Power Bid in UK with Atomic Harness Technology

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Themes:Starseed reveal on travels as grid-work, being the eyes and ears of Guardian forces in this hologram, Power Bid in UK with Atomic Harness Technology, reptilian central One World Order headquarters in UK, testing technology of reality splitting and frequency fences on an entire demographic, creating obedient disconnected masses, disrupting root chakra and grounding, Lisa seeing a pattern of grid-work assignments related to blood sacrifice in the name of false gods, how war and sacrifice feed black magic grids used against humanity.

Opening: So again taking a deep breath in the stillpoint, connecting into our bodies beloveds we open the alchemical container and space, from the stillpoint of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one source one God. Beloveds thank you. Okay in creating a trans-harmonic pillar, it's like a horizontal lockdown. Immediately what I'm getting is a tremendous amount of resistance on our connection. I'm just going to again request the Melchizedek guardian's, beloveds again as we open through the crystal intelligence of the cosmic Christ energy, we ask again to spin out through the Golden Fleece Buffer, through I am God I am Sovereign I am Free. Please lock down the field for us here and now.

They are showing me, I'm just getting there is a massive shifting going on in the UK right now. So I'm just seeing it at the Stargate portal level, it's like I'm seeing this humongous Stargate and it's at the top of the United Kingdom. I'm seeing the landmass of the UK and I'm seeing the very top of the landmass. Something really major is going on there right now and seems to have relevance to why you are there. So let me just see what's coming in on that. How fascinating okay so what I'm actually feeling honey is that you're going to feel a lot better when you get out of there. What I'm seeing is happening there right now, is that we're in a really intense time where there's a bid for control happening.

Controlled Banking Crisis

Apparently this whole thing that's going on with the banking crisis is something obviously that's much larger than the United States, it's impacting the global economies. So what I'm seeing is that through these collapses there are a lot of other sub-agendas that are coming online right now. The way I'm seeing it is like there are probable timeline realities. A way to understand how the controllers work with the timelines is that they try to condition the fields so that a population of consciousness will respond in a certain way and therefore create a probable reality or a trigger of something. And what I'm actually seeing there, and again please only take in what is feels right for you, but what I'm getting is that there is some kind of disaster that has been orchestrated or planned over there.

And what I'm seeing is that in order for consciousness from the higher levels, it's almost like you're there as an inter-dimensional portal and buffer, where you're creating a handshake. It's like you're the ears, eyes, nose of spirit of the God consciousness, your body has become a technology of that. So when you're there in that particular location it's like there is a buffering going on, but there's also a contact that is happening that wouldn't happen unless you were there physically. There is something happening, okay, when did those beings show up? Because it's them, okay those beings are our star family these are the Melchizedek beings that are working with the changes on what I call the morphogenetic fields or seeing the timelines as they show up in probability.

11D Stargate Reptilian Central

It's like understanding the global human agreement, because we're all part of the human mind matrix. If 6.5 billion of us believe in poverty and sickness and money, and blah blah blah, therefore it is, right. So what happens is even though we are directing our consciousness to create that reality for the human race the issue is that behind the scenes there is manipulation that seeds those impulses so that humans responded just like little puppets. They send out a fear vibration and we just respond to it without even questioning, is that us or where is it coming from. We're just robotic. What I'm seeing is that there is something critical happening. Okay so apparently the 11th dimensional Stargate area is in the UK and this is a major reptilian hangout. For some reason this area is very important to them and there is a massive shift or bid to take it to the next level.

What I'm feeling is that you are there temporarily to pick up information and leave. And it's almost like your body is a sort of inter-dimensional portal and those beings are able to see through your eyes, you know what I'm saying? Because they are you and they are family, through your physical body they can see detail that they can't see outside of the human form. This is really bizarre, okay even though you may not be consciously aware of this what they are showing me is a hologram. What a hologram means is that if you see any small piece of the reality, the whole record is enclosed in it. There's something you've been looking at, it's like I'm looking through your eyes and I'm seeing out of your eyes on the street. It's almost like the governmental buildings or something around the area and I can see that there are pieces of information that are being relayed, from you looking at it. It's a very strange thing but that is what I'm seeing. So there is an exchange of information and I think a buffering of the field that's happening with you there.

