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The Ban of Non Interference is an energetic structure that is created as a deflection technique to stop negative energies or entitles from infiltration or superimposing negative energy towards our Lightbody, Consciousness or mission projects. Now in using a deflection technique, what the difference of this is, is the application of a deflection technique is that you are not interfering with that person. As an a example, maybe there's a person from their own ignorance, that person is unaware that they are being used by negative forces because of their lack of consciousness. Now to deflect a particular directional field that is being sent to interfere or create harm, truly they may not be aware that that is actually what they are being used to do. (See Dark Portal Bodies). So in deflecting what you are doing is that you're deflecting the stream of negativity or the stream itself, think of a river of energy and that river of energy is being sent to you lets say for interference. So that interference may be coming from intent from that person, or the person has no idea because they have no idea what consent or intent even is. So when you deflect from a Ban of Non-interference, you are not interfering with that person's individual right to choose what force comes in or out of that person as conduit. And this is important even if they do not understand that. Because the krystic person that is in alignment to using the law correctly, does not superimpose their will over banning any kind of force that that person is expressing. That persons body is being utilized as a certain consciousness expression and the consciousness that is coming through that person, no matter what level of consciousness it is, using deflection means that you are not interfering with their growth, you are not interfering with their choice, and you're not superimposing upon them. Instead, you are accessing rights to protect yourself and deflecting any negative interference that could be sent with some kind of harm towards you, or some kind of destruction or interference directed towards your mission or work. Now, that is a deflection technique.


Transcription of ES Update Ban on Non interference 31 December 2015 Audio

I want to share this particular teaching, or more detail experience, that I received from a krystal advisory member last evening which was definitely a surprise to me as well. Its very interesting that when you start to open an envelope of information and understand something that you didn't understand before, how you have that ‘aha’ moment and so there was sort of an ‘aha’ moment for me last night.

For 15 - 20 years or so there is a process we have around the community, these commands and scripts, and there's a particular script I call it ‘an oldie but goodie’ and it is called the Ban of Non Interference. And the Ban of Non-interference is sort of like a beginner’s tool, but it's not something to make that less important because it's something we can use today and its one of those ones you forget because its off in the background, and yet we can use it. It certainly has application today.

And so one of the questions in terms of grammatical correctness is the Ban of Non Interference, if we look at that statement there's a double negative there and the challenge with this is understanding, as we know, sometimes bringing in the ethereal and the energetics of what we are experiencing or seeing and bringing it into verbalization, it doesn't translate very well. And goodness knows we have a big issue with that in our community where so much of what we are discussing can be misunderstood because of the context that is used on the earth plane for written language.

So I found out that the Ban of Non Interference has this exact issue. So first of all it is important to understand that whatever script or text in terms of commanding your space or you know things that are given, this is a beginning template. We have been given the sort of beginner template in order to understand certain structures of how to interact with the law. Again when we understand the Law of Structure and by having a certain verbiage or a certain clarity about how things work energetically, we can bring words to that, that resonate with us personally, and again the more that we resonate with the word, like it feels right for us, the better it is. So when there is a word that doesn't feel right to you, you should feel free, and you should encourage your clients or anybody that asks you, if there is a word you don't like and you want to replace it with something that has a similar meaning but it feels better for you then you should do that because what feels better for you, what feels like meaningful for you, what comes from your heart and you like have resonance with, that is most important thing. So its like saying the energies of how you're feeling about something, like it feels good, just something really resonates, you are looking for that sweet spot, you're looking for that animation, you want that feeling because it's the feeling and the energy signature of it that is actually more important than the actual word that is being used.

Meaning, what is your intention? What are you doing right now? What are you trying to communicate? How do you communicate that? And each person communicates a little bit differently there could be cultural differences, there could be educational differences, there could be a lot of differences, so finding words that resonate for you is fine. Its understanding the meaning and be just like translating it into another language like Spanish or French or Russian or something. You choose a word that was appropriate to what you are trying to say, and God knows English there's like a flatness. I think that was a part of the reptilian hierarchy as well, taking over the language because English is so flat and unemotional most of the time. The words don't really describe adequately the multiple dimension of something and trying to have English to use as a language obviously not adequate.

