Marxist-Leninist Subversion Playbook

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As an ideology in the 20th century only atheistic Communism, with its murder and mass killings in multiple millions, are responsible for more deaths and violence than any religion or political system. This is why this ideology is so popular in the organizations working for the Satanic death cult, it has worked well for securing mass Blood Sacrifice in the past histories. The following are some basic guidelines for ideological subverters that are working to destroy a culture, nation or identity. Please hold some space for thoughtful reflection on what the consequences of these could be on the minds of children, youth and adults and note how many of these steps are active today, with visible evidence demonstrated in the culture. What I want to make clear is that these were not the events of random evolution chosen by individuals, these were purposely guided as a Mind Control agenda for spreading harm to the people. This has been followed as a rule book by media, education systems and all forms of Social Engineering used by subverters to confuse the public, so the Controllers can remain in power and have all the wealth. This Propaganda must stop if we want to live as free people in a free society.

  • The purposeful creation of racial offences and promotion of racism
  • Continual change of rules in society to create confusion
  • Teaching young children about sex, with advanced sexual positions, fetishes and homosexuality
  • Undermining of school and teacher’s authority, dumbing down education
  • Promote and saturate huge immigration waves to destroy national identity
  • Attack churches and empty them out, remove sources of faith and human connection
  • Corrupt the legal system to support predators, with bias against victims of crime
  • Promote addiction and excessive use of drugs, alcohol and getting high
  • Control entertainment and media to 6th grade levels or lower, dumb down popular media
  • Encourage the breakdown of family, poor parenthood skills, single mothers, absent fathers
  • Manipulate and steal self-esteem through dependency on the state and encourage victimhood
  • Confuse identity and gender with new classification systems, promote nonexistent issues as the main problems in society

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~ Vladimir Lenin

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Weaponizing Groupthink for Genocide

When Groupthink is weaponized as a psychological warfare tool for swaying public opinion through fear, it can lead to mass hysteria and Mob Mentality that surfaces collective shadows and hidden phobias that spiral into panic. Those that spiral into panic have taken the emotional bait hook of the psychological warfare, then feed off of each other’s emotional and fear-based reactions, causing the group panic to swiftly escalated to incite mob hysteria. When the Groupthink is weaponized into Mob Frenzy and rule, it lends to the destructive tendency of all or nothing thinking in order to demonize those outcast groups that are not in submissive agreement with the core ideology and its methods. The angry mob searches for those they can scapegoat or persecute through displays of public shaming or grandstanding to make public or political examples of, in order to further spread their poisonous ideology which is based on coercion, intimidation, and aggressive violence. This is the classical set up used as the roadmap for Genocide 101. The useful pawns used for inciting anarchy for the dark overlords are generally the first waves picked for the genocide.[3]


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