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Many Indigo 1’s have contracts with certain land demographics and are holding specific genetic [[DNA]] codes for the planet precisely for this time of [[Ascension]] for its frequency activation. Some are capable to run platinum ray or [[12D Ray]] or [[Kunda-Ray]] coding as soon as they undergo [[Kundalini]] awakening. These codes are transmitted from the Indigo’s personal energy field and anchored into the appropriate areas of the [[Planetary Grid Network]]s when they are called upon to be of service.
This group will be largely responsible for working with the new [[Ascending HubFrequency Hubs|Ascending Frequency Hubs]] in a variety of ways. Particularly in coming together to build and create conscious or intentional communities of [[Starseed]]s, [[Indigo]]s and support the remembrance of [[Expanding Consciousness]] to become Multidimensional Beings, stationed in various areas on the planet.


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