Bio Warfare Heavy Metal Implant

I'm getting that all of the Chemtrails are coming out of there, like the chemical technologies of biological warfare are being engineered there. There is something happening there now, what it feels like quite frankly is a new technology of whatever that is. What I'm seeing is that they send it out, but that's the headquarters. They create the biological warfare whatever that microbial thing is. There's a headquarters somewhere in Britain that is doing this and then they give that to those like in the United States or Australia. But it is starting there, that's the headquarters where this stuff goes on. And there is testing happening on the public over there right now and for some reason our Guardians are interested in this. There is some relationship to understanding or needing to get a sample or something around this, before it goes global. It looks like it is some kind of heavy metal inhalant.

They are starting to work with technologies that shift the energetics, the electromagnetic field of the body of the human being. Because we know that's the key to consciousness, is connecting to levels of frequency of your God-Self. It's literally like a broadcast reception and if the body is overridden with heavy metals, the heavy metals create mixed signals in the body. It's like it does something to the electromagnetic field of the body and this is what I'm seeing. There is some kind of atomic harness on the light bodies happening through this chemical or heavy-metal chemtrail spray, that is happening over there. So I'm seeing a big showdown, a reptilian showdown and a struggle happening over there right now. I feel like you are going to be ushered out of there, you're being protected. Like you went in there to pick up some information and leave, that's basically it.

So very interesting because I'm seeing those sparkly lights, like those beings that are doing this they are assisting and all of this has to do with genetic prototyping. I don't know why because there's something about chemtrails, chemicals this biological warfare stuff. What it does is it changes the DNA it does something to the body genetically. There is something going on with that right now and it's happening in the UK. So apparently you were just sent there as a part of that larger purpose and then you're going home. Okay, thank you so much.

Again in assisting and supporting the physical body, what I'm seeing is that you could only stay there for a limited time because the energy there is not supporting your health. Like you're feeling drained while you're in London. It's like the barrage of the energetic assault happening right there, is something that is not making you feel well. What I'm seeing though is that you are going to feel better once you're out of there. I'm seeing literally a tsunami of energy over there, swirling black pits of energy, there's a big shift. There's something and I can tell I am not getting the whole piece for whatever reason. I just know there is something big happening there right now and that energetic explosion is creating a drain on your body. And you have put your toe in and it's time to get you out of there, like your done. Once you're out of there you're going to feel a lot better. A part of it is that, yeah. Okay, thank you so much.

Stabilize Female and Pelvic, Hip Region

Again in supporting the physical body, really just trying to soothe the left side female energy of the body, that's the part that feels terrorized at the moment. It's like oh God just feeling really vulnerable. Really trying to remove a lot of energetic interference in your field, just being picked up and hanging out there. Really cleansing and letting the peace enter, I see a lot of violet flame energy coming in on the left side and helping to soothe. It's interesting it's like looking at static energy that's really erratic around you. There's a lot of it, are you sensing that? God it just looks a lot of erratic energy flying around in the area. How is the sentiment of the people that are living there? How are your friends, how are they feeling?

Around the whole hip area over there, really creating stability in the hip and strengthening the sacral and pelvic region. I feel that's been destabilized. Oh my God, okay I see it. It's almost like your body, your root chakra the thing that kind of grounds you and holds you in place has been dislocated. There is so much crap going on over there that the root chakra, it's thrown your hip off. As funny as this sounds, your body does not jive with London and you can't ground. It's like you can't feel in your body while you're there so after a week or two of being there your hips are off, one is higher than the other. And I don't feel the stability in your sacrum that allows you to be really grounded or stable in your structure. It seems like it's creating pain when you are walking. So again looking at that entire area around the tailbone and this structural area, please assistance in stabilizing the entire sacrum and pelvic pattern. It's like the pelvis and its relationship to the lower lumbar and sacrum all the way to the tailbone, strengthening the coccyx to the coccyx brain. What I'm feeling is there's a calibration on the hip, the wings of the pelvis need to be parallel they are not parallel. Bringing it down and parallel.

