Responsible Co-creation and DNA

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Before learning responsible co-creation and manifesting skills, each individual must first learn how to de-manifest undesirable or negative patterns that have been recorded in the cellular memory of their DNA imprint. Activating higher DNA imprints does not happen unless the consciousness is willing to participate and explore the clearing release of previously recorded memories of fear-based thoughts or low frequency content such as trauma and miasma. The DNA record is the conduit through which the instruction set will project the energetic content into the holographic matrix that has been stored as data from the historical record of your cellular memory. It is that accumulated content recorded within the individuals DNA memory that operates the electromagnetic circuitry of those combined memories, that then becomes what is physically manifested into your life experience. The quality of DNA is relative to the consciousness that you will experience in a body, and it is DNA that is wholly responsible for the manifestation of the external reality, which clearly reveals why there has been an ongoing spiritual war to suppress and damage organic angelic human DNA.

Thoughts and emotional memories are things recorded in the consciousness body that impact the quality of our consciousness experiences in the present. To align with the inner spiritual flow of divine purpose that connects directly to the positive external manifestation of events, we must connect with our heart center and then clear and transmute dense or negative cellular memory files from the past that were recorded in our DNA. Then we create new visualizations or positive emotional feelings by connecting them to future events, by living them in our imagination in the now moment. Meditation and prayerful intentions with loving kindness and an open and sincere heart are the most potent tools to achieve this manifestation skill, which aligns us with divine purpose and creative control. When consciously intending to clear the past negative experiences or traumatizing events from out of our DNA record, this enlightens or recreates new memories from the now moment. Clearing pain and creating new memories with higher emotions like loving compassion, empathy and forgiveness, inserts new reality pictures, and the positive emotional sensations transform the record of pain in past events into loving future memory pictures.

Thus, the first step is gaining mastery over personal thoughts and belief systems by learning how to clear and remove dense slowly vibrating mental patterns such as fear-based thought forms produced by the negative ego and pain body. When we consciously participate in clearing negative ego and the pain body, we are removing and clearing dense thought patterns and replacing them with highly refined frequencies of higher thought forms filled with higher frequency emotional sensations.

Through the conscious participation and direct interaction with the lightbody or spiritual anatomy, the functions of corresponding DNA can be healed, repaired or altered to greatly accelerate expanding consciousness and biological and spiritual healing. The unique energetic signature of the DNA is carried in the morphogenetic instruction set and the consciousness after the expiration of the physical body. Whatever frequencies and energetic signature are present during the physical passage determines where the consciousness will travel to during the death passage. [1]


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