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Satanic Panic is coined in the mainstream media and the supporters of the Satanic Temple to quickly discredit and defame those people that have undergone trauma based Mind Control or satanic ritual abuse methods, and are seeking to heal the extreme pain and trauma they suffered as a result. It is a derogatory term similar to the use of Conspiracy theorist used to verbally attack trauma therapists and their patients that are brave enough to address SRA head on, and sincerely attempt to help people move through these previous traumatic events. SRA related incidents usually start in early childhood and are multi-generational, it may be administered by adult caregivers, and family members that share the similar belief system in practicing luciferianism or satanism, for the purpose of fulfilling selfish and materialistic desires for gaining power, money and control over others. Genuine Satanics hold a special place for abusing children in ritual, because it is believed under a certain age the child's soul and life force energy is more pure than an adult. Satanics thus must lie and deceive others about their practices, and it remains a well guarded secret hidden from the general public.

Supporters of the Satanic Temple tend to be atheists and non-experiencers that completely defer to the consensus of mainstream science, and do not believe in the existence of spirits or other types of consciousness intelligence that do exist in our world, that generally cannot be seen in the Visible Light Spectrum. As a result of being 3D non-experiencers subjected to the controlled narrative within mainstream science, they refuse to accept the existence of an event that they do not understand that has factually happened to others. Denial and Confirmation Bias are the standard Ego Defense Mechanism instigated from the intellect as a result of these "unexplained" events not fitting into the belief system they have been indoctrinated to think is an absolute truth. Most academic based professionals are made a laughing stock if any of these unapproved subjects are addressed for further academic study of the phenomena, and thus there is no incentive for opening a respectful dialogue between experiencers and non-experiencers of SRA, as well as those who have testimony in witnessing these events.

The Satanic church and its supporters lean towards describing SRA as a delusional event based on completely falsified memories, in which "moral panic" is spread on false allegations that cannot be proven by law enforcement or other authorities.

Thus, in sociology, Satanic Panic is described as a phenomenon characterized by widespread fear about the presence of Satanic ritual abuse in one's community, state or country.

For an intellectual or atheist to begin to comprehend the true nature of Satanism, first they must comprehend that energy is conscious and consciousness is energy, and that every person, place or thing in our world is made from forces which carry an energetic signature and fundamental frequency. The denial that the human body holds an unique signature of electromagnetic frequency waves, while denying the existence of sentience and Consciousness that can exist without a material body, is the main point of contention used to consistently disprove the existence of non corporeal entities. SRA is used to call upon these non corporeal entities. Unfortunately, this is controlled misinformation spread in the academic and atheistic circles, as non corporeal entities do exist.

Crimes against humanity

From the standpoint of crimes against humanity, and the incredible violation in the acts of SRA committed against children and adults of the earth, it is excruciatingly painful that human being's refuse to acknowledge the grave assault that is happening to emotionally and spiritually torture individuals that have been subjected to this kind of horrifying treatment. Rather than shutting down the dialogue around SRA entirely, we hope to appeal to the human heart and human Empathy to consider how it feels to the authentic victim of SRA, when their experience is denied and labeled delusional, claiming that these events never happened to them. To spread propaganda that SRA and trauma based mind control tactics do not exist, is the ultimate in narcissistic arrogance in which unaware humans are refusing to become properly educated about this horrible subject, which only allows the continuation of the torture of other human beings to occur without accountability.

Delusional Behavior

Sadly, as with anything, there are unstable and immoral people in our world that are liars and deceivers, that tell dramatic stories for their own personal gain and to eliminate those they may perceive as competition. As such there are unscrupulous people seeking attention or to generate emotional dramas that falsify horrific allegations in order to vengefully retaliate against people or groups in which they seek to destroy their character and reputation. Immoral people use false SRA allegations for the purpose of Character Assassination, and unfortunately this fact makes it harder to distinguish factual events from fiction. In order to destroy the character of any person or organization, allegations of SRA or pedophilia can completely destroy that person's livelihood and annihilate a business.

Those people that are well educated and informed about luciferianism and satanism, and understand the methods used and the reasons that Blood Sacrifice and sexual ritual are desired in SRA, are much more well equipped to discern truthful accounts. Thus, proper education about the existence of SRA, along with common sense, critical thinking and fact checking should be executed before making any determinations upon the person's character, and in comprehending the background in which these events have actually occurred.

Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy theorist is a label used to create negative stigma towards any person that wants to share researched information and open dialogue to get answers to troubling questions that arise about the Archontic Deception Strategy, such as those SSP military agendas that are being hidden and suppressed through mass Mind Control enforced by the Controller forces. When the person broaches subjects that are "unapproved" for public awareness, the person is labeled Conspiracy theorist in order to persecute, ostracize and to victimize any person that dare ask for answers or accountability for very harmful or troubling world issues, such as sightings of UFOS, or investigation of MILABS, Geoengineering and Chemtrails, SRA and Negative Aliens. No person enjoys being publicly crucified, humiliated with character defamation, and so this intimidation tactic works as a powerful method to shut people up.


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