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Themes: moving into conscious awareness and full embodiment of Avatar, holding new feminine principle and magnetics, working with Nadial Structures and CNS, Rainbow Ray Holder Session, Planetary Gridworker, fetal cell integration, ancestral clearing.

Opening: We are taking a deep breath into the still point area, as you inhale in between the rib cage connecting into the deep core of your being. Our intention is to create the sacred space and container in the highest capacity of light. Beloveds we call upon our family the Melchizedeks and those that serve the ascending races the sacred light and Law of One. From our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one-self one God.

Beloveds again as we amplify and fortify our personal shield, we are calling in the immediate guidance to build and support what's known as 12 dimensional Cosmic Christ intelligence field. As we work with our counterpart guides please assist in strengthening and fortifying the 12 dimensional field and its pillar of light. Starting deep within the center of the brain we are going to use a 24 pointed star in your case. These are two 12 pointed stars representing both masculine and feminine, fully in the avatar consciousness of 12 points of light. Merging the masculine and feminine Monad into the 24 pointed star. Again no need to visualize, just intend that to be deep within the center of the brain. We are going to allow that light symbol code to represent your light body and merkaba system. And as we connect to the center of the brain, igniting platinum light from the center column. Extending the Cosmic Christ intelligence and force throughout the inner and outer layers of the bodies. As we are now going to connect to that light symbol code of the 24 pointed star, we are going to drop it through your Hara Line allow it to release in between your legs.

We are going to connect this into the 12 dimensional hub, which again is sort of a vortex and portal system of the Cosmic Christ, Galactic Universal consciousness. As you see or connect with your 24 pointed star see it moving horizontally out towards a large vortex it looks very much like an elevator, a spherical platinum light on the surface of the earth. We are going to connect into that portal and with the intention of the breath of your own soul signature, we are going to exchange the intention of that breath of life, and the essence of life and your life stream. Connect to the Cosmic Christ intelligence and to that which is your soul, Galactic, and Universal families of light. Establishing spiritual connection establishing spiritual link, we ask that all spiritual links of communication that are needed and necessary at this time to be established in the highest capacity, recalibrating those spiritual links and allowing the exchange of the blueprint body of Christ. Ensure that we anchor, activate and energize all connections personal, planetary, Galactic and Universal as God would have it be. We're creating a group field quickly, now that that has been anchored in our larger group field.

Beloveds as we open in counterclockwise motion, open our 12th dimensional vortex into the expansion of this force of platinum light and grid our space north south east west earth sky and heart. We direct the corners to be sealed in the light of unity and wholeness impenetrable and invincible. We ask Aurora to anchor our space as sacred in this container, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am free. All that which is not to be repelled into the one light source, we command this space in the true sovereignty of one. We call back all that is the self-sovereign God power and right. Thank you. Okay continuing with the building of your shield, that exchange between your 24 pointed star and the vortex. Again that vortex looks like a large spherical vortex on the surface of the earth and it operates very much like an elevator.

Okay what I'm seeing is that there is a family, a lineage that works with you on gridlines specifically. And they tell me that there is something particular to the Golden Eagle grid, wherever you are demographically. In holding that space, in where you are there is some kind of exchange field going on in your location. Okay so let us focus all that needs to be exchanged and supported at this time, we open a space now and invite our beloved family of light in for that assistance.

Rainbow Ray Holder

Okay, what they're telling me is that you are like a Rainbow Ray being, you have a particular configuration that allows sound pillars to be exchanged with the earth. And they're showing me that the reason why you are located where you are is there is a Stargate or something over there. Are you in Ireland? This is more in the England, Britton area. And this is an affectionate place for you because this was one of the areas of Atlantis. Almost like there were certain levels before the Atlantean debacle on the surface of the earth. There were I would say colonies or civilizations of Atlantis. What I'm seeing it wasn't like one big landmass, it was like four of them. One of them was called Lohas and it was in the area that you live. That stargate area over there is connected to the time matrix that opens into that time and space. I hope that makes sense.

But they want you to understand that the reason why you're there in that location and the reason why you get moved around a lot, is because of your Rainbow Ray energy. That Rainbow Ray energy what it does, it's almost like it activates a buffer zone or an anchoring of a particular energy into where ever you are sent. There are things called pylon systems or ley-line systems, and these ley-line systems are the axiatonal-lines of the earth and they connect to parallel timelines, through these axiatonal-lines. You work with these this is why you're interested obviously in the Dragon information, because they are the guardians of the ley-lines. These particularly ley-lines were placed on the earth at the beginning of this last 26,000 year cycle. Understanding that one revolution around the galactic center, that's our whole 2012 phenomena, and that we are ending cycles within cycles within cycles.

