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Quetzalcoatl is an aspect that has been spawned from the Seraphim lineage and has a very deep history with human beings as a part of the Consciousness of the Fallen Angelics, Thothian Luciferians and Golden Eagle Grid. Quetzalcoatl became a part of the Fallen Angelic Races, as a part of the Fallen Seraphim and reptilian hybrids that had become distorted from the controls and wars over this horizontal network, the GEG grid. The Fallen Angelics became distorted Negative Forms of the mind and original perfection of the Seraphim. Quetzalcoatl became one of those reptilian hybridized False Gods integrated into the human Consciousness that was inappropriately being distorted into promotion of SRA blood sacrifice, human or animal sacrifice to support the Quetzalcoatl Consciousness grid to continue to feed life force and energy into the Golden Eagle.

We can see the distortion of the Seraphim as represented through one of the god lineages of the Seraphim which is Quetzalcoatl that had been bound and enslaved into a Negative Form and shadow element of its own original perfection. A way to understand this is as human beings have suffered polarization and separation from God source and completion and their wholeness. This happened to the Galactic Beings as well of which is what Quetzalcoatl is sourcing from as a Galactic Consciousness entity. In that relationship to the earth’s evolution that the Seraphim and Quetzalcoatl suffered along with beings in Consciousness, like the Archangel Michael collective,Family of Michael these Fallen Angelic families in Consciousness suffered a negative split and polarization in consciousness that was not what I could explain as their choice but a by-product of the distortion of the planetary and universal fields of creation which we are comprised in, in this time and space. So it’s important to understand this extreme polarization, the consciousness split, the schism goes way beyond planet earth. It is something that is way beyond even human beings and is actually impacting many other levels of consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix such as has been revealed to day.[1]

Family of Michael

This dark or reversal code infiltration is what forces the phenomena of Fallen Angelic Races to live within a distorted dimension and damaged and violent blueprint of itself. The phenomena of demonic entities and its growing lucerferian energies of Imposter Spirit is a result of this distortion. When the Seraphim hybridized with the Reptilian - incredible genetic damage and planetary Miasma was suffered. (The original hybridization attempt was overlit by the Elohim of the Great White Lion and was intended to actually heal the genetic anomalies bringing more balance to make rehab of the Reptilian races possible.) The Gold Order Seraphim are a part of the original Three Primal Sound Fields and were one of the three creators of the Kristal bodies of Angelic Humans. Krystal Diamond Sun Matrix. Therefore all human bodies hold genetic history and relationship to the Seraphim and Angelic Avian Races, such as the Family of Michael. Those given the energetic signature and the name of Michael have even more energetic consequence to holding this pain. (Please clear yourself of this False Michael, False Jesus Twin energy architecture from your name and blueprint as you are guided, Ask your Blue Ray Flame Coding of Mother Arc to embody within and override all cellular memory distortions of the Negative Form).

Quetzalcoatl Session Transcript

Today is August 14, 2008 and I thought I'd share with you a rather revealing intense and amazing experience. And since I, the Lisa part of me, certainly doesn't know that much about the lineage of Quetzalcoatl I thought I would share this with you, so that we could open a discussion in the community. Because some very interesting information in terms of healing this lineage has been brought forth today, which I will try to encapsulate as best as I can.

Today apparently is the anniversary, birthdate or a seed intention of this God Creator being, known as Quetzalcoatl. Apparently Quetzalcoatl is an aspect of a lineage that has been spawned from the Fallen Seraphim lineage. One of the original primal sound fields the gold order encompasses the Seraph lineages, which would be the winged ones or the angelic Seraphim. The Seraphim apparently had their own schism and enslavement issues, having been intricately involved with the creation of the planet Earth and the human species. Understanding that the Seraphim were a part of the original creators of the human species prototype, and their energy signature and imprint certainly is a part of us as human beings and a part of the planet Earth itself.

