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... are generally experts in working with the larger architectural matrices of the planetary energy fields called Ley Lines. They generally have higher Double Diamond Sun Body DNA.

These Indigos can transmit energy, frequency or light codes to further re-balance certain planet vortices, Stargates or key points on the planetary grid. They will be lead to hold groups and create large amounts of available light codes and frequency to heal or rebalance these Ley Lines in the planet. Many of these Indigos will be lead to travel extensively and will find themselves in many countries or spaces in short periods of time doing grid work. This will occur naturally, if it is a part of the soul’s mission and contract.

Many Indigo 1’s have contracts with certain land demographics and are holding specific genetic DNA codes for the planet precisely for this time of Ascension for its frequency activation. Some are capable to run platinum ray or 12D Ray or Kunda-Ray coding as soon as they undergo Kundalini awakening. These codes are transmitted from the Indigo’s personal energy field and anchored into the appropriate areas of the Planetary Grid Networks when they are called upon to be of service.

This group will be largely responsible for working with the new Ascending Frequency Hubs in a variety of ways. Particularly in coming together to build and create conscious or intentional communities of Starseeds, Indigos and support the remembrance of Expanding Consciousness to become Multidimensional Beings, stationed in various areas on the planet.


May 2006 Newsletter

Term first found: Page 107, HGS Manual