One of the cycles were ending right now is a 26,000 year cycle which ends, through the Mayan calendars on December 21, 2012. So these are like grid systems that were placed on earth to stabilize them. It was known that after the close of the last game of human evolution, with the Atlantean root race cycle of humans the prior 26,000 year cycle, that what happened there was not a pleasant ending, there was annihilation there was destruction. In terms of human history we went from being cosmic citizens and aware of other civilizations and connected to other very advanced technologies, to basically the dark ages. This is what propelled us after we had that explosion. We lost our genetics, because the damage on the planet the damage within our blueprint corrupted the original integrity of our blueprint.

So many of the extraterrestrials and other beings came and incarnated on the earth specifically to do this repair work. So they're showing me that you are doing this repair work. And you do this through an understanding of the etheric nadial structures, like when you work with divas and the dragon consciousness. You're really working with the intricacies of the webbing of the Nadial Structures that make the blueprint of the nervous systems. Like all the electrical systems this is what that's about. Your service here is like as above so below. Your Avatar self is doing the work on a planetary level, your personality extension self is doing this at the personal individual level. It's like a macro-microcosm exchange and I can see the two interfacing.

For whatever reason they want you to know that you are a Rainbow Ray carrier and that when you are sent places what you are doing is you are anchoring into the earth a part of the grid you work with, which is called the Four Faces of Man. What this is, there are those that are the guardians of the systems, and you are one of those that's your lineage. You are one of the guardians of ley-lines and you work with those ley-lines in different ways.

Because we are at the end of the cycle now it is getting more intense. So what they're saying to me is that after this, you are being prepared for possibly being more global. Like traveling more because your body is an anchoring rod and so there is information that you're imparting that is very valuable. But what I'm seeing, this is not going to be a push or rush or anything. But I am seeing that you're getting prepared to extend your influence in a larger way and this may mean that you're going to be traveling more to other countries. You're going to be expanding out. This has to do with this grid system, because we're reaching a certain level of critical mass. They need those of us that have this kind of configuration to work with the Guardians of the 12 pillars. So feel what feels right for you honey but they are telling me, 'call upon the guardians of the 12 pillars' because this is a part of your family and you can reach them through the connection of that vortex.

Guardians of 12 Pillars

The Guardians of the 12 Pillars are the original covenant founders of Cosmic Christ intelligence that seeded the earth prior to the Annunaki intrusions and all the things that went on after that. So the Guardians of the 12 Pillars are the ones that serve the Law of One, and are a consortium of Founders that created this Templar security for the earth about 26,000 years ago. Right after we had the Atlantis thing. So the Guardians of the 12 Pillars were the ones that put in these protective fields, they are literally shields that protect the surface magnetic crust from ripping apart. This is fascinating for me did you read my last newsletter about the magnetic change and the global brain? This is really timely and I'm really understanding this more here. When they gave me this information I was like holy cow this is big, because the magnetic structure and that resonant tone is what really keeps all of the condensation of particles into matter as we know it.

When this starts to shift this brings a lot of potential change, massive change. What it feels like to me is that I can see that what you are holding helps to stabilize the surface of the earth. To be able to anchor those sound pillars in specific parts of the planetary grid, that allow the stabilization of those particular magnetics or tectonic plates where they are crossing. Because what I'm seeing is that in between these planetary ley-lines, when they cross each other like a north-south line, when they cross and intercept there is a vortex there. That vortex is either a particle or antiparticle, a white or black hole that moves energy back and forth. And those little spinning circles are what need to be recalibrated. You how to do this without knowing you know how to do this.

So that area is what you work with and again in bringing this into conscious mind awareness this may activate more holographic bits of information into your present awareness. But again this is not to create any stress or pressure on you. Just to have a greater understanding of your interface at this level of your identity with this Avatar part of your consciousness. That is doing this level of work on the planet, because we are starting to intersect and intertwine with these levels of our self. This clarity and understanding who you are apparently, will help whatever direction you're moving in and help you to reframe things that may show up after September. It'll make sense after September what were discussing.