One of the things that the Seraphs did many moons ago in the human evolution experiment is actually create a ley-line grid system on the earth. And the Seraphim became the guardians of the earth until the humans could become the guardians of the earth. This was done in a grid or ley-line structure that is referred to as the Golden Eagle grid or pylon network. This was actually a creation of the guardian races and through this the guardian Seraphim and Avian races became known as guardians of the horizontals, guardians of the horizontal grid systems or ley-line systems.

Now during the Atlantis cataclysm and what's known as the Luciferian rebellion, about 26,000 to 30,000 years ago, the planetary Stargates and the planetary grids, were taken over. They came under the control of the Reptilian, Annunaki and Draconian races who used these grids in reverse purpose, from their original intent. And again not using this from a judgment base but understanding that this last 26,000 year cycle has been a cycle of a dark age of human evolution. Again is a part of the plan here, of coming into the seeds of darkness in order to return into the age of Enlightenment. I'm sure to a certain degree all of this has been orchestrated as part of the experiential God being-ness that we are, through having these experiences. And through this human experiment, through Ascension, this last cycle has been that of the dark-age. And the Stargate portal systems and grid systems have been under the control of primarily the Annunaki and Draconian beings.

So in the last 26,000 years the Golden Eagle grid became controlled and was primarily used as a mind control broadcast station, literally. That would send out false information that was about the program that Annunaki would wish us to continue in, which is one of darkness and enslavement and separation etc. So the Golden Eagle grid literally became kind of like a mind control weapon, because that's what they were using it for. And it had been reclaimed a few years ago, in terms of the guardian races, but there was still clean up work to do with the grids themselves. Because the grids were actually conditioned by then Annunaki and a way to say this is that this grid was being energized by the blood of human beings, through Blood Covenants and Blood Sacrifice.

One of the major grid points of the Golden Eagle is actually in Iran and Iraq, the Middle East and portions of Egypt. So in terms of this grid being energized in its reversal patterns, there was literally an alchemy or a container created by the Annu, the Annunaki, that when there was a death or bloodshed in this particular area of the Earth's field, that bloodshed that human suffering or karma if you will, would feed the energetic grid and keep it in its reversal pattern. We can see that some of the world events are aimed at keeping war and strife and divisiveness and the death of human beings happening in certain areas. Iraq and Iran in ancient times were the Sumerian, Mesopotamian and Babylonian areas. This has obviously been going on for eons of time in a place on the planet that is extremely war-torn and in which many human lives have obviously been given to the land to energize the reversals and distortions of this particular Golden Eagle grid.

Today through the lineage of Quetzalcoatl what has been revealed is that Quetzalcoatl was at one time, or this lineage became, a part of the Fallen Angelic races a part of the Fallen Seraphim that had become distorted from the controls of this grid. A way to understand this is that this grid is like a conscious living entity. This Golden Eagle grid is literally the consciousness and blood of the Seraphim. The Seraphim gave their blood, their genetics, their consciousness to us the human being. And in their love they became the guardians of the horizontals for us, and through the fall of our experience they also fell in their own experience. And they were polarized in their own a negative form through which shadow elements of them selves came to be distorted creations of their perfection. And this is what is known as the Fallen Angelics or even down into the demonic races.

So what they are showing us here today is that the Fallen Angelics became distorted negative forms of the original perfection of the Seraphs. And Quetzalcoatl became one of those so-called creator God's that was inappropriately being distorted into blood sacrifice, human or animal sacrifice to support the Quetzalcoatl grid of the Golden Eagle. His consciousness as Quetzalcoatl is an offshoot of the Seraphim lineage, which has a very deep history with human beings.

Now recently the guardians had mentioned (7-23-2008) that we were moving into a multidimensional intersection between evolutionary rounds of the entire history of the human species and planetary creation we know as earth. And these cycles are also called calendars, which they had talked about I believe as the Egyptian, Sumerian and Sothic calendars, which is Sirius and Coptic. There were like four major evolutionary cycles and calendars converging at this particular time. So understanding that Quetzalcoatl, possibly under many other names and energetic signatures, has been a particular godlike figure that has influenced human evolution through all of these particular timelines.

