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Recent planet gridwork events and frequency shifts have revealed a deeper purpose in the manifestation of the structure upon the earth, which is now capable of holding the mind principle of a particular Universal Law. Each of the dimensions throughout the Universal Time Matrix have a mind principle which acts as the governor of the expression of its group consciousness laws. The planetary mind or logos of earth was invaded by the NAA in order to control the planetary mind, collective race mind and therefore control the beliefs and individual minds of the humans on this earth. In the process of hijacking the planetary mind they hijacked the dimensional laws, which are intrinsic to the architecture of the planet, which govern biological consciousness growth. They built Alien Machinery to download Predator Mind archetypes (see Archontic Deception Behaviors) as well as insert false holographic records, such as patriarchal religious programing and Crucifixion Implants. As a result, the human race was recycled through their false identity systems, which severely digressed human consciousness and thus, have been spiritually suppressed, oppressed and enslaved since the Luciferian Rebellion.

In the process of repairing the architecture for the Planetary Logos, and specifically the issues of False Ascension Matrix corruption existing in the Astral Plane, we have recently received news of success. Through the Krystal Star Guardians, ongoing corrections are being made to repair ley-line networks that run a variety of alien software through the planetary logos and astral plane. As a result of this horizontal repair and recent magnetic shifts, Service to Others is now the Law of Consciousness expression on the earth. This means all humans have a right to exist, live and evolve without fear or under the threat of death, killing or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), independent of previous karmic histories. Those that deny others their human rights to exist without threat or harm, or who commit killings or sacrifices will forfeit their human incarnation rights to choose in life or death. Blood Sacrifice is a soul binding technique, which must be rehabilitated. This Law on the earth specifically protects heart based loving people, the Christos races, and those who have directly asked and committed to learn how to rehabilitate their consciousness through learning the practices of the Law of One.

To rehabilitate the earth consciousness from the negative ego mind control that the Archons of the NAA have installed in the global brain, much of humanity is moving to another planet to practice Service to Others (STO). Service to Others and Group Consciousness is a Soul Matrix frequency and dimensional law of the Soul mental principle. Many will have the opportunity to be re-educated in these humanitarian values, which are in governance of this dimension and will be restored in higher dimensions. In order to eventually evolve one's consciousness into the Diamond Sun Body of Christos and achieve full sovereignty and liberation, one must master the dimensional laws of Service to Others and master Love as a Force. Intermediaries are removed and the dimensional force acts as the educator of the Law.

The Christos Starseed and Indigo Races may feel profound sadness now that some of our human family will not be able to adapt to the new Law and will exit this dimension. At the time of their death they will move to another planet to continue the appropriate level of spiritual expansion or rehabilitation. We were hoping they could stay on the earth and do this while in their physical body. However, most at the Monadic plane level and beyond will be able to visit their human families in their newly assigned locations, while the reverse will not be possible. We are at the crossroads of our spiritual journey and are now governed completely by the new dimensional law. For most this designation will be made clear and Soul growth will resume for humans after the death of their body. However, it is important to know that the outcome for most beings of this earth is eventually a joyful one. Where spiritual ascension and expanding consciousness will become a manifested reality for the masses, as well as education to learn Service to Others as a Law of God.[1]


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