Okay, thank you. Thank you so much. I just want to make sure, is there anything physically in the body that needs attention? Okay they want me to go right into the cranium, around the neck and around tailbone. Okay so what they're saying is that because you are a being that works with these grids, you are a little bit more prone to the vulnerability of harassment and implantation. Because they know who you are before you know who you are, and there is still at this time resistance. Really the best way to look at this is to understand that we are in a hologram of a polarized structure and we are in a very interesting circumstance where, we as human beings are in a kindergarten level of our development of consciousness. And there are many other life forms and beings that interact with us, but we don't know they exist yet. So it creates an unusual situation for us. There are all kinds of levels of life forms that are all going through evolution at the same time the humans are.

So a way to look at this is that there are those that are in fear of change, are resisting the change and don't want to go through the change because they have had a certain level of freedom and power in manipulating human beings and being hidden. If they're able to parasitize and utilize human beings without humans knowing that they are being parasitized or controlled or suppressed, then obviously they don't really want to give up that position. Why do they want to share space with us, they don't really. So we've got resistance with factions that are still actively resisting the evolutionary change and these beings can be somewhat harassing at times. Just to be aware of it and don't take it personally, it's just because of who you are. Utilizing no fear will allow you to not fall prey to any of the manipulation tactics that they tend to use.

They do tend to use mental thought projections and audio inserts and that kind of thing, because they are trying to distract you from the true knowledge of what you are, the power of the you are. Once you start activating this with an awareness of it, you become an amazing conduit of impact into the influence of Ascension and in furthering higher dimensional light fields and realities. And they don't want that, they want us to go on the old Atlantean program, use the old power structure and draconian caste system of the haves and the have-nots, the royalty class and the servants. We can see that is what is being perpetuated on planet Earth at this time, and they like it that way. We're going beyond separation and we're coming into union, so we're on the other side of that.

Tailbone and Fetal Cell Integration

So we're going to work with the Guardian races and we request that any reptilian tailbone implants or obstructions that have been manipulating the merkabas or that area at the back of the head, please show us the pathways. This would be a de-magnetization? Okay they are showing me that during the summer you have been going through another level of activation that has to do with the female principle. What is happening through understanding the magnetic structures is this part of our universe has been in Patriarchal Domination. And again nothing wrong with gender, it just means that the masculine principle of energy has been abused and corrupted and therefore has suppressed. It has not enabled the true embodiment of the God principal female to be fully in balance and also express itself, creating an integrated balanced completion and harmony in the universe.

So those of us that are female embodied we chose to be part of the conduits of this new quality of frequency. They are telling me this is what's going on with you since about May (2008) or so. And that is also why you got some attention, because you got activated into that juicy female energy that has started to come through. It's creative power energy and they like to siphon that and suck it off. Again please remove any enslavement programs attached to these particular implantation structures. As we open the left side female magnetic allowing axiatonal line seven to be expressed. Please perform Axiatonal Alignments that allow the magnetic imprints into the core soul tone and home soul frequency, emanating from the still point center. Allowing the magnetic portion of the female principal to ignite in its proper sequencing. Please upgrade and download recalibration of the new nadial structures that govern the electromagnetic battery body, to these new spiritual links and these new download connections. We need to reset and synchronize all connections to this timeline and moment of self now. Recalibrate phase align.

Okay they are showing me that what this implant is doing is it prevents you from anchoring. You are an anchoring Rod. They don't want the energy you're carrying to come into the earth because it's very powerful. It is about that female magnetic principal. We are the conduits you are a conduit of this particular frequency. And when this energy comes through it's starting to contribute to the shifting of the planetary grids. So what they've done is they've put a block at the back of your head so that energy cannot be exchanged with the group field. It's almost like it's capping it or suppressing it from its full ability. So removing any suppression look for any energy disturbances and any booby-traps. Remove any booby traps and alignments around the base of the tailbone. Resetting the tailbone to the fetal cell integration as per the divine blueprint of Avatar self.

We ask the Avatar self to re-imprint any host matrix transplant of that blueprint to allow the eight fetal cell integrations to be fully synchronized through the time shield now. Okay I see. So there were certain timeline adjustments. Okay I know this is like very technical but there are these fetal cells. They are cells at the base of the tailbone that govern when particular frequencies are released into the Kundalini of the spine. And these are time released by the biology by the physical self. So in your architecture when you created you, you have certain timelines where you put in alarm clocks. And these alarm clocks were about frequency releases, which were activating parts of your light body and your consciousness. So now you've hit another level. To me this really feels like the mother load quite frankly, like this is literally what you've been waiting for your whole life. Like what's going to happen in the next year here is like what you incarnated for. This is the big kahuna so to speak.