Okay and the energy around the root chakra and resetting that. It's like going in the in the opposite direction or something, it needs to be reset and stabilized in the body. Again those that are sensitive like us, there's something really big happening on the island of the UK and this has impacted literally the root. Like where we receive energy at the root chakra level that is about our physical grounded-ness, walking on the land walking on the earth. That process is been disrupted over there from whatever's happening. The good news is I think you should feel better by this weekend. I'm feeling once you leave there it's going to change actually. So please assist in looking at the template body in the first dimensional chakra there.

Nanodust Particle creates Atomic Harness

Oh my God, I see. Oh my God, all right. What they're doing over there, okay we'll just take a deep breath. What they are showing me is this chemical this biological thing that they are sending out, it gets inhaled like a chemtrail of some sort. It has some kind of nano-dust particle that gets into your lungs and this is how it spreads. And what it's doing is it literally disrupts the light body and the aura to such degree that the light body is harnessed by this technology. Now the guardians had showed me something once before that is called an Atomic Harness. What it really is though is a frequency fence and what the Frequency Fence does is it creates a harness around the atomic body of the being, and that is in a population. We're not talking about one person we're talking about an entire population. Now I had seen this plan or design before but I didn't quite understand how that's done, they're showing me how it's done. How it's done is through these Chemtrails.

So what they're sending out, it feels like a testing ground or it's the first phase of it. The first phase of the One World Order thing is that they are sending out this chemtrail kind of thing and a human being breathes it in. It starts to change the molecular structure so that the bodies at the atomic level start to be able to be encompassed almost like within this Frequency Fence. It's like looking at a fence of frequency, like a pen with farm animals inside. This is creating a pen and it's an energetic one, so that the beings that are being caged in their light body they're not using it so they don't know. So in a sense this is a last-ditch effort or a grasp of power and control, because they're losing it. Many of the beings like your self and myself we're beyond the frequency fence. They can't harness us, but what they're doing is they are testing and they are going after certain segments of the population to harness. This is happening in the UK right now. Did we get cut off? This is the resistance it's not coming from you or I. It is not about us personally, these entities do not want us to understand this. This is something that we have been sent in, I think as Melchizedeks to understand, because it is our lineage and family that works with the grid lines. (question...)

So we keep getting cut off. My feeling about this which I really want to drive home to you, is that something has happened for our family of consciousness. That even though we have these physical things going on, I have to say I really feel we are much more protected than we've ever been. It's almost like what has happened to us is that we have somehow moved beyond the frequency fence and it's almost like they know they can't do anything with us. It's kind of like there's not much they can do because we're already outside of that, but what they are going for is those that have not begun any awakening process and do not have any awareness of their soul body or their energy field or the light body, aura or anything. So what is happening right now is that they are literally in a chess game. It's reminds me of a game Stratego, it's like a war game. I can see what they're doing, they know that they are losing numbers and so they are taking an aggressive technological stance here to try to retain some of the numbers they're losing.

This seems to be happening for the first time. I'm seeing like the headquarters of this is the United Kingdom, this is a reptilian base it's like a main reptilian base or something. I'm just feeling that they are testing this technology out or they're using it there first as the first place. And this thing is being implemented and this is going to again create reality splits and frequency fences. But now I understand what this atomic harness connection is, because I didn't understand what that meant. It's a way they can harness entire demographic regions. So what I'm seeing right now is they are testing on the island, like the entire island of the United Kingdom. I can see that they want, it's strange but I can see that they are testing it on areas that can be contained. Like the UK is its own island, it doesn't bleed into other countries. It's like it's totally in its own space and for whatever reason it's easier like this.

US and UK Military Collaboration to handle Europe

There's something about the programs and the planetary gridlines, like say Europe is going to be harder. Because there is so much variation in entities, cultures, and programs, with so much variation it's harder for them to atomically harness. It has something to do with a sweeping process, they can sweep an area like the island of UK and apparently it's effective. For whatever reason it's more challenging when there is a larger landmass. Like say if they were going to try to sweep the whole continent of Africa. The UK is big but it's in an isolated area and it's a smaller landmass. They are testing this out now to see, what I'm getting is they don't have it perfected they are seeing how it works. So they're implementing this right now and it's just starting. It's obviously being implemented by a US and UK military collaboration. I can feel that this is coming from governmental projects it's a military governmental thing. They are starting to utilize this, what I want to say is in government agencies. They are starting to use it there but this is what the purpose of it is. It's basically so bizarre, this atomic harness function what it does is it just creates literally like an iron wall around the aura. So for the being that is in the physical body it's going to be extremely difficult for that being to access its soul, to access it's God-Self. And as we know all of the religion and the BS is to take you out of that, so you're just worshiping something outside of yourself. So in a sense this is all about taking the divinity away from the being and making sure that the being is complacent and obeying the rules of authority. So that's what this is all about.

