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The Luciferian-Satanic death cult bloodlines are connected to over 500 global Power Elite families, in which they are dedicated to the cult’s overall agendas of preserving power through blood ritual practices and the mainstreaming of Satanic ideology, while administering to the One World Order objectives that serve their NAA overlords. There are no sovereign nations or borders for the cult, they think of the entire global population as their slaves, and each bloodline family has carved out a section of the planetary territory for their personal dominion. They are far from acting in unified cooperation; however they believe themselves to be representative of the living Gods and that the rest of the human population is to be subservient to their rule and worship them as such. For instance, the Rockefeller family has people who are selected as Kings and Princes within their own bloodline in performing secret rituals used to maintain their power and connect directly with NAA forces. They secretly rule over an industry or area of the world for their own bloodline while this influence is being hidden from the public knowledge and view. Annual meetings are taken with seats at the global bloodline table with those that have high ranks and roles in power, under several different storefront organizations, supposedly acting as global think tanks for discussing whatever their current themes of concern are for carrying out the overall purposes of the Controller agenda.

When patriarch John Rockefellers unimaginable wealth soared in the late 1880’s making him the richest American of all time, he quickly realized that capturing the news and running marketing campaigns were necessary to portray his family name as directly associated with philanthropy. He hired people for public relations pieces for the purpose of giving the public media perception that the Rockefellers invest their wealth back into the common people through the many charitable organizations they founded, in order to gain the masses approval and adoration. The Rockefeller family has exerted enormous controls over various magazines, newspapers and media that still have a lingering impact in current times. They are decision makers over who gets press and media time, who gets favorable publicity and who is being slandered and portrayed unfavorably. This marketing ruse and coordinated effort by monopolizing mainstream media content has worked out very well for them. This tactic is used today by these bloodline families to craft explicit backstories and false historical profiles as manufactured advertising campaigns for those people that are assigned to be the public faces and are the main actors representing and protecting certain areas of the Cabal’s interests.

Thus, the son of William Avery “devil bill”, John D. Rockefeller became the ruthless and genius architect inserting his power and influential control from behind the philanthropic veil of his many charitable organizations. He was the first wealthy magnate to avoid income tax liabilities through setting up several charitable trusts and philanthropic organizations. Secret trusts within secret trusts in which he would avoid paying any taxes and yet pull the governmental strings and hide his powerful influence in manipulating global affairs to his advantage. His fortune was mainly used to create the modern systematic approach of targeted philanthropy through the creation of multiple layers of foundations that had a major effect on monopolizing global health policy and further impacted medicine, education, and scientific research. This led to the extension of this cabal family’s reach which has greatly influenced world banking, religion, charities, mainstream news, university curriculum and related foreign policies within the global health and medical organizations, in which the decision-making process is managed at the top by primarily the Rockefeller line. Bill and Melinda Gates are prime examples of the public face that has been assigned for this set up of the Rockefeller agenda, in which the adoring mainstream media eagerly complies to promote vaccines as the world savior.

During the mid-1950’s these bloodlines agreed to take different roles in their areas of expertise in which they would continue to wage their hidden war against the public, by throwing vast amounts of money at the promotion of satanic based ideologies while methodically infiltrating all top powerful positions in the pillars of society. This was purposed to take full control over their future direction. The Rockefellers put their sights on the Ivy League and other major academic environments, offering large research grants to leading educators and scientific researchers, money essentially earmarked to influence the future direction and outcomes of research. They put a great deal of money towards furthering their personal interests by defining medicine through cybernetic theory, as well as the promotion of satanic based ideas of Marxism. By massively funding or giving grants to most American Universities, they knew that higher education greatly influences social control through the shaping of personal values and religious ideologies of those impressionable young minds enrolled at University.

Thus, multiple layers of educational philanthropic organizations were developed to exercise a high degree of social control over the educational content given to children and young adults, to bring about the Marxist ideology and other special interests they sought to promote in the sciences and medical field, through the intended hijack of curriculums taught in the school system. Genetic modification and Mind Control were key to their agenda and so they conspired with other bloodline families, such as the DuPont’s who controlled the production of the worlds chemicals, along with the biggest players that develop and control GMO’s, to devise the most effective delivery systems to the masses.[1]


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