinting tissues health bringing balance between the echo-system of the digestion, by re-ensouling the stomach as an organ.

Solar Plexus Healing

We ask the over-lighting diva for assistance in this way. Over-lighting diva and medical assistance teams, please again re-ensoul the stomach, reattach each of the lines into the grid systems that energize the solar plexus and allow the Solar Plexus to be open and free, to feed vital life force and chi into the stomach.

By spinning, spin out energy worms, cords, debris and power sucking devices in the solar plexus. Please clear heal align anchor activate synchronize fill with light repair and reconnect the solar plexus, solar plexus chakra and its channels. Open into the personal power and core divinity and assisting with the anchoring of still point, merge into the solar plexus allowing personal point of God power within to emanate and anchor the core. Resonate to the home soul tone and soul song. Thank you so much.

Move it through the lining of the stomach and the cilia of the stomach, correct the ileocecal valve and remove bacteria around the ileocecal valve. Assist in the peristalsis of the duodenum itself, correct any static debris microorganism organisms of parasitic bacterial fungal and viral in nature. Disengage frequencies of microorganisms to bring the true balance of perfect radiant health, as we bring in 734 Hz the higher self and beyond. Remove all lower vibration under 500 and allow it to gently and easily be detoxified and eliminated through the natural detox and lymphatic systems. Continue to open the duodenum, remove attachment and twisting in the duodenum. Any constriction blockage in that area of small intestine open clear and release. Take this through the jejunum ilium and move into the ileocecal into the cecum, ascending, transverse and descending colons, let it come out. And we want to fully revitalize the large intestine and to hold the core soul protection package to release all ancestral past, all patriarchal exorcism or dominion programs that are being released. Assist support and help now, releasing through the large intestine gracefully and easily. Remove any alien implants or implants that are creating a problem or manipulation into the field. Return any and all energies and essences that have been stolen or misdirected from control or manipulation.

We call back all that is the self-sovereign God power and right of this being, fully completely and totally. Continue to release any patterns that create ritual, spell, curse or symbol, any kind of insignia that's no longer serving this being, remove these artifacts now. Remove the vulnerability created from psychic attack in those layers, specifically relating to energy parasites that lodge within the stomach. There is a lining of a particular energy that has been placed there that needs to be removed. Remove all psychic attack remove all layers in the body that is a pathogen-puller remove any pathogen-puller implants now. De-magnetize, de-cord and release, find any trigger points and seal them, find any cords and seal them from any vulnerability in fully activating pathogen-pullers now. Remove the pathogen pullers all over the body.

Sirian Healing Temple Bath

Okay we need to take the spiritual body to a healing temple. In looking at the spiritual body again in your own mind's eye, see yourself floating in a huge crystal tub. As you're floating in this tub we're going to fill it with an aqua blue type of frequency, water of life. It's watery but it's viscous it's kind of thick it's warmish. As you allow yourself to be immersed into this tub we are going to immerse your entire body in this tub. We are going to program this fluid to find any energetic resonance of implants that are pathogen-pulling implants into your body.

We are clearing any energetic parasites and debris through any microorganisms that have been brought into the body through manipulation. De-magnetize and find the frequency of these implants. These implants are very small and they look like small dark confetti. In your mind's eye in your stomach and midsection if you can see any dark areas, you want to again in your mind let them float to the bottom of the tank. Release them.

As we program the water to find any frequency and hertz to de-magnetize these implants, they again fall to the bottom of the tank that you are floating in. They sound like metal when they hit the bottom. We're now going to flush that first round out, there are about 10 of them right there. So let's flush the tank and start over, filling body with a second round of light. Okay we are going to let that go down the drain and see all of the dark spots of these dark tin-like little objects letting go, floating down the drain.

We are now going to fill up the tank with the blue viscous fluid this is by the way the Sirian energy. The Sirian energy of this light it's called the blue flame. Again it's to re-pattern and assist the body in healing from these particular implants. Again we are going to fill this tub and tank with this blue fluid again. See yourself being immersed completely, you can breathe in this water so your going to be immersed all the way down in a glass tub filled with bright blue indigo type of light water fluid. Okay again dial frequency and program the water, find and seek any implants pathogen-pullers, any energies that create frequency disturbance in the body now. De-magnetize all objects remove any energies that are not in the sovereignty of this beings Cosmic Christ intelligence. As you float in the blue water see any dark spots, dropping like heavy weights to the bottom of the tub.