But in coming back to the Ban of Non-interference when you think of ban as a verb and you think of non-interference you are thinking double negative. ‘I am placing a ban’ which means stop and ‘I’m putting non-interference’. On a quick sort of looking at that, a quick feel of that, there seems to be a grammatical error there. Because the Ban of Non-interference came from a shortening of a script that was ‘I place a Ban of Non-interference around.’ Now understanding what a Ban is, and that is what I want to describe for a moment.

So last night I'm thinking about this ‘you know is that a double negative, what is that?’ You know what do we do about that? So looking at the Ban of Non-interference I’m thinking thats interesting, what about that. So the information comes in and the advisory guardian comes in and says you have to understand that Ban is not a verb its a thing. The Ban is a structure, he said think about it this way, Ban of Non-interference is a deflection technique. In alignment to the law, because remember everything that we do we want to be in alignment to the law, and this is a tricky part about living on planet Earth. We have issues with Luciferian and Satanic forces that don't care about the law that run over everybody's rights, don't care about sovereignty, all they care about is selfishness, doing their own thing, at the cost or expense of another person.

Now a krystic person cannot entertain that. That is not a krystic person. So we do the best we can, given our level of awareness at the time, to be in alignment to cosmic sovereign law which means we cannot superimpose, we cannot use force, but we can deflect, and we can defend. So this is important to understand. Improper use of the law in Ban of Non-interference, this Ban when it is used inappropriately it can be used as a curse. So Satanic forces when they are using curses or hexes, they are using a type of ban but they are using it negatively because they are not taking responsibility for the usage of their own direction of energy.

Now an example of this would be like think of little kids on a schoolyard and the little kid goes to the teacher and says ‘Johnny is staring at me, I don't like Johnny staring at me. Make him stop. I place a ban around Johnny for staring at me.’ Okay now this is ridiculous right. So basically it's the kid saying, having a tantrum, I don't want this for whatever reason, and not out of respect for the other person's right to look, maybe he doesn't like the way he looks, or whatever that person has a right to look one way, or look the other way or whatever. So just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you can put a ban on that person. And this is something that happens in the New Age right, a person is upset with another person and maybe uses a curse or a ban of a particular activity they don't like just because they don't like it, because they are being childish. Now when you do that it's something that is a type of manipulation and that ban what you're doing is you're basically cursing that person. You're saying ‘I'm putting this ban around you’ and so when you do something like this, you should make sure that it is legitimate and that there really is some kind of intent to create destruction or harm. Somebody staring at you is not per se intending to hurt you, but when there is intent to harm and when there is intent to interfere, and when there is intent to create destruction, well then you have a great case for a Ban of Non Interference.

So a ban in this context is not a curse. When it is abused it can be a curse, but a ban in this context is an actual structure. So the Guardian told me that the ban, consider it a energetic structure and the non-interference is the program. You have a structure and you have a program. Now the structure you can program it with any thing. If you want to do ban of chem trails you can do that too. So you are creating a structure and the program of that structure is to deflect Chemtrails or poisons or pesticides or whatever. You can use the ban for anything, but understand that the ban is an energetic structure. You are creating an actual energetic structure and then you program it with what your intent is.

So the ban is a structure. Non-interference is the intent or the program of that structure. This is a deflection technique. Now a deflection technique, so what the difference of this is, the deflection is that you are not interfering with that person. Okay so there's a person maybe from their own ignorance, that person is unaware that they are being used by negative forcess because of their lack of consciousness. Now to deflect a particular directional field that is being sent to interfere or create harm, truly they may not be aware that that is actually what they are being used to do. So in deflecting what you are doing is you're deflecting the stream of negativity or the stream, think of a river of energy that river of energy is being sent to you lets say for interference. So that interference may be coming from intent from that person, or the person has no idea because they have no idea what consent or intent even is. So when you deflect from a Ban of Non-interference you are not interfering with that person's individual right to choose what force comes in or out of that person. And this is important even if they do not understand that. Because the krystic person that is in alignment to using the law correctly does not superimpose their will over banning any kind of force that that person is expressing. Meaning that that persons body is being utilized as a certain consciousness and the consciousness is coming through that person, so deflecting means you are not interfering with their growth, you are not interfering with their choice, and you're not superimposing upon them but you are protecting yourself and deflecting any negative interference that could be sent with some kind of harm to you, some kind of harm or some kind of destruction or interference to you. Now that is a deflection technique. Now that can be used anywhere, meaning that in public places, you know because every person in the law has the right to exist and choose the consent of authority of forces that the body is being used to express. Whatever that is, that person has a right to do it.