So again in adjusting each of those timelines from the past we are pulling in any holographic identities that create leakages from the soul extensions moving out into other probable realities futures or potentials. We are now closing the holographic identities to be collapsed into the now moment, in the full power and potential of the Avatar embodiment, presenced fully now. Recalibrating the fetal cells into those perfect integrations age 11, 22, 33, 44, all of this needs to be reset into the timeline of perfection, as per the Avatar consciousness. Re-embodying that tailbone into its perfection removing any compaction molecularly that happened through the usurpation or stealing of light from that source. We command all light source to be received now. Return all communication pathways to be crystal clear with the etheric template body through axiatonal alignment to the highest harmonic frequencies and magnetic structures, reconfiguring through the bodies now.

Female Magnetic Recalibration

Your body is going through a massive change through its magnetic field. So we are doing the attunements to axiatonal lines that are connected to the new frequency hubs, as per the new magnetic field instruction sets you've got working, and through the tailbone and through the base of the head and neck. Again strengthen the coccyx and coccyx brain, stabilize the sacrum in through the vertebral column itself to allow perfect entry access. Seeing the axiatonal lines through the Hara Line and through the base of your sacrum. There is a little sphere at the base of the sacrum that opens into white-hole black-hole, we need that recalibrated and attuned into the absolute perfect axiatonal attunement and alignment of the cervical vertebral spine all the way to where it crosses at the sacrum and pelvic wing and girdle.

Anchor each of the biological encodements that activate seed crystals that are needed again in perfect attunement and alignment at this time. Again the highest expression of the soul fulfillment serving the Christic lineage the Dragon lineage of the Law of One, thank you so much. Okay the archetypal balances between the right and left, what they are showing me actually is that there have been some issues on the right side, from the imbalance on the left side. So in a sense what was happening to the right side, was referred pain coming from the left. It is like as the left side of your body, which is the magnetic female, is attempting to express itself in its new creative energetic force, it's creating an imbalance on the right side. So in a sense what is happening now is we need a perfect phase alignment and recalibration between those portions of electromagnetism that are attempting to merge into the wholeness through the center point, still point of the body. Again bring that merge of the home soul tone and frequency and resound that tone from the center, bringing harmony balance and integration radiant health to the systems.

Ancestral Miasm, Liver Processing

While we are in there we need to assist in negative elementals of thought forms that have been connected through the ancestral lineage, again working with release and supporting the liver. Okay, there is like a ton of ancestral information moving through your liver at this time and that's why it's been a little more stressed out. I'm seeing mental programs that are coming from the family of origin. So again remember that some of what we think of as genetic what we think of as inherited is actually far more than what we understand. The physical body has become almost like an artificial matrix of mind programs that have been inherited, and they are more than just belief systems they are actually genetically inherited. So I'm seeing that genetically intertwined with your physical body are mental programs that are being undone and disentangled. You're like a work in progress with that and it is something that's happening now.

When this stuff starts to get unraveled and untangled it has the potential for like little explosions of chaos. This is why they had me tell you that earlier, is that if you understand that your physical body is being dismantled. As certain templates of mental programs as these things start to be removed off of you, this same karmic exchange pattern that was there, is not there anymore, and sometimes a little explosion will complete the issue. Almost like when you had a button and someone else had a button and they fit together and interact. Now those buttons aren't going to be there anymore. And sometimes the person that has been interacting with you that had that button and a hold on you, they will create chaos because they want to re-cord to you. They can feel they are losing something they used to connect into you with. So that creates this kind of chaos. So don't engage in that if it shows up, just know that that may happen. Not to allow yourself to be engaged back into a re-cording situation, or re-button situation, because you are going through your own mind program reconfiguration in a sense. Thank you so much.

So again beloved's all that is needed and necessary to support the highest fulfillment of this being. We call forth through the oneness and wholeness that is true. In deep love and gratitude, thank you. Thank you. Again the Guardians of the 12 pillars, if I can facilitate communication links that support this being in that exchange, I hold that exchange now. To download all file access that is needed for this being, and all communication needed or necessary. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Closing: Please anchor lock and seal our work here today through our session. As we seal our field in completion and wholeness, we send our love gratitude and reverence to our beloved families of light. Thank you for this opportunity of exchange. Please seal our field, anchor us fully physically in presence, again in the highest exchange of one source one light. In deep love and gratitude we seal our session. Please close our vortex. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you so much.[1]


  1. [LR Session 7-2-2008]

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