Anyway, so I'm getting that your light being your God-Self went there to pick up information and to see it. As funny as this sounds again, that we are the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of God literally, and of our spirit families. And through us because now we are in contact at a level we've not been in contact before, we are like a ground task force of our star family. So we are the ones that are implementing the plan so to speak, and we're guided at that level by our God spirit and our families. And obviously you are a part of the task force darling, because they sent you there to see that. Because I would not be able to see this without you being there, you see what I'm saying.

They put a cloud over everything. You know how when you try to do remote viewing, they're very adept at putting of veil like a holographic insert so that you're fooled and you can't see. This is how they did the artificial matrix in the fourth dimension and crap like that. So channels just see this perfect world, oh we're going there and there's nothing to worry about. Just go to sleep take the blue pill or whatever. So what is happening is that when members of our family of consciousness like you and I connect, we can see things. This is what I'm getting we are bridging. Like by you being there and me being here, we're creating a complete pathway of opening that allows us to see this, and as well sends that information back to our consciousness family.

So I'm getting very clearly that without you being there, I would not have gotten this, we would not know this. It happens because of who we are and what happens when we get together and when we connect. So this is what we would say I guess is the grid project at the moment sweetie that were doing. And obviously what I'm feeling is that okay we have this insight or understanding of what's brewing or what is beginning over there, that is about the implementation of the New World Order agenda. This is a part of it, what they are doing is they are trying to centralize power in one place. So they are breaking down the social economic structures so that they can systematically create these atomic harnesses. Because how are they going to control the world if there are still all of these government structures that are not fully in alignment to their agenda. So by doing this, by destabilizing countries what they're doing is then ensuring that the country will be compliant to whatever they want to happen. I didn't know this before, but apparently the headquarters of the mastermind of this whole thing is happening in the UK. The whole One World Order thing, the whole reptilian agenda thing, they have a headquarters and it seems like they have bases all over the place. But whatever it is the chain of command starts there, that's what the UK is about. I didn't know that, so maybe the monarchs are a bunch of reptiles, wow, I had no idea. This is the headquarters for the implementation.

Destabilization of UK Grid

So while you are there obviously your body is feeling the destabilization of the grids there. Because it's happening right now and your body is feeling it. Like get me out of here. So you are getting out of there and your going to feel a lot better very soon. But that's what you're experiencing is like an atomic harness. What I'm seeing is that destabilizes the root as well, because through the root chakra is the part of you that connects to the earth. And that harness and that energy over there is creating some kind of schism or something different. And the average human being who does not have a developed light body, apparently isn't going to feel this. You are feeling it because you operate outside of the fence. Your physical body can feel it because you're operating at higher light body levels, where most human beings are only in their physical layers. They're not operating out of the higher intelligences or connecting to any of the dimensional energies at all. And those are the ones obviously that they are going for, in terms of harnessing them so that they won't move into those higher layers. So they won't go through the spiritual evolution process. Okay, wow.

I'm going to take a drink of water on that one, jeez. All right. So any further support to the bodies? So what I'm seeing is that your body has a natural spin that creates the natural vibration and I see a monkey wrench getting thrown in it. Your body's trying to be at a certain vibration and then there's this wrench that keeps getting thrown in there and that's coming from the atomic harness. Because what the atomic harness does is it prevents Kundalini or life force from coming into the body. It's like it blocks the frequency of that coming in. Like you're connected to life force, but many of the others are not connected to life force in this way. And it's throwing the root chakra, the way the root chakra spins and connects to the tailbone and how that energy connects to the electromagnetic battery body. This area is what controls the energy of the form, in terms of your energy management and your tiredness and all of this.

Recalibrate the KA Template body

So again in rejuvenation and assistance, and supporting all that can be done within this particular time and space. I'm going to ask that you please recalibrate the KA template body that allows the electromagnetic battery body function and its voltage to at least be in alignment until she can leave there. Can you please assist in opening the root and allowing the KA template bodies to be re-aligned, into their proper energy management functions? Again just supporting the physical body and its health and its revitalization of this time.