So our difficult role at times is understanding that even when a person is acting like a jerk, the person has a right to act like a jerk, so we can deflect it but we cannot superimpose our will on it, and when we do that we will receive a backlash. Meaning that the person that sent out negativity, that negativity will be returned to them, but they will think it's coming from you when it's not you, but this is because they don't accept responsibility for their own negativity. And this is a way of helping beings that are less evolved to learn how to evolve in alignment to taking responsibility for their actions and direction of energy. They cannot learn if you take that away from them. So a person that is let's say channeling or these negative energies are coming in them, we do not have a right to correct that. We have a right to deflect that, because that person may need those particular energies in order to hopefully learn or evolve at some point because they will need to understand the consequence of their action by sending out those particular energies or thoughts or whatever it may be.

So that is the Ban of Non-interference. So the ban is actually not a verb, so from his point of view this is not a double negative because the ban is actually a structure or a thing, and what you are doing is programming that structure with some kind of intent which is non-interference. So this is a deflection technique that can be used anywhere and the interesting thing about this, bringing this back up, because again this is such an oldie but goodie thing is knowing that we can use the structure to programme it with all kinds of different things where we are using this as a deflection technique and that this deflection technique can be used at any time in public spaces outside of your home advantage.

Now the other thing he said was there is something that is similar but this is called a Quarantine. Now a quarantine is a structure like a ban but he said that this is much more serious and you have to be more careful when you are actually calling upon the structure of quarantine because this is an isolation technique. So if you use an isolation technique what you're actually doing is you are stopping in its tracks in that person any energy, consciousness, or entity that is being brought through that particular person, you are placing a quarantine around them, and that is an isolation technique.

He said the only time you can do that in alignment to cosmic sovereign law to not superimpose through this isolation, is when a person enters your own home advantage meaning your home, and you have set the intention.

So let's say you have your home, or you have business, and this is under your responsibility, this is your stewardship. You set your mission and your intent in all of the Law of Structure into what your intentions are for that structure. Now if an entity or person enters that structure, let's say your home, and their intent is to destroy, harm, or do something to tear down that structure, he says in alignment to the law you have every right to isolate, because that entity, its like saying in the Ban of Non-interference because that person is not in your home, you can deflect, but when a person is choosing to use intent to destroy or create harm they lose their sovereign right in the law and thus you can isolate them.

Meaning that you have the right to not have your home destroyed. You have the right to not have the community destroyed. You have the right to protect that particular structure when there is undue harm and destruction that is being directed to you. You have the right to quarantine that person and therefore escort them out, because what the quarantine is, is an isolation technique that can both quarantine the person while they are in the structure, or remove them from the structure so that they are quarantined and not able to actually enter the structure, but he said that that is a technique that you want to not do lightly, you know meaning that there is more serious consequences to the isolation technique but that under home advantage meaning any time at your home, where you live, something you created like your project, again like Hieros Gamos, or ES Community or whatever, you have the right to quarantine because the structure has been set within a certain law and if an entity enters that structure and they refuse to be compliant or in consent or to behave in alignment to that structure, you have every right to isolate, especially if there is intent to harm included with that particular person, entity or thing.

So anyway, I thought that that was very informative and helpful and even though I understood that the Ban of Non-interference and quarantine was actually a structure, the way that he explained it to me was so helpful to me and really gave me an ‘aha’ moment so I wanted to just share that with you in the hope that this is also helpful to you as well because its been an action-packed few months for sure.[1]

Superimpositions or Unprovoked Energy Attack

Specifically directed spiritual attacks is a more rare occurring phenomena to the general populace, however it is worth having a comprehension of the various levels and possibilities. In my experience the more energetically sensitive or consciously developed a human being is,( as that is reflected in the energy field of the lightbody of that person multi-dimensionally), the energy field of that person is more vulnerable to superimpositional energy from a variety of sources. We will start with a general look into karmic manipulation although it has the possibility to manifest at many different levels and scenarios. This may take our newsletter series into a book, as there is so much material to cover within these areas, to further investigate and discuss.