However, the name that they are using for today's session clearing and for understanding the hidden human history around this is Quetzalcoatl. This is what I'm getting and what I thought you may be interested in, and possibly also able to share your information and knowledge around this because mine is actually somewhat limited. But today through witnessing the distortion of the Seraphim as represented through one of the God lineages of the Seraphim, which is Quetzalcoatl, who has been bound and enslaved into a negative form and shadow element of its own perfection. So a way to understand this is as human beings have suffered polarization and separation from God source, and separation from their completion and their wholeness. This is exactly what happened to the Galactic beings as well, which is what Quetzalcoatl is sourcing from as a galactic being as a galactic God being.

In that relationship to the Earth's evolution, the Seraphim and Quetzalcoatl also suffered along with beings like arc of consciousness, like Archangel Michael, suffered a negative split and polarization in consciousness. That was not their choice but a byproduct of the distortion in the planetary and universal fields of creation, which comprise this time and space. So again it's important to understand this polarization this split this schism goes way beyond planet Earth. It is something that is way beyond even human beings and is actually impacting many other levels of consciousness, as has been revealed today.

So the bottom line is that today August 14th, is the anniversary of Quetzalcoatl's magnetic imprint or birth. This was an auspicious day that opened a portal of connection that allowed a new level of reveal and healing for the Fallen Angelic and Seraphim races that have been involved with the earth since the beginning of time. Which can now be released from that Blood Covenant sacrifice. That which had been suffered on the earth had been holding the Golden Eagle grid in reversal patterns and because of that many beings both human and nonhuman were bound and trapped in that grid, unable to evolve unable to move forward. Their suffering consciousness was the battery, literally, that was energizing this grid and its reversal pattern.

Today we are understanding that many of these beings got to return home through the portal of the next universe. Many of these beings that have been trapped in this grid are able to return to their true source Creator. Again this is the connection of the Seraph and the Avian races, the angelic races. In understanding this the distortions of those that are known as the Fallen Angelics and the Demonics will be returning into their wholeness, instead of reversing into their digression, destruction and decadence if you will. A way to understand this is that all of the consciousness is controlled by the genetic integrity of the structure in alignment to its original blueprint. The original blueprint being restored to Quetzalcoatl allows the Fallen Angelics to heal themselves by returning home now, to rejuvenate and regenerate their genetics into the true understanding of who they are.

A way to understand this is that human beings didn't know and do not know who they are as God creators themselves. The Seraphim of the Fallen Angelic and the Demonic races had forgotten as well, and do not know who they really are. There is an understanding through the Guardian perspective that a massive healing has occurred in the Seraphim races, through the lineages of Quetzalcoatl. These are the Fallen Angelics and Demonics that were once we could say the plague of the astral. They were the challenge of the psychic attack and the various things that go on within the earth plane, which is sort of like the realm of the lower creation or the realms of hell. This level of being is moving into rehabilitation and from the Guardian perspective this is a massive completion, understanding and witnessing of the history of the Seraphim.

Honoring again the Fallen Angelics, the Demonics, Quetzalcoatl, in their own form of suffering and split in consciousness as they too suffered the fragmentation, through being a part of the human species experiment. Understanding that all of us are sharing this healing together. So I share this with you as some of us are more connected to the angelic lineages than others. I thought you might want to honor, acknowledge and connect with this in your own way.

Again holding a space of infinite love, compassion and unconditional forgiveness, unconditional forgetfulness to all that has transpired through all time and space into the singularity of now. The wholeness exists. This is yet another example of our completion and return into the one source light. So I hope this has made some sense. In deep love and gratitude thank you so much for listening. Transcript By Paige. [2]