Again we set the intention now with the guidance and the over-lighting diva to assistance and support with any and all energies that are not congruent with the souls fulfillment at this time, in perfect radiant health. Release clear and terminate from the body. Bring balance and harmony, as God would have it be in divine right order and harmony for this being. We are now flushing the tub and letting the tank of the blue water be drained out, taking along with it all of the dark implants and spots.

I would like to request the Sirians and those that are working with the Alpha Centauris that support you at this time, again for all spiritual and etheric surgery needed and necessary to bring full balance, harmony and unification to the ecological balance of the digestion and the energetic etheric template levels being freed of any manipulation or feeding type of energies. Remove all psychic attack remove all energetic parasites and related debris. Clear and continue to clear any vampirism cords that are connected by sealing any openings to harmful portals that are in that area. Primarily it looks like the solar plexus area. Cutting all cords to inappropriate energies, remove all karmic implants associated that are no longer serving this being. Continue to remove negative mass consciousness energy build up in the mind field.

Again re-gridding and assisting the mind field in releasing any imbalances, remove any implants programming of negative mass consciousness energy and collective consciousness energy. Correct eliminate set free. Please continue to clear any and all imbalanced or negative energies now that are not in the full-service and purpose of the sovereignty and power of the being, in service to the Law of One. Thank you so much.

Coming back for a moment into the attunement of the first dimensional layers, the upgrade is resetting the scalar standing wave within the first dimensional layer density of physical body. We do ask as assisted through the Aurora and new elemental command, as the body is moving through new encryption coding into the new elements that make up the DNA chemical layers, that this is assisted smoothly and easily so that the physical body can be supported. We need to assist in the opening of all intrinsic energies through physical layers that are sourcing from the first three chakra layers that make up the physical elemental form. Please correct all assistance in allowing the connections to the higher intelligence of the creative forces and universal intelligence. The intrinsic connection from macrocosm level into each of the acupuncture lines and meridians that need to be fully brought online and active, to supply the body with the necessary vital force and chi. Again perfect radiant health and assistance of the physical form in all ways, in harmony with the soul and the contracts now.

We choose the pattern of perfection and claim the divine inheritance and self-sovereignty of this being now. Release any structure or device, entity or effects associated with any previous agreement that is no longer serving this body or soul, into its highest attunement of purpose. Thank you thank you. As a calibration and phase alignment with that first dimensional center, reweave and reconnect as needed to stabilize the core of the body. Please continue any emotional re-patterning through the holographic identity that connects into collective consciousness, ancestral trauma, illness and limitation. Reset neutral Association. Overall please assist in removing memories that have been implanted in the holographic memory and cellular memory of the body. Reset to neutral association.

Take this through God source spinal cord level. Reset the command center of the neural plexus that is within the heart chakra and beyond, thoracic 4-5-6 reset neutral. Release memories from the morphogenetic field through trauma, illness or patterns past present future through all reorganizations now. As we ask all that is no longer serving this being to be transferred to the core soul protection allowing the transcendence of undue burden or blockage. We again choose the path of service and that which is the light and Law of One.

We ask these corrections to be taken through the outer levels both mind grid and DNA through each karmic contract core soul level and beyond. Through all dimensions, realities, chakras complexes again morph field, blueprints, subtle energy systems, all levels and components of this being fully completely totally and permanently. Anchor lock and seal our work through this hologram. Anchor lock and seal our work through the time matrix.

Beloved family of light thank you so much for your guidance, your support, I appreciate your information. Again all that is needed and necessary to transcend and bring this being into the higher God realization aspects of the soul's purposes and fulfillment. We ask that the biology be upgraded to that which serves the consciousness in the highest light.

We open to reconcile and receive any lesson of experience, by accepting that in unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional forgetfulness. Bringing in the Law of Grace and the unconditional compassion toward self, allow the self to expand into the infinite soma of source, allowing that expansion of the soul. Thank you so much.

Closing: As we seal our session please seal our tunnel, close down the 12D vortex. Please anchor, stabilize and phase align the bodies. Thank you so much. As we seal our session beloveds thank you. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. And so it is we seal and end our session. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 1-24-2008]

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