This is an area one must gradually explore at your own pace as appropriate to what you can process or handle. This has been a challenging topic for me as I inherently tended to be in conflict with the idea that there are unprovoked attacks by negative interference perpetrated by a form of “evil”. Many advanced healers and light workers refuse to believe that this dark force exists in the other dimensions and psychic world. Denying acceptance of negative interference is possibly the ego’s way of creating a defense mechanism. It all may feel too much to integrate in addition to the various demands we experience in third dimensional life on earth. However, denying their existence does not stop these dark force energies, events and attacks from happening.

In the beginning of my awakening process, in building my light bodies and communing with various beautiful light beings and members of the spiritual hierarchy, I completely refused to think or believe there was “evil” and that most of what is perceived as evil was the ignorance of the human collective mass mind of low vibrational thoughts. I believed that this type of negativity did not have a “consciousness” intentionally to harm others but that it was seeking more impersonal balancing of karma through natural laws. As this is accurate in some cases, I have learned through my own experience that this is not always true.

Once you experience dark force attacks you are forced to deal with the event and your belief systems surrounding it. There is a fine line of balance that one must maintain between cultivating the knowledge of such matters to learn how to protect oneself and remain in a neutral association devoid of all judgment and emotional charge. Clarity in these matters is challenging, as outside of linear space and time our conscious mind does not function as an indicator and you are left with your intuitive knowingness, your team guidance and verifying your experience by testing it over and over again. Relearning to connect to the innate divine intelligence of the universe takes practice and further practice to regain confidence and trust in your new sense perception. This is why comprehension of your energy field, developing a still mind through meditation and finding balance to work on integrating all of your bodies energy fields is extremely important. (The process of Integrated Ascension) When you are in a state of psycho-emotional imbalance it is increasingly difficult to maintain clarity in fearless detachment. To increase your ability to understand your lightbody (bio-energy mechanics) in this world and to be archetypally integrated and grounded in the Earth will assist you tremendously in achieving self mastery.

Why is this important? Negative interference and psychic attack causes harm and energetic blockages. It blocks the self determining aspects of your life, blocks free will and obstructs your ability to manifest your life purpose. Obsessive negative thinking, illness, depression, physical pain and fatigue and a life filled with fear can all be directed by dark forces and unhealed aspects of your ego.

An example of a negative interference is a 'Karmic Manipulation', when some other person or entity consciously or unconsciously sends karmic energy to you that is not personally yours and not of your ancestors'. Negative manipulation is any act of coercion on any level that takes away the act of personal consent. It can manifest as nuisances to create more havoc in the life of another. We each have the right to transcend and purify any karmic entanglement or consciousness pain trap.( also referred to as miasma in our cellular bodies and energy templates ) Without spiritual clearing, it will just keep returning to you in order to seek energetic balance. At certain points in human evolution only the person or lineage that generated the karma could release it. However during this time of Ascension, we are granted many dispensations and new knowledge to heal ourselves , transforming and transcending karmic patterns in our bodies templates, group template bodies, planetary and collective bodies and so forth. However, when there are certain negative interferences there is another process that may prove helpful when you have exhausted other clearing techniques within your bodies in regards to miasmatic patterns, such as cord cutting. If it is determined that a karmic/entity manipulation has taken place, especially if its been intended to stop you from manifesting your soul purpose of service work into the world, there is an additional process. If you determine the source of dark force interference, it is possible to request and enforce a “ban of non interference” which will ban them from intruding or manipulating upon your energy field.

As part of your regular intents with your 12D Shield, you can include: "I command True Spiritual Law in all interactions. All manipulated karma is null and void" I am GSF!. This will help stop this sort of negative interaction from intruding upon your energy field again.

This type of issue is far more likely to what spiritually aware people are feeling in their energy fields at this time, especially as they increase in vibration. However, there are times that deliberate negative attacks or curses that are made towards others by people who do not understand the laws of karma or Cause and Effect.

An example of a dynamic of this issue would be a hostile threat received from a religiously indoctrinated person that has a belief and judgment that all healers using light as a healing tool are serving satanic forces. This person justified through their religious belief decides to have a personal vendetta targeting one healer in particular and continually sends negative thoughts, threats of curses in the hopes the healer will be incapacitated. Maybe this person goes to their church prayer group to hold prayers to move this healer away from their community, as they feel this person poses a threat to their idea of a relationship to God. If the healer is not aware of the need to scan and clear their energy field and/or develop tools of protection, there is a high potential risk for the healer to develop drained vitality or negative interference with their work.