I think we're entering a cycle, because what I'm seeing with you darling is that I think that some of us have said yes to do grid-work like this. And it looks like that's what happening here, like you've been doing a phase of it. I feel like you've been on a bit of a tour of duty with the grid-work. And now you're going to go home and you're going to rest for a little bit. And I feel like they're going to start me up on it. You know what I'm saying. Yes it feels like we're doing it in turns or something. Because literally in the last week I got this, okay go to Brazil in January, then I'm going to Damanhur again in March and then I'm going to Ashland Oregon after that, and it's like all the sudden. There was nothing, I was just sitting there doing my thing then all of a sudden in the last week all this came in. So it's almost like I feel they give us an assignment and like what you're doing relates to what I'm doing. We each go in turns where we're going to be. I'm getting very clearly that you've been on a tour of duty with the grid-work and now it's time for you to go rest.

Like this London trip seemed to end this leg of the intensity, like this is the most intense one because of what is happening there. And now you go home and you kind of get your bearings again. And then someone else in our family starts up, whatever the next phase of it is. Okay so this is apparently helping us to understand that that's where we are with the Ascension plan, that this is where we're at with it. And the good news is I feel, honestly I feel the Melchizedek beings very close to you I feel your protection. I've been feeling they are closer to me as well. There is something, I feel they sometimes throw annoyances at us but I am feeling like we are going to be left alone, from the stuff we used to have to go through.

Something is happening where they realize it's too late with us, they are not going to be able to manipulate or control us anymore, this family of consciousness at this level. And now they're focusing on those that they can, and that's what they're going for because they don't want to lose the numbers. It's kind of like they are resigned to the fact they lost a couple of us, a couple of us got away. And they're just going to now focus on what they can keep and that's what they're doing right now, systematically.

Okay, we understand. So the issue is again, in just telling you what we are obviously doing. Is it appears that we are beginning to see what a lot of these controllers have done over the eons here. We're starting to explore and understand that they have used human souls and human bloodshed to maintain certain energetic structures of control. This is how a very few control the many. Like a thousand or a couple thousand people control all of the world's wealth, how does that happen? What we're starting to understand is that through their communication their rituals, and we could say weather it's Satanic practice or whatever is irrelevant, because whatever they're doing is Black Magic against humanity. And we're seeing it at a larger level that this is how they've controlled the grid systems and architecture that is brainwashing human beings to believe in a certain reality. To believe it and to participate with it and a lot of this seems to have to do with blood sacrifice. Like basically when they go to war, they dedicate the war. Those beings that are being killed in a war they think they're fighting for freedom but they're actually fighting for something else. And that has an energy to it that they use to keep these structures in place.

So it appears that's why we've been traveling on these grids, because something is lifting right now. Or somehow the technology of our body or our relationship to the Melchizedek family means we are going around and clearing this by being there. Because it's also the beings that are trapped on the grids where they were sacrificed in that way, that is starting to lift. And that's why I think they're whipping out the atomic harness technology. Because the energetic architecture that has been working up until now, the magnetic fields are starting to screw that up. They can't hold it in place like they did so they are moving to another level of technology to try to achieve the same objective. So beings like you and I, what I'm getting is there's a similarity in grid-work so just to keep this in mind. If they're sending me to Brazil to work on the Crusade timeline that is the same thing it's about blood sacrifice and people being killed in wars in the name of Christ. And releasing that as a structure that energizes enslavement, so apparently this is the systematic work we are doing right now and is why were being sent to certain locations. For whatever reason it appears that we need to be there physically sometimes.

