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A person who is (or is believed to be) brainwashed into becoming a subversive agent, and this may also include being programmed to be a mind control assassin. These people many times do not remember their destructive actions at the time of the event, because they have been possessed or mind wiped. Brainwashing for means that serve a specific political agenda, is also an subversive agent referred to as a Manchurian Candidate, based on the popular book and film.

Biological Warfare Strategy

However, it has been observed to attach through the two pyramids that contain the motor fibers that pass from the base of the brain stem and into the Medulla Oblongata. This area in the base of the brain is called the "Decussation of the Pyramids". Since this area controls motor fibers – it controls the stimulus and information flow throughout the Central Nervous System and its impulses to the brain. This is how these Military Abduction or Reptilian Alien Implants work, they stimulate the nervous system with artificial stimulus systems to control the nerves/transmitters to promote whatever "energy-vibration", or thoughtforms, emotional state or addictive state they want to remain in the "target". This is bio-neurological Mind Control which is a biological warfare strategy through the use of Holographic Insert and other technologies.

Since motor neurons control the flow of neurotransmitters to the brain, as well as muscle twitches, in this way they can stimulate responses of rage, anger, anxiety, agitation, addiction (or rape or hurting another person) for whatever they are culling. When there is biological neurological control exerted on certain test subjects, such as people that have been subjected to alien or milab abduction for experimentation, the person can be triggered neurologically to commit certain behaviors or criminal acts. That person that is triggered by certain key words, phrases or energetic phasing, into these actions involuntarily is called a "Sleeper". After repeated bio-neurological manipulations of use on the target-person - the control system moves to the Parietal Lobe to block sensory responses of awareness or direct cognition. The person is now "locked inside a 3D window" and cannot perceive anything outside of that window of perception. Essentially, the consciousness is trapped in a small material cell block in the reality. The parietal lobe may be "caged" or higher sensory function is controlled by the manipulating entity or programming. This is how Holographic Inserts of projected images and thoughtforms can be controlled to the perception of the human being. This is how the masses are controlled, put to sleep or "mind slided". [See: Mind Slides]

(As an example, if a human is abducted or astrally raped – the Negative Aliens entity programs a reality dream of happy serenity with something or someone the person relates to as a positive subject at that time/space the person was violated. This is a type of manipulation of the person's Timelines. However, if one pays attention they can ask if this memory was artificially placed, many times something will feel "off" and if the answer is yes, one can regress the subject to that timeline or reveal the real memory recorded in the cellular system in order to surface the pain and release and heal the damage. All damage can be healed this way – what we repress or deny can hurt your body. This is a form of hypnotic regression which allows access into the root memories of the subconscious mind. See Three Layers of Ego).

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Term first found: Page 104, HGS Manual