Also, persons attracted to the glamour and idea of witchcraft, occultism or satanic ritual that cast spells for personal benefit without understanding intention or caring where these spells go, they are manipulating the free will of another, or even harming others.

A spell or curse is a form of intent that sends out a negative thought form, harmful entity or pattern. It could be to the universe, to the Earth or nature kingdoms or to another person. Before sending anything out to another person - even if it is seemingly for their own good - you need the permission of that person either directly or indirectly via your higher self and theirs. If you have permission to send them love and healing then this will also return to you as all things must come to equilibrium. Equally, if you send out hate, manipulation and pain to another it will return to you, whether they are aware of it or not.

Using manipulation to achieve results for selfish motives does not contribute to inner peace or spiritual growth, but in fact will increase only the lower entities drawn to you, causing more negativity to appear in your life.

For those on the receiving end of such manipulations, there is energetic recourse. Determine with your higher self or spiritual guide for clarity if it is a spell or curse as the issue if you suspect someone doing this towards you. It may be also that the carrying over of such spells and curses from your ancestors has occurred from a time when this was far more common in society.

Again, the natural process of your spiritual growth and rising vibration will bring these things to the surface to be released. As you reach deeper layers of release and achieve energetic balance, keeping the energy field clear, clean and protected should prevent these things from taking hold again and make them easier to prevent and clear if they do reoccur.

Lightworkers especially will be exposed to other’s Negative Ego and other dark attacks as they rise to greater leadership position and spiritual responsibility. The first lesson is not to react to attacks and lower your vibration by sinking to that level. Remain neutral, detached, forgiving and loving, striving to maintain divine indifference.

Ground yourself, clear your field daily including whatever intentions you need to include and make a 12D protective shield around yourself. Begin to wean yourself off violent entertainment, gossip, media and negative emotional attachments to others. Intend to align to your authentic soul purposes and divine will. This will improve the quality of your life through daily experience with sensations of a much smoother, more enjoyable and spiritually connected life of synchronicity.

I am including a suggested invocation that addresses the Guardians and Councils, and the highest spiritual authority you feel aligned with for support and intervention of removing deliberate attempts of others to thwart you from your spiritual projects or life purpose. Or, you may simply call upon your Higher God Self as the ultimate authority. This is to be addressed from a position of heart felt sincerity, higher self alignment and purity of intention. Be clear in your motivations before asking and be sure you address them with reverence and respect.[2]

Ban of Non Interference

Prepare your 12th Dimensional Light Shield.

We Ask The Guardians, our Higher God Selves, Evolution Support Teams, Starseed Identity Matrix, aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of GOD’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

Please Open the 12th Dimensional Vortex in counter clockwise motion into full expansion in the Maharata Force Of Platinum Light, Grid this Space entirely in the 12th Dimensional Pale Silver Light. Set the Spin Accordingly, Calibrate, Anchor Lock and Seal in this Hologram. North South East West – Earth- Sky : We direct the Four Corners to Be Sealed in the Light of Unity and Oneness. We Are Impenetrable and Invincible. We ask the Guardian Gatekeepers to Anchor this Space Sacred in Service to the Law of One of which We Serve.

Request the intelligent presence of the Laws of Karma if aligned to the Cosmic Sovereign law (that you have stated your representation) serving the planetary purposes.

Request a Ban on Non-interference to be placed as protection for yourself, your operation, your books/ projects. Do this request one at a time for each person or entity you have determined is creating negative interference in your life’s work. Request this person be reported to the Higher Councils and/or Karmic Laws while removing any and all superimposed influences upon you. Ask if there is any agreement or vow you have made with this person/entity in any of your lifetimes. If you get a “Yes” answer, request that you want to be released from the contract permanently and aligned to your highest spiritual purpose removing all obstacles. If answer is “No” continue the request that this person/entity be appropriately shut off through the ban from any further contact to influence your energy field or consciousness, removing all sabotage influence and reviewed appropriately in Cosmic Sovereign Law.


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