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I am going to talk about sexual connections and Sexual Cording, as they are the most intense kinds of etheric cording that can manifest into Attachments. Sexual cords are really the most intense for humans at this time, so it's extremely important when we are in choosing intimate partners, and when we are making the choice to engage in sexual acts, that we are extremely present and aware, and extremely protective of our energy field. Direct the 12D Shield onto your private parts. The sexual areas, such as the areas connected to the 2nd Chakra are extremely vulnerable to energy Parasites, that contribute discordant energy built up to manifest as addictions, because of the incredible wounds and trauma that exist between the masculine and feminine energies, as well as the shame and guilt that has been perpetrated to control humanity around all issues concerning sexuality.

The enslavement of the human race has really been perpetrated from the control made over the instinctual or Pain Body, which when the instinctual body of the second chakra becomes out of balance and the person is not fully aware of his own or her energy field, this is the most common area that human beings are fully controlled through. Abuse of ones body with misdirected or violent sexual energy is a way to enslave a person into Consciousness Traps. So when we are working with any relationships that involve sexual or romantic connections, its extremely important that we do a thorough inventory when we are ending these particular relationships or moving on, that we have definitely worked on clearing those particular cordings that exist from the sharing of intimate fluids. There are bonds created between two people engaged in the sexual act that can create very intense etheric cords in our second chakra and sexual organs. If a human body is violated by another through rape or sexual violence, dark entities use these cords that are created during the sexual act to infiltrate the energy field of both parties. [1]

Sharing Fluids

One interesting factor to note is the energetic and physical act of sexuality and its implications on the energy field. The sharing of fluids between two people creates a spiritual bond or cord of energy that cannot be broken energetically, unless made aware of, cleared of conflict and transmuted. So psychological bonds may be broken once a serious relationship has ended, however the spiritual energetic cord still continues to exist. These cords are like electrical wires with energy passing back and forth through them, the power based on the depth and intensity of the connection. It is also important to understand that the thoughts and emotions held or the state of consciousness you are holding when you are having sex is what you are implanting into your partner. Naturally being in love, holding loving thoughts with the desire to serve your partner is the goal when you are energetically blending at this level with another being. The incredible emotional impact of love as a force shared and blended in a soul union can burn off karma and even contribute an amazing force of transformation for others. Understanding these karmic bonds you create with people every time you have a sexual interaction surely creates more discernment in one’s choices for a partner.[2]


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