Quetzalcoatl and Blood Sacrifice

I see sometimes, I mean when they had me working on some of the stuff in Iraq and Iran I could see the layers of timelines like Sumerian and Egypt and all of these layers that I wasn't familiar with. Like I started to see the whole Quetzalcoatl thing, Quetzalcoatl was being worshiped by the Mayans, by the Incans, by the Aztecs. So all of these portions, all of this history of the human beings worshiping on pyramids and doing burnt offerings and blood sacrifice, this was all going to like the Quetzalcoatl grids. So what's fascinating is when you see this, even though it's sick and twisted there is a cohesion that makes sense in the sequence. It's really mind blowing because they're talking about the Quetzalcoatl grid as the one that was keeping the Demonics and Fallen Angelics in the program of that. And the Mayan, Aztec, Incan and Machu Picchu, all of these civilizations made offerings. Some of them were not human sacrifice but a lot of them were doing burnt offerings. All of this was about appeasing the Gods. And this comes back into understanding were not appeasing any God's, we're God, we are a part of that source. But the Annunaki and these controller beings liken themselves to be the Gods, so they would create these impulses in the human being to do this. And it was basically energizing their own enslavement without them even realizing it.

It's so fascinating now that we see the Quetzalcoatl grid, somebody obviously had me work on that in July and August, and others must be working on that too. Now in October it's the Catholic one, the Christian Catholic version. So you can see the sequence of this and it actually makes sense. You go my God, how wild this is? These symbols of religion the symbols that have been used like Christ on the cross, these became magical symbols that they used in Black Magic Ritual. It's a strange thing. So we're now clearing this up however we're doing it. By being there by using the technology of our body. Because we've now gotten to a level where apparently we've opened enough portals and we're having the support of our family energy and the frequency that is able to be with us, and hold that in our bodies. So we become like these inter-dimensional portals.

Gridworker Mission

Because what I'm noticing is as we observe what's happening from a place of non-judgment, it erases it. It is the strangest thing, but that is what I'm seeing. If we are able to understand that we are the God technology, and we hold that space in total neutrality and we just observe the event as it is without judgment, it changes the timeline structure and dissolves it. It's very trippy. So anyway this is kind of new and I'm just kind of getting used to it, but I wanted to share that with you. Because I think this will become more apparent as we go forward. Yeah that's what we're doing apparently. Wow. So thank you very much.

I feel you are very much connected and really it's just about getting out now, it's time for you to leave there. It is so hard to explain in words. I don't really prefer to say it in words because of the way it sounds. But there seems to be very few of us that have a certain genetic configuration and advantage, that allows us to do things that other beings cannot. And this apparently is why you're one of those beings. Whatever it is that you're holding, the configuration in your consciousness and in your body allows certain things to be accomplished. We're clearly in the minority there are just not a lot of us walking around in a body that will listen and will actually show up and understand a little bit about what we're doing.

Because you know this is probably a mustard seed in comparison to the big picture. This is far in excess of what most anyone even the conscious beings are working with right now, that I know of. There must be some somewhere, but I can still feel that we're a small minority. That are able to hear this message listen to this message, follow the message and act upon it. How many people will do that? Not many, even people that say they want to be of service. Because what this is about is listening and trusting in total faith. You don't know why exactly you are being sent somewhere you just follow it. And so what I'm feeling is that was kind of like your practice, you've been practicing that. Whereas before you were in, you were in Brazil for a while.

It's like since about February or so you've been in a, I don't want to say a test because it really wasn't that, it was like you needed to experience it and feel it and follow it. So that you could develop that communication link, the ability to feel and know and follow, being able to discern the difference between the counterfeit and the real. The difference between what is really coming from God and spirit and is a part of your divine purpose and commission here, and that which is being impulsed or that is not real, the other stuff the doubts and the crap and all of that. So it feels like over these few months you've perfected that or you've improved that and that was why you did this. It was one of the reasons or a part of it. Because it feels like some things will actually manifest more in terms of something more concrete in your working life that will be a part of this. It's almost like you needed to kind of step out into the wild blue yonder without anything, so that you could trust it.

Closing: Well we have been disconnected yet again. So I'm going to close our session. Again in deep love and gratitude sweetheart thank you so much, for all of your contribution and connection and support through this process. Again in deep love and gratitude, beloveds I thank you for this information. Again we ask for the highest capacity of that support to supply this beings body and her energy field and consciousness with all that she needs to strengthen and support her now, in her highest fulfillment as a being. In deep love and gratitude we seal the field. As we close our session and communication, again please drop the communication links. Again complete spinning the field and supporting in that calibration, all that is needed and necessary for her bodies to be revitalized rejuvenated and supported now. Thank you for that exchange, in deep love and gratitude beloveds. And so it is. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-24-2008]

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